Tokyo Game Action Ranbat 2.2 Full Results Thread - 3/24/07

Good shit smooth and DA WALL!

Next time I’m picking Ken for 3S instead of Sean. I’m just not good enough at the game to roll low tier yet :frowning:

Fuck, I wish I would have gone. Didn’t have a ride. Good shit guys.

You wouldn’t have placed third if you didn’t get lucky with that mash into IK win. :rofl:

Oh that was YOU there. The whole “Shane” thing didn’t even register.

sorry dude you know my situation, next one aight son

your that asian guy with glasses?

lol there were probably a lot of asian guys with glasses on. Naw i wasn’t there this time because i’m in cali, but i’ll be at the next one.

Yo how’d you do on ur mm against colin, did u get that cake?

yes I won both my MM’s with yang, lack of practice forces me to pick a easy mode character

True enough, that was a clutch win. but that was round 3 of game 3 so it’s not like I was getting my ass kicked. Also after that match I beat Gavin, Will, and Josh H before losing to T Rex (I think his real name was Tony?). And I won the first two games of that match so it was close too.

Props to all that was @ the Ranbatt!

I had lots of fun playing all the games. I now have a sudden hunger for GGXXAC and plan on stepping my game up. I am gonna go into the lab and learn all those crazy ass Koichi combos:pray:

The Camp: we gotta stay grinding and prep for canada, Evo East, SBO and the Fucking world.

Redbeard: good games and thanks for the coaching

DXP:your a fucking beast in mvc2

UNK: Tell Genki I said Konichiwa, and that hes still the #1 stunner

Nelson: you have a nice and solid steve.

Pancho: you cheat! lol, you break throws 99.8% of the time

Rob st: goodshit! we will get our MM on next ranbatt

Paul(salem): you have a very strong MVC2 game, but why did my sent have to get shot? :rofl:

Shodokan: you get come-up of the year award for stepping you game up, and I’ll still put money on some of your future MM.

Bacardi: Teach me Bankai so i can shut 4 arcade games off at once with out hitting the power switch.

All the people who’s names I don’t know that I seen playing and were hunger and thirsty: Keep it up:lovin:

TGA Staff::lovin: :lovin: :lovin: what more can I say!

Hey yo, its me, its me, its RDG (RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here, just wanted to say that I had a great time (as usual) @ tga this past saturday. The tournies could have been BIGGER (mvc 2 and cvs 2) but they were’nt too bad I suppose. I also wish that the ENTRIES were more, to give peeps more incentive to do better! With that being said…I HATE JAPANESE STYLE STIX!!! o.k now that that is out of my system, I can’t really hate on em’ that bad, but I’m just not used to them and don’t think I ever will be cause they trash!!! lol

Good games Mr. SmoothCat even tho I hate rcing, it still good to practice against!
Good seein all my boys again even that LYIN ASS NESTOR!! (LYIN MUTHA PHUCKA)
Sorry caddles for declining on our bet, but I wasn’t feelin that shit on them stix (fareal) I thought I would get ova it but I guess not, I don’t mind losin ever but when I can’t perform to my best ability cause of equipment…well lets just say I get INCREDIBLY MAD!!!

Anyways like I said I had a great time chillin with the crew some more, and I can’t wait til next time I can make it out.

See yall, oh and to my boy Paul Wall, thanx for the great hospitality as always brotha, and tell yo moms she needs an award for that German Shepards Pie lol.

You, will and paul will not let me have my glory and constantly knock me out of tournies :annoy: shit just further reenforces the need for practice :frowning: , i’ll to make it up to paulies saturday.

I need to be able to stay hyped the whole tourney, usually I get tired but I lost focus/wanted to try some extra fancy shit/generally fucking up(ex. picking chun when i dont even practice her or better yet picking yang?)

Paull dose your moms still got shepards pie leftover?:sweat:

Yeah you did play well. I’m actually a bit shocked that you beat Josh H. Mostly because he beats me pretty consistently in casuals, and I’d definitely say he is a better player than I am. I didn’t get to see the match though.

I shot you a PM.

yo that shit is so fucking godlike. words cant tell u how good that shit was:sad:


Vdo - you still my nigga even though u use cheap ass parry. lets not forget about my k rock body terry old man geese and raidel don’t let the tight ass pants fool u :lol:

Camp - wtf can i say beside vampire savior Thursday!

Nestor - thats some gay shit you pulled but the new name makes up for it

GAVNUTS! is my new myspace hero:looney: :looney:

You guys are idiot’s.

??? :looney:

Teh shoutouts!

Short shoutouts:

  • Underdogs - Colin (3s), JCaddles (CvS2), Vyers (GGXXAC), Nelson (T5DR). You guys definitely came out of nowhere with your skills, placing high in the tournies you’ve entered and beating high ranked players. Keep up the good work!!! Bring more of them tricks to the next ranbat and we’ll see who improved the most!

  • Salem cats - JCaddles/Paul B./Delvis - Seeing you guys play Marvel just makes me wanna play/learn more about the game, next time we meet we definitely should get more casuals in. You guys are definitely a strong part of the New England Community.

  • Team Wallcade/Hate - Why we always gotta have cutthroats in every tourney??? People gotta step up and take us out! That way we’ll become even stronger! :annoy: :annoy: :annoy:

  • VDO/Joey Crack/Ed - Ya’ll crazy beasts, always good to see you guys at the ranbats, makin everyone laugh and HYPING everyone up. Good looks! Hope to see yall again soon, HYPE SHIT UP AGAINST CANADA! :annoy: :annoy: :annoy: And VDO <3 Jap sticks. :lovin:

  • UNK = True panpi!!!

  • ConnectiCUTTHROAT crew - You guys are like our eternal rivals, in every game! We’re all always at each other’s throats, taking wins away from each other, that good shit :tup:

  • TGA Crew - :lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin:

  • GGXXAC players - God damn that tourney was hella tough; Tony B taking people’s souls when he only played the game once, Vyers giving people mad upsets, RedBeard taking everyones souls as usual, Josh H just chillin on a chair waiting to beast = too funny, Shibuya’s gonna be a fucking Monstar with HOS in GGXXAC I CAN SEE IT!, and to all the players that put their heart into this game ----> Good shit! :tup:

  • Maine peeps - Damn you guys missed crazy local rivalry competition, hope ya’ll can make it to the next one, TAKE CANADA’S PAPAR!


i played cvs2 about 3 times before this tourney and last tourney i was playing it like all the time don’t know how that works lol maybe i can get 3rd next time lmao