Tips on fighting Makoto?

I have a lot of trouble vs good Makoto players. I mainly use Ibuki and Ken though so prehaps some tips with those 2 characters vs Makoto?

What I have trouble with most is always getting caught in Makoto’s command grab and such. One wrong move and I pay like half a stun bar, if not more. Two wrong moves and I’m dead.

Her kicks own me too.

I guess I just haven’t played enough Makoto players to really have a feel on how to fight her properly and how to parry her attacks too well yet.

Good Makoto players hate oppenents who jumps smartly. Makoto has a weak anti-air game.

Really? I find myself getting stuffed most of the time during an air battle.

With ken just keep her out with, it will catch the dashes. Make sure you jump frequently during preassure strings to avoid karakusa. The smart thing to do is keep her at a distance where she is ineffective vs ken

guess correctly and punish. in corner i usually jump back if i guess a karasuka and hk c.mkxxsuper (i use ryu though)

One of the best ways of dealing with Makoto with Ken is to post this thread in the Ken section. You can also ask the same question in the Ibuki section, and get similar results!

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Well I posted it in the general strategy because there could be some general tips on how to deal with Makoto.

I was just saying that I mainly use Ibuki and Ken.

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I’m just trying to promote good practice. By you mentioning what characters you play, that implies you want character specific strategy, whether you admit it or not. 95% of the advice you can get on dealing with a specific character depends on your character.

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Thanks, helped a lot.

Learn all her karakusa setups and jump out of them (or shoryu).

It also really helps if you learn Yun, Yang or Chun, those are fucked up matches for her.

c.jab works well =D

its not a really scientific answer but againts my good kaillera oponents i try to jump and jump…attack jump attack…jump, and sometimes go with some normal attack to catch of off guard, and if she grabs me with that special grab thing, as soon as shes done i jump back, just keep that filty bitch away from you. SHES A FILTHY BITCH!!!

Why are you calling her names? She’s very cute. Like an asain Sigourney Weaverkind of way.

Dashing away from Makoto seems to be a good move. If she whiffs her karakusa, she’ll be open to xx super for more than enough frames

I play Makoto myself, as well as hate playing against Makoto when I’m Makoto. When your Ken, to be really successful against Makoto, you really have to mostly base your game on punishing whatever Makoto does. This meaning you got to turtle and turtle hardcore. You want to anticipate dashes and punish with cr. strong, jump attacks, etc. Her pokes are good and all, but she can’t be effective unless you get close. Now if you’re playing Ken, lets say you get knockdown and have to guess your specific defense. Just know Ken has the most options out of all the cast against Makoto. He can BLOCK, JUMP, DP, BACKDASH, MASH, PARRY. The dp and backdash is what makes him more effective than other characters against wakeup options. DP is your best defense, but obviously it’s not spammable, so you’re going to have to use it as a psychological defense against your opponent. If you can guess your DP, your makoto opponents will back off and they will hesisitate at the wrong times you do block or what not. With your turtling, you should aim to keep makoto away or land her in the corner (avoid random command grabs). This is where makoto is actually really weak. There’s really nothing she can do defensely besides block, mash, jump, parry, tech throw. Any wrong guess could lead to double dp’s in the corner. So if you have Makoto in the corner you should be happy to go on an all out attack.