Tight Pants Ban Takes Effect in Indonesia

Taken from the Huffington Post. Posted 05/27/10 08:44 AM


Add Indonesia to the list of “Places you couldn’t pay me to visit.”

LOL These threads are starting to pop up at least monthly.

You guys should just make a “I hate Islam thread”, then you guys can go in there and ejaculate ignorant, hate fueled, and uneducated posts all over each other in an unbridled and masochistic manner.

Morons :lol:

He posted a news story and commented on it. I don’t see anything ignorant, hate fueled or uneducated about it. See, we live in the United States of America, where all men and women, including Muslim women don’t get persecuted by law for wearing what they want, much less stoned to death for having an affair. It’s called freedom and I feel sorry for people who can’t enjoy it.

Thats crazy but meh.

It must suck to be a woman there.

Upset about something?

Now if only we can get this over here, except it bans males from wearing skinny jeans.

Seriously, way to look soft. Chumps.

Look at negros location


Silence! I stand by my statement! Get off my lawn hipsters!

Selective hearing ties directly into ignorance and bliss. Me? It’s a skill that wouldn’t let me comfortably look at myself in a mirror. Congratulations on overcoming that weakness.

Dr. B is only bested by one thing: Dr. B, riding on a mechanical pterodactyl.

aren’t you touchy

btw i’ve visited indonesia as it’s my dad’s nation of origin, and it’s fucking awesome. bali and jakarta are great places to go to.(as long as you’re not getting bombed in a club)

lol, someone’s getting old and needs new eye glasses :rofl:

all in all, that is a pretty funny ban…i still think the ban on gum takes the cake though :xeye:

Oh man, now I want to be an Indonesian policeman, confiscating hot ladies’ pants!

How 'bout tight shorts? Those are fine, right? :tup:

What? Don’t hate on me and my skinnies.

I do it for the bitches.

It’s called broadcasting.

last time i checked chicks weren’t into frail dudes that look like chicks.

Dunno when you checked last, but I’d say there’s a pretty decent amount who are into that :wonder:

Edit: Not using this to back my point, but kinda related and hilarious: [media=youtube]4adiAQJ0KLs"[/media] :rofl:

yeah i’d say you can find chicks who are into all types
you’d be surprised

if my scrawny ass can find 'em, anyone can

that said, i would never wear skinny jeans

I don’t think it’s funny. This religion’s one of the fastest-growing in america, and we’ve got a hardcore appeaser/pushover/apologist as pres. He’d probably institute Sharia Law if his buddies asked him to. Then who you guys gonna be laughing at for having normal shit outlawed?

Have you ever went out with an erection in tight pants and hit on girls with success?

Get on my level.

Why yes, my culture is better than your culture.

Unfortunately…a lot of women are nowadays.

Especially where I’m from.