Titan One converter is the new and improved Cronus?


Does anyone know if these will be tournament legal? I know the old Cronus was banned because it drew too much power and could cause dropped inputs for the other player but they specifically mention that as a fixed feature from the Cronus. Anyone have any experience using these? Also works with PS4 / XB1, so it could be a pretty good stick solution if its lag free and the dropped inputs problem is fixed.

It works with Playstation 4 only if using a pc next to the PS4 to run a program of them (forgot name) or else it loses connection every 7 to 8 minutes, but it works with PS3, XB360 and Xbone well after the authentication with no disconnections.
As far as lag I can’t tell if it ads any or not, this things will probably not be tournament legal since you can make macros for combos and save them to the unit.

It’s not tournament legal because of programmable macros. Isn’t there a japanese converter that doesn’t require an authentication every 8 minutes? I think it was posted in a similar thread to this.

edit: found it


Nice I might buy one to see if it would work with my fanatec wheel setup before I buy new fanatec products for Gran Turismo and Project Cars, thank you very much for the link

Cronus was also banned because it enabled macros and there was no way of telling if a macro was being executed.

My understanding is that the original company behind the Chronos broke up with the hardware/software technical guy going on to form the Titan One and the business guy continuing the old model as the ChronosMAX. Near as I can tell the ChronosMAX software is basically a “pirated” copy of the old software and will likely never be updated.

The M4 Converter looks damn interesting, if a bit of a hack needing an original controller. Anybody get their hands on an M4 yet? I can see it being really interesting for the driving sim guys, especially those with top-end units from the likes of Fanatec.

The tournament edition may allow you to use it in tournaments. All scripts, macros and gamepacks are disabled, leaving only the crossover controller support and button remapping. Of course, the tournament will have the last say in whether or not you can use it.

Yes a tournament has the final word on what can and can not be used.
I Even worked for Tournaments with arbitrary rules as any device can be refused for any reason, even mid event after the device been accepted by another official.

If you want to see a hack then you should check this out. I believe the Cronus Max and the Titan One both require this setup for proper PS4 use. At least the M4 looks like it will work by plugging in a controller and going.

It’s TO discretion. Honestly, you could hide a full net book inside some of the arcade sticks people have. Maybe those should be banned for the same reason. IMO concerns about hardware damage and electrical interference are totally legit, but “OMG they could be cheating!” really doesn’t make sense in a BYOC setting, especially one where community produced electronics are common.

Tournament organizers should have a “we can do what we want” rule to cover unexpected events, but that sort of thing can really eat into TO credibility.

Its was at a Anime Convention where the Convention heads can over rule even the TO. There also ALOT of weird little rules we got to follow because of the convention center.
Because the Staff off the convention center is Unionized we aren’t allowed any modders doing their on site. If there is any modders they got to do their work in a hotel room at their own risk.

BTW in the Gtuner/Titan One website, they say it has a “TOURNAMENT FIRMWARE” available, to make it legal at tourneys.


Is there a way that with only a glance a Tournament organizer can look at a Titan One and know it is set to tournament firmware?
LED display or Light with a indicator? Because if not the whole thing of having “tournament firmware” would be a moot point.

Having to plug this device to a PC to find out isn’t going to fly at any tournament, and I know Tournaments that flat out ban this device anyways.

That’s what I was thinking. The idea of a “controller test station” is likely vomit inducing for any TO, so unless you can tell at a glance what is likely legit and not, it’s probably the baby out with the bathwater.

The Titan One will only display a “t” when the tournament edition firmware is installed.

Even then it might be a moot point, most tournaments don’t have the time, resources or man power to test every device and check for this “T”.
And that assuming the TO knows or even care to find out about tournament firmware.

There also the consideration that the software on-board can be tampered with giving a false indicator.

What undammed stated “The idea of a ‘controller test station’ is likely vomit inducing for any TO” is quite true.
Like I am, aware of the indicator and if I am a TO I might to a blanket ban on devices like the Cronus, Titan One and M4.

Not if you tell your attendees up front what the policy is, just hand them a sheet with all the rules they and they have to sign said sheet to participate. After that point a player can huff and puff all he wants but he or she already signed a agreement to the rules and bound to them.

The one tournament who I worked with in the past who can (and will) and will ban any controller at any time at their discretion can get away with it is also they do provide in house controllers (the standard in house wired Xbox 360 controller or Dual Shock 3 with the battery pulled). Most tourneys have a Bring your own controller policy, even then you have to agree to their rules and if your controller later on appears to fall outside those rules can just flat out have you disqualified mid-event.

According to the product description in the link of the OP, the re-authentication process with the ps4 automatically happens in less than 1 second. What I don’t understand is, why do original devices like Dual Shock 4 not require this re-connect too?
Otherwise this device seems to be the most convenient solution at this point to use a last gen stick on a ps4… for non-high competitive players.
I want to give it a try, but the price currently makes me hesitate. It would cost me 73€, hell that’s almost as much as I paid for my new HRAP A3. I’d rather pay twice this price and get myself a ps4 stick to support the manufacturers. That is if there was one available at this point…

Does this m4 also work with arcade sticks and regular controllers?

Because the Dual Shock 4 has the BlueTooth authentication chip allowing the console to authenticate it over BT. The console itself sends the auth challenge over BT every 7-8 minutes, if it doesn’t receive a reply, it disconnects the controller. A reconnect resets the authentication timer.

I see, so it’s due to hardware, ty for the insight.
What about wired peripherals? Do all the officially ps4 supported devices like TE2, HRAP v4, HFC4 etc. also have this BT authentication chip?

Also, I wonder if there’s a chance that the devs of this Titan One could counter this with a firmware update.