Timing differences between Arcade and Console versions of SFIV?

I guess I should start off by saying that today I finally played in Chinatown Fair Arcade here in NYC, which are NOT official SFIV cabinets. (joystick does not feel like a SANWA at all either, buttons feel fine but the joystick was awfully awkward compared to my TE…)

However, hardware issues aside, does anyone not notice the timing differences between the arcade and console versions of SFIV? Please save your “practice your timing '09er” comments and allow for discussion. I had a talk with some of the more advanced players who have been playing the arcade version since last august and many of them do agree that the timing in the console version is different than the arcade version.

I was surprised to see myself and my other buddies mess up simple bread n’ butter combos. I know this is going to sound like an excuse, but the arcade version feels more sluggish to me. The timing is also not identical to the console version at all. :wasted:

Can anyone please post their thoughts on the timing issue between the two? Do you agree there is a difference? No difference at all?

Overall it was a very nice experience. I will definitely be going as much as I can, I was a little distraught by the timing but thought it was just me…but I see that a bunch of the regulars there also shared this sentiment.

I don’t notice any difference between the two.

BTW the sticks and buttons at CTF ARE Sanwa they’re probably just worn out from all the usage.

Godsgarden was played on 360s. If Daigo can do a low strong x 3 into sweep (in an online match) after being so used to the arcade version then no. These excuses are becoming illogical.

Yeah figured as much.

it’s probably a combination of a few factors: nerves from being in a new environment, standing to play rather than sitting or whatever at home. the height of the stick and positioning of your arms due to that height, the ambient noise of the place affecting how well you can hear the games sound cues and what was allready mentioned, the more worn equipment due to much higher use.

Nope. I never noticed a difference. The arcade joystick feels as smooth as silk btw. Much better than my TE.

You really can’t go by feeling when discussing whether a port is slower or not. I remember Kai said that the timing was exactly the same except for El Fuerte’s RSF combo…think about how silly that is, though. Anyway, there have been a bunch of scientific tests that say the timing is not noticably different. I think you could find it with the search.

You might have some lag on your tv… I’m assuming arcade uses a big crt monitor inside. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m gonna agree here.

But one time I played and my Forward button was not working. That sucks when you play Rufus…

pico seconds

i think the buttons are responsive, but I think the only thing I would argue about is neutral jumping is kinda weird on it

The CF sticks and buttons are very worn out, and it feels a lot more soft to the finger tips. I know that when I’m doing double taps, they feel a lot nicer at CF than on my TE cuz it’s fresh and more stiff and springy.

Actually it was played on PS3s, at least all the machines lined up along the walls were PS3s. I’m not sure what they used to play online.

After sitting on my couch using my TE all the time it felt really weird playing at CTF for the first time. You’re still sitting because they provide seats but obviously not the same as a couch or even sitting in chairs for tourneys cause I’m used to using the TE on my lap and not an actual cab that’s raised. My arms were positioned differently cause of this, too. As others mentioned the Sanwa parts are very worn down so it may feel a lot different then the TE plus I swore the spacing of the Sanwa parts were different then on the TE as well, though this could just be my mind tricking me.

Basically, all of the above combined will probably screw with your timing and combos if it’s your first time playing there.

I felt weird playing at CTF the first time too. I think it’s because you’re so close to the screen. Also, I like the feel of the sticks there… because they’re all worn out and lose, feels less stiff compared my modded stick.

Yeah if you guys have a problem with the stick/buttons, inform the guy in the box (you can’t miss it, since CTF isn’t huge) immediately. The guy will repair the stick/buttons, and give you an extra free play, if you stumble upon it, while playing someone.

i play there about … once or twice a week depending on my schedule other times i play at home and trying to stay OFFline. i play on a te stick and a hd monitor. no proccessing and it is very responsive, my friend and i think there is almost NO lag. but when i go to CTF… i dont know what the hell im doing. my timing on everything is OFF. and ive recently tried to go into trainingmode before i head to ctf and i noticed that the arcade is FASTER than my ps3. i dont know why but its evident to me because i miss everything. i have to hit my links faster than at home. the sanwa parts are the same except the length of the stick and the base inside of it. the square feels way softer and is more worn out. no clicking sounds like the te.:wtf:

the 360 version always felt different to me than the arcade, links are harder. And playing console versions on different tvs ALWAYS is an adjustment. If its not input lag then there will be like slowdown in places ive never seen before causing me to drop a combo or my inputs don’t seem to get read and i end up getting negative edge on ultras so that they come out a good 1/4 second late and make me look stupid

Don’t bother reading the informed responses already posted here guys (coughcheemag), just keep posting the same problems. Maybe then we can continue to ignore evidence to the contrary.

Gameoworks in Columbus feels just like playing on my 360. Except with more HYPE BABY!

Its cause @ ctf the monitors are to damn close to your eyes. And you look like this after 5 mins :xeye: