Tokyo Game Show Trailer (Frank West footage)


Looks like he slams a Servbot helmet on their head for his level 3 super :shy:

thnx!!! basically, u can fast forward it to 2:05 and watch till the end for awesomeness. Tekkaman Blade with his crazy shit, frank with his shopping cart corner-stuffer, gawd, this game’s lookin so wild.

I posted this in the other thread:

Nice vid! I actually would rather hear that remixed version in Japanese though…

The style of the trailer reminded so much of the openings in 3S and MvC1.

Now to the good stuff:
-2:04-2:12: OH MY! FRANK WEST Confirmed! Knockback kick to OTG hobo in the cart to wallbounce! Also, Megaman outfit + Cyclops QCF super!
-2:12-2:19: We see Tekkaman Blade in vid footage finally! Does a dashing attack and the teleport attack with space lance in pursuit. Also, level 3 super for sure.
-2:26-2:28: Saki assist with the new knockback property to extend Ken’s 623A in a combo! Upgrade!
-2:34: Tekkaman Blade level 1 dash attack super off of a knockback attack. Seems like a mishmash of both of Ken’s level 1 supers to me, but looks even flashier!
-2:40: Frank West level 3 super off of a knockaway-esque attack!

This trailer fills me with so much joy 8)

Also, don’t forget the Unity blog

His moveset looks like it is…
-Baseball bat
-Shopping cart
-Zombie summon

Hyper combos
-Grabs them and spins the **** out of them, a home run may or may not be part of this super.
-Home runs the opponent, but it may be part of the attack above
-X ****ing Buster

Level 3

…I’m really happy he was included XD

^^^Listed in capcom-unity link above.
Release Date:
U.S.: Jan. 26, 2010
JP: Jan. 28, 2010
EU: Jan. 29, 2010

Frank West Confirmed…
i saw the leak…so not suprising, but a funny character/screen shots
i wonder what zero.jpg could be, from the leak

Clearer Frank gameplay footage:

The spinning + home run thing is one whole super.

Haha Oh god, Frank looks really fun to use, his special attacks are really interesting, specially the Servot head.

oh god the voice…

i never played Dead Rising, but is that even the voice of Frank???

Judging from the vids of DR on YouTube… [media=youtube]13qdB0a-IYo"[/media].

So Japan is getting the revision as well…nice!

Frank’s supers are made of pure win.

Yeah, that was already confirmed in Niitsuma’s blog some time ago. Something about the Japanese wanting it really bad.

so were getting the new TvC upgrade first instead of japan???

I know this thread is clearly about Frank West, but since no one has posted it yet, I’ll take the pleasure to post Tekkaman Blade’s Gameplay :


He looks really good.

wow look at that damage and he seem to have a godly cross up and weird mix-ups too. ill say what he said he looks strong.

One thing I just noticed in the trailer. When it shows PTX, it says “a perfectly balanced VS game” XD

The sentence stops at “VS”, there’s no “game” after it. VS refers to the Vital Suits, which is the type of robot PTX is classified as.

Shit just got real

I could’ve sworn that it said that, dunno why I saw “game” after VS.