Til The Brackets Drop! 9/25-9/26 feat. ARCANA HEART 3! (Herndon,Va) $1000 in bonuses

**Sponsored in part by

Cyber Ground Internet Cafe and PC Repair**

HOTEL ADDRESS: 13715 sayward blvd herdon, va 20171

SCHEDULE (Times tentative til mid August):
Day 1
12pm- late registration, casuals and warm ups for all games

2pm- BlazBlue: CS tournament begins!

3pm-SSF4 Singles tournament begins!

3pm-Melty Blood: AA tournament begins!

4pm- SSF2T HD Remix tournament begins!

4pm- Street Fighter 3rd Strike tournament begins!

6pm- Tekken 6 tournament begins!

6pm- MvC2 tournament begins!

Day 2

12pm- SSF4 Teams tournament begins!
Teams will be 3v3 format pokemon style with no same character teams.
Character lock for the tournament

4pm- Top 8 streamed for all events (tentative depending on turnout)

Streaming will be brought to you by Protoman’s Korean Whiff Punish

Registration is now available on the homepage of www.perfected-events.com It is through paypal and the only way to qualify for the $7 venue fee. Otherwise it is $15 at the door. Please sign up as “First Name (handle) Last Name” so that everyone is accounted for easily. You can also leave a special instruction when paying in paypal if you need to.

All of the bonus money is coming from me at the moment. I’m working on getting some sponsors for the event to help lighten the burden but either way the bonus money will be there.

payout is 70/20/10
same percentage for bonuses awarded to top 3

Venue fee: $7

SSF4 (ps3) *$400 bonus
best 2 of 3 matches

Tekken 6 (ps3) *$200 bonus
best 3 of 5

HDR (ps3)*$200 bonus
best 2 of 3
Akuma banned

Melty Blood AA (ps2)*$100 bonus
best 2 of 3 matches
Archetype Earth banned

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (ps2)*$100 bonus
best 2 of 3 matches

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (360)
best 2 of 3 matches

BB:CS (ps3)
best 2 of 3 matches


tv’s/monitors: Iconzk9, Rayza, HappinessOVA, SethP
Melty Blood: Rayza, Iconzk9, HappinessOVA
SSF4: Iconzk9, Protoman, SethP, MagMan
Tekken 6: Iconzk9, Protoman
AH3: Protoman
HDR: Iconzk9
BlazBlue: CS: SethP
Third Strike: Keninblack
Puzzle Fighter: Strogg

hotel info:
Room prices are only $59 a night! Call 703-943-5922 and ask to speak to Michele Sink to reserve at this price!

Sheraton Herndon Hotels: Sheraton Herndon Dulles Airport Hotel - Hotel Rooms at sheraton

Another hotel right next door if needed for rooms.
Hyatt Place East

Confirmed List:

  1. Rayza
  2. SethP
  3. Klops
  4. Rei
  5. Legendary Blue Shirt
  6. Ganelon
  7. Basic Complex
  8. Toiyet
  9. Fenguard
  10. SmokeMasta
  11. Magneto Maniac
  12. Shin Lad
  13. Thelo
  14. DevilJin 01
  15. Arthur Michael

The following players have earned free entry: Lud, Eric Kim, Steve Harrison

I’ll go.

sounds good…is this a SSFIV centric event, though?

I’d go, haaahaa we ballin, DP’s we stuffin, armors we breakin, reset is the gang and I’m alllllll in.

If HDR happened, I’d definitely go (unless there was a scheduling conflict). But I guess this thread is more directed towards those who didn’t attend MTG and whether the venue fee was a big reason for that as I’ve heard.

Anyway, making it a “major” may be tough to accomplish without assistance from other states. Someone will have to hype this up in order to draw top players. The current SRK standard for a sticky on a new tourney is a $1000 pot bonus but I’m not certain that’s feasible here. Still, a $5 venue fee for a large hotel room is really an eye-opening draw.

Provided it’s on a saturday afternoon and it runs on time and has the following games ( T6, HDR, SSF4) and a good number people going… then yes.

ninja edit- September is a long time away though… :confused:

Those games will definitely be there and yes, yesit will be on a Saturday afternoon. September seems to be when things start slowing down again and gives enough time to properly publicize for such an event.

Its directed towards everyone! And of course HDR will be there my friend.

I’m thinking this would be the biggest or equally as big as any other game at the moment. I will edit the post now in order to give people more info.

edit: for now we’re just going to call it a tournament with a reduced fee. If we get more backing from other states we will go from there.

This is a go. I’ll be updating more info soon. I got logged out and it erased everything I typed.

I’ll be going. Can’t let strogg steal all my business :slight_smile:

yeah fuck stroge



you down to stream?

Strogg is the man with the plan.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

I will see you folks there. Yeah thats right I am getting out there this year.

It might be two days depending on the amount of interest it gets. I just want to throw that out there for now.

Wow, nice, $1000 pot is definitely major level. I hope to see plenty of locals and out-of-towners for this. I think it addresses any issue you all may have had before: the venue is close by and very nice, the entrance fee is hella cheap, the pot bonuses are huge and spread out nicely, there are plenty of food options near the venue, and I know Kyle doesn’t have any beef with any of you. Unless problems arise, I’ll definitely be there.

thanks for the continuous support! I appreciate it.

Iconzzzz you know I’m there!!

Sent you a PM iconz

BTW for top quality streaming protoman has the hookup. Check out Xanbats for his quality.