Tomo ohira needs to come back and save street fighter

Daigo Umehara has been dethroned and lost his title as a Street Fighter god by getting owned by Lupe Fiasco, a random Street Fighter player who’s a full time rapper. It’s time that an OG God comes back to the scene and correct the wrongdoings that Daigo has done to the community.

Tomo Ohira, the man known as the greatest SF II player of all time, who never lost a round needs to come back and show these people how FREE they really are and give the title of SF GOD a good name.

There’s no guarantee he would be as good at the newer games as he was at SF2.

What the fuck is this shit?

Tomo is probably wayy too far into the trenches of being a family man to even have this concept come up.

IIRC correctly he stopped playing (at least competitively) before the damn Alpha games came out LOL.

Do you think Daigo, the same man who donated his entire winnings in a tournament- who’s been known to throw matches, would have an issue letting Lupe Fiasco win during the premiere of SFV for promotion purposes?

Daigo hasn’t been dethroned, because
1: One exhibition match for a brand new game won’t dethrone anybody.
2: I’ve seen school plays less clearly staged.

I’m not even thinking it was staged, more that Daigo thought “there’s no way I’m giving a single part of my game away on launch day, especially in a promo matchup with a musician”.

Daigo dethroned? At an exhibition match?

Okay okay, but who’s going to save US from OP’s shitposting?

Tomo did “return” to play vs. Noah the Prodigy (lol) in an exhibition/promo during the time of super sf4. The little kid destroyed him 6 to 1 apparently, so I don’t know… OP trying to troll but he’s the one that’s been trolled I guess.

I don’t think Tomo has played seriously in like 20 years.

Well Tomo has lost rounds before, and has actually lost quite a few times. But I guess this a troll topic. Still wanted to point out that he was beaten on quite a few occasions back in the days as chronicled by Jeff Schaefer, and Tomo admitted it himself. Mike Watson has also beaten him as well.

If I remember correctly, their is only 4 times in which Tomo lost that I can recall. Once in SF2:WW to George Ngo, once in CE to Watson, once to Kuni in HF, and once in ST to Jeff, however Jeff even stated that when he beat Tomo in ST, both of them didn’t like the game and Tomo was no longer playing super competitive anymore. Again, I’m not 100% valid on all of them.

Regardless, he was definitely the Best SFII player from the WW-Super Era by far. I still Remember Watsons post on srk back in like 2004 or 05 about how during SF2:CE, he used CE. Dictator (The most OP tournament legal SF character of all time) vs Tomo’s Ryu in a 100 Set match and the final score was 80-20 for Tomo. If anyone on here remembers the Insanity that was CE. Dictator back in that game (Put it this way, he would make Vanilla Sagat, Vanilla AE Yun look like balanced characters), than you would know fully well why that ratio is completely ridiculous.

Anyone can dream that the First SF Champion of all time could come back and play, but as someone said, he has become the Real Family Man, so it would no longer be possible. Getting to the highest Level Requires the Greatest amount of time, practice and playing against the strongest competition, which is something that Tomo no longer has the time for. He’s also mentioned it before that ever since the introduction of Super mechanics into ST and have been a staple in every SF game since than, that he’s not a fan of these things.

Daigo is still going to be great in SF:V, however my biggest excitement isn’t about how the OG SF Greats will play, because we already know they will sustain that. What I’m really looking forward to seeing are the New Top-Tier SF players to rise from this game, so to me, that’s the most exciting part.

It’s not a shame that Tomo retired, it’s a shame absolutely 0 footage of him exists in tournament play :frowning:

This shall live on forever on vhs and streaming.

Our Lourde and Saviour Lupe Fiasco is currently the God of street fighter

that is all

Longer than that. Lol.

You misspelled Rocky Rose, and that cracker was too hardcore at SF, they put his ass in prison, Cody style.

True. The biggest thing with back then to today is the lack of a social media and the accessibility of a Camcorder was hard to come by. Their wasn’t any small digital recorders back then, instead you had those gigantic Godzilla CamCorders with the cords, and the majority of the players had no accessible money to obtain such things considering the cost for these big lugs.

Personally for me, I believe the real reason is that nobody really cared to record these tournaments nor really thought about it enough to put it into action. We didin’t start to see videos of fighting game tournaments surfacing until the mid-late 90s during the prime years of Alex Valle and John Choi, and by that time, Tomo had already hung it up for good.

Their is one video of Watson taking on Jesse back in 1994 for SSF2, but that’s about as early of a video with an OG SF2 player as we get. However the Real matches we would’ve all wanted to see would have been during the 1991-1993 era with SF:WW-HF.

somebody need to just come on back and fix Street Fighter. :bee: