Tokyo Game Action Ranbat 2.2 Full Results Thread - 3/24/07

**Capcom vs SNK 2 (20 entries)

  1. Captain N
  2. Smoothcat
  3. VDO
  4. J Caddles
  5. Black INO
  6. Da Wall

SFIII:3s (25 entries)**

  1. Mr. Jjuice aka TRAPICANA [UR]
  2. Da WALL! [GO]
  3. Papa Smooth [CH]
  4. Captain N [YU]
  5. Gavin [CH]
  6. Colin! [YU]

Tekken 5 DR (20 entries)

  1. Mr. Jjuice [Hei]
  2. Gavin?!? [DJ]
  3. Nelson [Steve]
  4. Pancho [Hei]
  5. Taye [Jin]
  6. Xeriak [Bruce/King]

GGXX Accent Core (15 entries)**

  1. RedBeard [JO/AX]
  2. T REX!!! [TE]
  3. Vyers [BA]
  4. Homer [SO]
  5. Abstract [PO]
  6. Ill Will [ZA]

GGXX Accent Core 2v2 Teams (8 teams)**

  1. Team Unstoppable Johnny Power! (Dave/RedBeard)
  2. Team We’re Gonna Fuck Up! (Vyers/Gavin)

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (16 entries)

  1. Captain N
  2. DXP
  3. Jjuice
  4. Paul B
  5. T REX
  6. JCaddles

Hyper Street Fighter II Anniversary Edition (11 entries)

  1. DXP
  2. Bacardi
  3. Da Wall
  4. Black Velvet Ryu
  5. Smoothcat
  6. Alex J

Melty Blood Act Cadenza version B. (14 entries)**

  1. Korean DJ
  2. Spic Tom
  3. Jjuice
  4. Ill Will
  • EVERYONE! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING! Shout outs for laterrrrr and the points also, mad tired and gotta drive in snow :wasted: :wasted: :wasted:

nice job Dave and Greg way to hold it down :slight_smile:

who is unk???

You have to figure it’s Nestor.

nobody wants to play AE. ive said this since the day SBO chose it for their event. the AE cab had about 1/2 the play it usually gets and there was zero interest in having AE teams. the actual AE tournament only got 11 entries and was done in two hours because nobody wanted to deal with CE bison. everyone kept begging for the board to get swapped out for ST.

it sucks but thats the state of things. i suggest that for the next TGA ranbat in a few weeks, we do the following:

  1. do an AE tournament and get it over fast
  2. swap out the AE board for ST and run an ST teams or ST singles event

What I really want is to get AE out of there and get ST back in there permanently, but I don’t realistically see that happening since Andy just bought the board. But in my opinion it was just a waste of time and money. I am seriously thinking I should not even bother with SBO.

Accent Core had a ton of close matches. Good shit from everyone. Man I need to learn how to fight HOS real bad. I got absolutely owned by the short jumps, moreso than I should have.

Other than that, where was everyone? :frowning: Alfred, Moeun, NerdJosh, Chad… Dwayne had to leave early etc. Lot of guilty heads missing. Hopefully you guys come to the next one.

Me getting 5th was awesome

i lost my MM’s though >_<

wut i say colin i told u bacardi was hungry lol. But good shit on getting fifth and to everyone else. I’ll make sure to make the next one

damn i got 5th in CvS2 thought i did better than that wtf gotta step it up

nah it’ was this jap player that andy had come over. dude he’s gone the fucking kid owns me fucking money and he took off.

LOL…next time my Hos will pack more of a punch…i officially hate axel low…

to all those who cares or wondered where i was:

i am fuckking up! wait… i fucked up.

couldn’t make it cause i couldn’t get any one to cover my shift. i really wanted to play too to see how my 3rd strike game is plus play redbeard and guilty again, not to mention t5. yeah, sorry for not making it, i would have called out, but i couldn’t under strange circumstances.

the next ranbat being only a few weeks away too, i might not be able to make it once more, but i will make it for the sbo qualifying stuff.

till next time:cool:

Good Shit colin on placing 5th see you the 14th:tup:

damn i got eliminated by another magneto storm team in marvel 2 what the fuck lol but i got forth in cvs2 i have no idea how that happened lol

uhhh, i swear i was ahead of Tony (black INO) in CvS2. I mean, i WATCHED him lose in cvs to caddles and i still hadn’t played my match vs UNK, which, was losers semis, i’m almost positive, unless i read the bracket wrong.

and i still have some MM’s to attend to, since yesterday i didn’t get to it.

Smooth 10$ - cvs2 3 of 5

caddles 5$ - cvs2 3 of 5

Jjuice 5$ - mvc2 race to 5, cvs2 3 of 5

yo weak sauc or what is yor name who was u at the tourney

Rob, but i think i was listed in the brackets as Rob St. The only reason i bring it up is because even Gavin mentioned i had made it pretty far along. I was the guy using A Rolento/Bison/Blanka and K Rolento/Cammy/Sagat

idk. maybe they messed it up

I didn’t put top 8 up, but u were tied for 7th. I think the confusion was ur match was held off for a while in cvs2 cuz mr.UNK was playing in alot of other matches (3s and mvc2).

Guilty Gear was awesome. I had many good games in tournament matches and casuals, plus I ranked for the first time. Teams was fun too we should do that again next ranbat:wgrin:

I got my ass kicked in 3rd strike but that wasn’t unexpected since I’m nowhere near as good as most people who play this at TGA.

Melty Blood was hilarious I like most of the entrants am new to the game, so we were all trying to figure out how to play during the tournament. I enjoyed it so I’m gonna enter Melty Blood again next ranbat.