TN Thread: Dolls, Tekken Noob Bowl, Bawse Battles, MWC EVO Quals .. whachugot?

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Saturday, April 28th
***TN Dolls invade Game Galaxy! *- Nashville, TN
Game Galaxy will be hosting an event on April 28th that will include our Arcade Museum ($10 at the door, all games in the museum on freeplay until close), a huge fighting game tournament (see below), and special guests the Modified Dolls of Tennessee will be joining us! A percentage of entry fees from the Museum will go to fight Autism which is separate from the cover/entry charges of the tournament.

Game Galaxy Arcade
Inside Hickory Hollow Mall upstairs (park and enter near the food court for closest entrance)
5252 Hickory Hollow Parkway
Antioch, TN 37013

More Tournament Information


12pm-KOF XIII (360 + PS3)
2pm-SFAEv2012 (360)
? (Time TBA) – Blazblue: CSIIE (360 + PS3)
4pm-SFXT (360)
5pm-Soul Calibur V (360)
6pm-Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3-(360)

$10 cover, $10 entry per game (all payouts 70/20/10 split)


Any questions, feel free to contact us:
Follow Game Galaxy on Facebook -
And twitter -!/Game_Galaxy

Saturday, June 2nd
***Memphis Bawse Battles! *- Memphis, TN
"Top 5 in each game get a bye for MWC, 1st place gets two byes."
Full Details:

Holiday Inn & Suites (behind Wolfchase Galleria Mall)
2751 New Brunswick Road
Memphis, TN 38133
Telephone: 901 266 1952

More Tournament Information


Outside food and drinks are prohibited inside the venue! Complimentary water will be provided. Food places are literally right across the street from the venue. Many places to choose from including the food court inside the mall which is also across the street from the venue. AGAIN NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS ARE ALLOWED INSIDE THE VENUE!!!

Your Tournament crew:
Jas (DGA Gdlk Rushdown)
Stephen (Squabbler) Riley
Orel (Lycan) Paez
Sova (Super Sova Nova) Yos
Dax (Daxmanineffect) Foster
Joshua (SRKFADC) Gatewood

Entry fee will be $10 venue fee and $10 for each game entered. Mystery game is $5 cover. Spectator fee will be $5

70/20/10 pot split for top 3 in all games and top 5 in all games get 1 free bye in the upcoming MWC Major in Nashville,TN. First place finishers get 2 free byes and free venue entry to MWC!

Streaming is also to be provided by PandaxGaming.

Here is the schedule as follows:
10am - Signups
11am - King of Fighters 13
1pm - Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition v.2012
4pm - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
6pm - Street Fighter X Tekken ( teams only!) 2v2
6pm - Soul Calibur V
7pm - Mystery Game Tournament

Rules as follow: No game breaking glitches/infinites/turbo/macro settings in any game and no gems in SFxT. This is a B.Y.O.S! Bring yo own shit! Neither sticks nor pads or converters will be provided for anyone so please make sure you bring your own. We will not hold the tournament for anyone not having a device to play on so I suggest you get that taken care off ahead of time. All games are to be played on Xbox360 minus the mystery game which will be on a separate system and controllers will be provided for that.

Very important!!!
If you are going to be late signing up for a game that has already started you will not be accommodated into the brackets unless the matches are still on the first round of the bracket and there is also a open bye to spot you in. If we are able to get you into the bracket then keep in mind that it will add a extra 5 dollar fee to the already 10 charge for whatever game it is you are signing up for. With that being said it is highly recommended that you please make sure to be on time to sign up and if you are gonna be late for whatever reason but have a friend attending also, have them sign you up and pay your fees!

Also there is a ZERO tolerance for tardiness! You the player is solely responsible for keeping track of your matches that you have to play. We will call your name 3 TIMES for a match! If you do not respond we will then give you a 3 minute warning in which case we will disqualify you regardless of who you are! I don’t care if your name is Daigo or Obama or the damn pope! Let’s all act like grown man and show some responsibility!

And one more thing! PLEASE SHOWER AND DEODORIZE BEFORE ENTERING THE VENUE!! We will not tolerate smelly people and we will spray you with febreeze, so please show some decency! Other than that come,enjoy, and have a great time!

Finally we ask that if you are coming that you please pre-reg on here or the FB page so that we can better accommodate the players and get a head count ahead of time. Just leave your full name and tag you will use to enter and games to enter.

If you have any questions regarding the tournament or locations in Memphis for food, Hotels, airport, etc… contact me @

June 22-24
MWC - Midwest Championships in Nashville, TN - EVO 2012 Qualifier
Tournament Thread:
EVO 2012 Season details:






The hub of the Nashville scene:
Game Galaxy Arcade
5252 Hickory Hollow Pkwy, Suite 2005, Nashville, TN 37013
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun Noon-6pm
Official Fight Night every Tuesday!

Game Galaxy Arcade event schedule for 2012!

Event Schedule


Upcoming fighting game tournament dates (Cover charges and entry fees will vary, more info will be updated as it’s set in stone):

April 28th – TN Dolls invade Game Galaxy! Tournament + Museum day!
May 19th – Super Street Fighter 4 AE, Street Fighter X Tekken
May 26th – Middle Tennessee Needs Gaming (KOFXIII/BBCSE/UMVC3/SC5)
June 22nd-24th – Midwest Championships EVO Qualifier
July 14th – TBA
July 28th – Middle Tennessee Needs Gaming (KOFXIII/BBCSE/UMVC3/SC5)
August 11th – TBA
August 25th – Middle Tennessee Needs Gaming (KOFXIII/BBCSE/UMVC3/SC5)
September 15th – TBA
September 29th – Middle Tennessee Needs Gaming (KOFXIII/BBCSE/UMVC3/SC5)
October 13th – TBA
October 27th – Middle Tennessee Needs Gaming (KOFXIII/BBCSE/UMVC3/SC5)
November 10th – TBA
December 15th – TBA

Upcoming arcade museum dates (Last Saturday of the month, $10 at the door, 70+ games on free play! 11am-8pm):

April 28th
May 26th
June 30th
July 28th
August 25th
September 29th
October 27th
November 24th
December 29th

The hub of the Memphis scene:
Mid-South Tournaments and Games
1731 Dancy Blvd, Hornlake, MS 38637
Every Wednesday from 6:00pm-12:00am
$5 Fee

The hub of the Knoxville scene:
determined weekly


A convenient link brought me here lol

I’m still trying not to bust out laughing at work from reading “pulling an Abe”.

Salty Shoutouts!

First fuck the hotseat, goddammit.

@Josh: Man we need to play next time! Same to you Sev.

@: Justin: Thanks for the Kang games, get those Elizabeth combos on lock, I would have likely died several times if the combos didn’t drop. I’m still down to do a recorded FT5 whenever you are.

@Anthony and Dax: So close, motherfuckers! Final round both sets!!! ARRRGH! Having said that, goddammit let’s run that shit back next big gathering and lets see how I do when I get some training in. Good damn games regardless!

@Squabb: Good games man, it got away from me, but I will hold that single shining “P” to my chest! Hold dat! Same to you Anthony, you smirking bastard, your smirk almost didn’t save you this time!

@Lycan: Fuck you for putting me in the hotseat. On another note, wow isn’t Seth supposed to be a counterpick to Guile? What happened, I didn’t see the whole thing but what I heard was 5-1!

@Gabe and Doug: We laughed, we cried, we punished jabs with super. It was mad hype, no warmup, and it was a clusterfuck. I hope you both learned something from the experience and use this as fuel to get better.Run that shit back!

@Dwreck and Johnny: Thank you both very much for the training matches in Tekken, I feel like I learned a lot, I apologize if I get hype just because I land a bnb into throw ender. Tekken just does that to me. Johnny, good to see, it’s been a while. Hope to see you on the regular again. Keep that Bryan dry.

To everyone else, thanks for coming out, we had a real nice turnout! Dax mad props for recording that shit, we need to keep doing that and watching and learning from our actual match footage. I know we were missing some regulars but it was getting packed in there. Almost like old times, all we need is a Fox session afterwards, lol

I would have called it

Tennessee Thread-“And Thats What Ovaries Are Made From…Dont Tell Nobody…”

thank Squabbler for stopping me :lol:

GGs to everyone at fight night - man, I’m so glad it was so hype in there. That was too much fun, reminded me of a year or so ago when shit was booming. DAX GET THOSE RECORDINGS UP!

@Anthony: I really don’t know what to do in that match. I suppose the short midgame zoning I tried worked for a little bit. Maybe I should try and expand on that more. I just know your normals and safe TK’s are too good right now. GGs tho.

@Dax: Good fuckin’ set man. That was too much fun - and yes, you blocking that mix-up fucked me up so bad. I have to go test that now, because that was ridiculous. You had me legitimately scared to do traps halfway through. Also, keep up sick wakeup shit you do with instant overhead -> EX kick to face, it’s so hype. You’re really getting up there dude, keep it up. And please get those videos up as quick as you can - kick ass dude, thanks for the cookie.

@Johnny: How dare you talk shit to me like you are going to body me in Tekken and then lose 5-3. Still, that was probably the most fun set I played in all night. We had actual Tekken players wondering if we were playing on the down low - Hell, Mike fuckin’ ran outside and around the building screaming “ohhhhhhhhhhhh god” in a high pitched voice when you taunt cancel mixed me up. Good stuff tho, that was a lot of fun.

@Abe: No sir… you can keep your Perfect that you used 4-bars to get, but you still need to remember you got stunned 5-6 times (4 rounds in a row) AND rage quit on me. Also, the hot seat is the best place to be. Don’t say you were the only one because we all played each other before you came over to partake in your turn. GGs nonetheless.

@O: I did not expect you to wreck Woot like you did. Good stuff. Also, I tried to give you a little AK practice towards the end of our set - thinking you might have flashbacks - who knows, you might need it for the next tourney. :wink: HAAAAhahahah GGs as always man.

Some pretty hype matches all night … I wish it was like that every week.

You are welcome you vile fiend. Thank you Based Squab.

Sparkster - YES! Leggo fam. See you Tuesday. Y’all come to MBB!

Sev - good shit on that post. Sounds like shit is getting mad crunk in Memphrica.

So Tapatalk 2.0 seems more stable overall, but does some weird stuff every now and then. Squab you noticed anything or had any issues?

I KEEP FORGETTING YOU PLAY THIS GAME! Hit me up soon for some xbl games. We can get some offline practice too sometime, but I never know which days you work.

I’ll be up here tomm early before we go to Cookeville, and I’ll be here for fight night next week. Just have to make sure we can get A setup for marvel

@Astaroth are you going to Cales?

Regarding Skullgirls: I’m more offended by the combos than the art direction. Is that bad?

Can you be more specific as to why?

GGs last night Abe, Sev, and Jas.

Abe - Quit mashin. lol Goro is a fuckin problem though for real. Counter hit CD into death is ridiculous but I ain’t scared of a challenge. More… more games.

Sev - Your day is coming sir. I got one game off you this week. Next week it’s gon be two. I don’t care if I gotta pick Kula and mash B all day. It’s gon happen. lol

Jas - …You big fairy.

Last night was fun as usual. Next week I’m challenging you two (Sev,Abe) to a FT10 fuck FT5. It ain’t about winning at this point. It’s about getting the EXP. I think I could level up from playing a long set with you guys and why not make it count for something at the same time? Hungry? Niggas is STARVIN over here… lol

Also look what I found. Looks like they actually made Tails useful in this one. I just pray to God that he doesn’t start talking… And damn! How far apart are these sequels gonna be???

Challenge accepted FT10 in Kang…granted thats gonna take like an hour but it will be an epic hour.

Who cares, Sonic 4 ain’t got shit on what I found:
(Thats your childhood crying in joy that you hear, watch it in full screen at 1080p for a boner)

Good looking out Sev. This’ll be like a one time thing. I understand that you guys wanna play other games/people… but fuck that.


That’s pretty sick no lie, but it’s just a remake. Sonic 2 was dope but Sonic 3 lock on Knuckles was the best Sonic game ever IMO. They should’ve remodeled that one.

It’s a remake of one of the best platformers ever, the levels are now seamless like Sonic 3, and they are talking unlockables. And it’s free. And the first level is available for download now. For free.

Sonic 4: Episode 1 had some issues, but was worth the $3.75 I paid for it. Wouldn’t have paid any more than that though.

oh, btw, better go get them tendencies and shit, because this is happening

Yeah Ep. 1 was not as classic as the older games. Sonic felt slower somehow and call me greedy, but I wanted at least 2 more levels and would’ve gladly paid more for it. It’s friggin Sonic man. All in all I wasn’t majorly disappointed. They *did *put Super Sonic in it after all which should be standard nowadays.

[media=youtube]aMu8X4v_nBw[/media] LMAO!!!