TLS Presents: Summer Days -Nova Monthly- (Herndon, VA) 6/19/10

had 24 people play super last event and 30+ at the venue, should be another good showing

I need to start training for this tourney now. Anybody down to help me train up in this? I ask humbly.

I’m want to say im down.
Anyone up for MBAA/BB sessions in the NOVA area (ffx, chantilly, etc etc)?

i would say I was down to get some matches in with you guys but my work schedule is crazy this week. I’m doing three overnights in a row then when I’m off I need to readjust my body for two days before switching to nights again. Its ridiculous. Maybe on the weekend we can.

I’ll probably be there for SSF4 and Melty. Maybe BB if people want to play.

Add me on live man. Just let me know when you are ready to get some games in.

Shizz stream crew will be here!!!

Im down for SSF4/TVC/MVC2!

And anyone need a team…Balrog will answer the call!

Blanka Chester or Guile doesnt have Balrogs number… :slight_smile:

If you want a mediocre Dudley on your team I got you.

thats a sick team. balrog AND dudley. so it is writtin so it shall be done.

Lud’s venue fee is waived since he’s the new champ.

did anyone happen to pick up a wii a/v cable from last time?

no. dont even have a wii.

who will be able to stand up to team black boxers?

HDR and T6 please. I can help run those if needed be.

Outta the people going who would enter 3s?

apparently all boxers are black

i found it guys. it was sitting next to the wii. dont ask haha.

can anyone bring equipment for super or tekken casuals (ps3, copies, or what not). I can’t guarantee free entry like last time since I’m trying out the new price. Hopefully its an even better turn out though.

EDIT: Sorry F.D.K. I missed your post. Help is always good but come out to enjoy yourself for the most part!

Hey guys. I just found out about this and I only live like 20 minutes away. I love playing BlazBlue and I’d be totally up for coming down every time if there are some people who play. Only problem is I’ve played it on 360 and my stick is 360 too, but it’s not a big deal.

i mess around with it but I think more people will play if we have it set up.