Tip on executing combos

I’m trying to master s.mp, cr.mk then mk spinning bird kick.

its so hard, I can only land it occasionally. any tips?

It honestly doesn’t seem to have a trick to it. You just have gotta hit the mp and immediately hit down. Cancel the mk as late as possible

fg execution 101: don’t be an Iverson :3


I just worked out you can option select your combo ender. Roll stick from down, very quickly past forward, to up like a half circle. If the charge timing is right, the game gives you mk sbk, if not you get mk legs for slightly less damage. Seems like a good safety net

Yeah, this combo is pretty difficult for sure. You dont have any time to waste when charging the down after pressing the mp. You’ll need to cancel link the cr.mk as late as possible to buy just enough time for the charge to complete. While the st.mp, cr.mk link isnt 1 frame, the fact that you need to charge the SBK gives this combo the difficulty of a 1f link for sure.

While the Frame Assist Tool says that st.mp, cr.mk is a 1f link, I dont think this is correct since it says you cant link cr.mk after EX.Kikouken, and you actually can. It feels like it’s a 3f link to me. That or i’m just REALLY good at 1f link (spoiler, I’m not).

Yeah I’m definitely having trouble pulling this off too
All links in SFV are at least 3 frames, even when you do the maths it’s 1frame, they added a bit of leeway
Still, just getting the links in is a small challenge consistently even at 3 frames, but to squeeze enough charge time in there is asking a lot

Anyone got any specific tips here? I feel in practice only a very very few number of people (pros included) can pull this off consistently. Most people will just opt to use lightning legs

I found that practising the s.MP, c.MP x MK spinning bird kick in V-trigger helps to get the timing down.
You cancel right as the second hit of the c.MK hits the opponent and the spinning bird will connect. The timing is the same with or without V-trigger.

That is a helpful tip
Managed to get it once with V trigger out of like 100 tries
This is depressing lol

adding cr.lp in front gives you some extra buffering time to hold down. I find cr.lp, s.mp, c.mk, mk birdkick easier. Jumpins would also let you buffer s.mp early

hmm how does adding the cr.lp give you extra charge time? Does it sort of let you crouch after the standing medium punch slightly earlier?

It doesn’t.

It dosent let you crouch any faster, but it lets you start charging a little sooner. We’re talking milliseconds, but it all seems to matter for this combo. The hit stun of the cr.lp allows you to press the st.mp early and start charging a little bit sooner. After a almost 10 hours trying to do this consistently, here’s what I’ve come up with.

Treat the st.mp, cr.mk as a 1 frame link. It’s 3 frames, but you need the extra 2 frames of charge time. You literally have to hold Down a few milliseconds after you press st.mp, or you wont have enough charge time. Cancel the SBK as late as possible on the cr.mk. Try the combo with the lk.SBK first, it’s a lot more lenient. The lk.SBK start up animation will hit pretty much immediately, so there’s no need for an early cancel. The mk.SBK needs to be fully charged by the time your cr.mk hits. This is tricky because it almost feels like you’re linking a normal into a special instead of canceling.

I can land this pretty consistently with lk.SBK. I think i’m gonna stick with it for now.

I’ve just accepted that I will always be ending the cr.lp, s.mp, cr.mk confirm with heavy legs. Some may call it sub-optimal; I call it characterful. :wink:

Damage: 198
Stun: 324 (The combo thread’s stun numbers are wrong now, at least against Laura. Maybe because of a patch.)

Compared to an mbk finish, you sacrifice just under 20 damage and 60 stun, but it’s a hell of a lot less likely that you’ll be hanging out a big spinning bird cantaloupe for your opponent to tee off on–especially online.

Also, Chun and melon jokes. Player 2 with alt costume. :expressionless:

don’t worry guys, Ive mastered it now. it was not easy. the trick is to figure out when to press up+mk. it was bloody hard and yet simple as same time

When you you press it? Cause i feel i’m rushing it so hard that I can’t seem to track the timing.

How much leeway is there for the entire combo anyway? You need 50 frames of charge right? How many frames is there between press standing med punch and when you have to throw out the bird kick?

I think it’s 40 frames, as long as you downback as soon as you press your st.mp you should have enough leniency to get it out on time. The biggest learning curve is just working in the proper cancel timing as it’s so unnatural to do.

The tricks that helped me were 1) try doing lk sbk for a while first, because it’s slightly easier, and 2) just sit there in training mode doing sbk in neutral with as little charge time as possible, and get used to THAT timing, and use that timing for when to do sbk, and 3) press down REALLY fast after st.mp, like, put serious mental effort into immediately pressing down, if you’re still learning and not getting it, and you’re never getting cr.mp instead of stand mp, you’re probably pressing down too late.

You have to cancel the MK really, really late. Begin charging the moment you press MP, then after you hit MK treat it almost like a hitconfirm. Visually register that the MK has combo’d (rather than relying on muscle memory), then hit up+MK.

Timing is weird and feels really unintuitive, but it works.

The slight loss of dmg and stun isn’t as big of a deal to me as is sacrificing the knockdown and corner carry. Chun already has such a hard time opening people up in this game that any time you can set them up for oki or corner shenanigans you definitely want to take it. :confused:

If this works then it seems like the safest way to do this by far. Looking forward to playing around with it after work tomorrow.