Tomo ohira needs to come back and save street fighter

With the way that SF V plays, I would love to see if Tomo could still play the game with sufficient practice. It’s a shame he took Guile’s advice and went home to be a family man. Tomo himself is responsible for building intrigue in a dream match vs Daigo when he called him out at EVO 09.

With sufficient training and practice, I think Tomo would wreck Daigo.

So basically tomo is the daigo that left.

Could you imagine if we had a time machine and brought 14 year old Tomo Ohira to 2016 to play all these players we have now. He’d probably be wearing some rad outfit with a backwards snapback and typical 90’s Asian boy haircut and would have a heart attack seeing how in depth we play these games now.

Just a thought. Time for bed.

I don’t know much at all about Tomo, but reading this thread, it sounds almost mythical lol. Was he really that good? It’s so weird imagining a player so dominant that people were lucky to take ROUNDS off of him.

I’m pretty intrigued by the Legend of Tomo myself; sucks there isn’t any footage of this mythical warrior.

Legend says that Tomo could react with a DP to a Dictator’s psycho crusher, Honda’s headbutt or Blanka’s horiball from the starting position

lol at legends. facts get blurred so much due to the passage of time and like just a few people actually remember what and how stuff went down. duh, people get old af and start going senile lololol

If there’s anyone I’d wanna see make a return, it’s Kuroda.

hello. I’m new to street fighter, and the last game I played was marvel many many years ago so please excuse my lack of knowledge. just got sfv and might sorta get into it. not even sure if this is the right place to ask but does everyone still use mas sticks? if so where can I purchase? I can’t do anything on pad :frowning:

There is footage of another SF great named Jeff Shaeffer online, he talks a lot about Tomo

There was also an event few years back where Tomo himself showed up and talked about his past SF life and brought a trophy and magazine. You can find it

Extra tomo

That is possible in CE since the game runs slow, still nobody does it, it’s very hard at high level but possible.

The stories of Tomo are not mythical, I don’t see why not only Tomo himself, but guys like Shaeffer and Watson would make stuff up for no reason.

Even if guys like Shaeferr and Tomo were to come back, people would bash on them because their current skill would not match the stories, even though these guys BEEN done with Street fighter yeeaaars ago. These are guys that started playing Sf when most of the current Sf generation was probably not even born yet.

Also there is actual footage of Shaeffer doing well in some A2 tournament, a game he did not take seriously ( he stopped taking Sf seriousy, iirc, after turbo came out, did not like the new mechanics ). I will not bother looking for this one because it’s dug up to deep somewhere in youtube, some big A2 tournament where I think people did not discover Valle CC yet.

This is footage of Shaeffer versus Daigo, ( there is more, check related )

That was Shaeffer years after he stopped playing SF, and still looked good vs Daigo.

You may ask what is the point of me giving Shaeffer soo much attention, it’s simply that he is (was) the closest one to Tomo and played in the same era. And also, seeing how good he was from these vids ( which actually, these vids arent really a good representation of how good he was because, again, those are Shaeffer playing out of the SF loop ) may gave you an idea of how good (better) Tomo was.

Hey, I wasn’t being sarcastic

I don’t doubt he could really react to that, especially in WW/CE because of the low speed, like you said.

I got this fact about Tomo an old thread here about the 90s, BTW

And I have been playing SF since '91 in the arcades. But I played the game in some dark arcades here in Brazil and most of us were pretty bad at the game, now that we have youtube and can see the advanced tech that Japan and even USA developed for the game

I’m mading the SF2 CE and HF wiki in his honor nowadays

okay. there’s a point where the all the discussion, speculation, fact-finding and nostalgia will and eventually become moot.

bottom line, tomo is kinda ancient [by competitive standards] now to hang with the current greats like daigo, jwong etc.
obviously, he gives 0 fucks about saving SFV let alone be bothered to get back in the lab to brush up on his skills.
give it a rest; leave the man and the myth alone in peace. aren’t you you supposed to be busy getting bodied in SFV for free? lololol

He still plays lol

"If you can execute everything you want to at the right time, you can’t lose. And that’s why Tomo was the best ever. EXECUTION. He’s just quicker, faster, better trained than anyone that’s ever lived."

Hopefully Tomo gives SFV a real chance. Would love to see him and Jeff S. return to Street Fighter!!

Only two SF2 players are forever immortalized by infamous VHS tapes.

Only one of those two has those tapes only viewable in an evidence room.

Which is the better role model for the FGC?

Ask Noel.

Any links to him playing SFV?

Kuroda is never leaving 3s LOL

SF V will be remember due to the fasttrack incompleted release and not a legendary pioneer like SF2 or the best hardcore game like 3S…