TLS Presents: Summer Days -Nova Monthly- (Herndon, VA) 6/19/10

So congrats to all the fresh grads of high school and college. Even if you’re just done for the semester or on vacation come out and relax your feet and get in on some action. We will be at our usual location, the Hyatt Place.

The doors will open at 12:30pm. Be sure to get there by 1:45pm at the latest for SSF4 because the brackets will start without you. Call me ahead of time if you’re running late. Do not leave the venue while your tournament is running without letting someone know where you’re going. I hate having to disqualify someone for taking an usually long time to get back.

I’ll try to get at least 30 water bottles for you guys this time around. The smiley face wrist bands will be back in effect this time around. If I forget who you are and you’re not wearing one you will pay again.

PreReg guys so I can get a feel of what we need.

$8 venue Fee
$10 SSF4
$5 for all other games

SSF4 (360/ps3) 2pm

Tekken 6 (ps3) 2pm

Melty Blood AA (ps2) 3pm

3rd Strike (ps2) 3pm

HD Remix (ps3) 4pm

BlazBlue:CT (ps3) 4:30pm

SSF4 Teams (360/ps3) 5pm

tentative list:

*all teams outed the first round last tournament have entry fee waived by me. I’ll add my money to the pot.


  1. Keninblack
  2. MagnetoManiac
  3. Seth P
  4. Jaguar
  5. smoke master
  6. ragvalodore
  7. strogg
  8. Dpendleton
  9. ChaosHat
  10. manredtoo
  11. HBRD
  12. EXIST
  13. F.D.K.
  14. Ookamunka
  15. mAc Chaos
  16. Prince Maikairu
  17. Rahontsiiostha
  18. Q.R.
  19. Saqs
  20. Kikoman2dx
  21. Dr. Strange
  22. purbeast
  23. evil samurai

Im there.

Lets get 3s going.

but of course. I’ll be slowly outlining the events of the day and adding to it over time.

Damn, nice deal Iconz. I’m definitely there. These tournaments are awesome :woot:

edit: BEEazy needs to come out if he’s reading this. We want to know how the undisputed champ fares against…you know…

I hit him up on XBL and he said he had a lot to do that day. I’m sure he’ll be here for the next:tup:

So would SSF4 also be 10 dollars for 1 player?


Me and David Fei Wright for teams!

Yeah I think its still a pretty ripe game to do $10. Unless we come to a consensus on $5.

Alright cool just checking!

This is gonna be fun. Hopefully I can do some leveling up with my Dudley. In both games lol.

I’ll be there

i’ll be there for SFIV

is teams 2v2 still?


yep teams are 2v2 again. anybody trying to play any other games this time around?

Oh shit, Beeezy appearance!

Everyone, locally at least, needs to come out to this. Gotta support the favor Iconz is doing for NoVA :tup:

You already know the deal. Put me down for that SUPAH!

This is just teams? I would like to make it out to this but I don’t want to be the weak link on a team lol. HDR only on ps3? Man I need to get my stick modded. I am going to try and make it to this as this will be my first tourney.

I don’t care if I’m the only person entering. WE ARE PLAYING MARVEL… GOT IT?

(And I’ll bring my modding shit as usual if anyone needs sticks modded)

I live about 100 yards away from the venue, i may roll out of bed and come to this.

Then again this is a month away

I’ll be there

nope its singles and teams. I’m sure someone will let you borrow a stick if it comes down to that.

you will be there.


I think I will attend this despite a poor showing the last time I played. So many Chuns -_-