Tiger Knee Cannon Strike

I just started playing cammy and am having trouble with the tkcs. I can only seem to do the EX version and I’m not sure why. Any thoughts?

Its because u dont do the uf motion correct
Try this :qcb::uf::p:,
now pratice 500 times on both sides and then after each day 50 on each side:)

The ex version can be done jumping backwards, so you can end that input in :ub: . The regular version has to be done moving forwards so ends in :uf:, so its a quarter-circle backwards then :uf: + a kick. Has to be done really quick.

wait are you using a d pad like me or a stick. Cause if you are using d pad then forget it you will only be able to to tiger knee strike in an ex version

Here’s an entire post about the TK CS back when I was a new Cammy player and new to the forum…and it shows.

I’m almost embarrassed to link it, but it might be useful.


spamming these for meter is fun when people just turtle you until you die of boredom.

I disagree :wonder:

I am using the standard 360 control… I have been on the edge of getting a stick for a long time, with my main (sagat) I’m pretty much stuck on a plateau so I decided to play cammy more.

But what pisses me off is that my friend who kinda sucks at SF can bust out the regular tncs with cammy using the same pad but sucks too much to explain.

Looks like I’ll have to get baked and try for a few hours.

Taken from my post in the pad warriors thread. If you’re using pad. It’s entirely possible to get regular and EX version down consistently. I use pad, but I recommend stick for faster and more accurate execution.

Alright, time to bump this thread. Here’s some tips for Cammy users. The hardest part when playing Cammy on pad is doing the TK Cannon Strike, which is a vita part of her game.

First, the motion for TK Cannon Strike is :qcb::uf: or :qcb::u::uf:. The biggest problem I think people have when doing this on pad is (1)not hitting the :l: or (2) adding :ub: after :qcb:.

1st way (the easy way. recommended that you master this first)
Any easy way to avoid this to roll your thumb to do the :qcb: motion, then quickly lift your thumb(so you won’t hit :ub:) and hit :uf: and kick button at the same time. To do the delayed version, follow the same steps, but hit the kick button a little later.

Note: When practicing in training mode, make sure you have input display on to see what input you did wrong if you messed up. If you tried TK Cannon Strike and you ended up jumping forward, this means that you did not hit the :l: in the :qcb: motion. If you jumped back, this means that you added :ub: after the :qcb: motion.

2nd way (the recommended way. This has faster execution)
It’s the same as the 1st way, but you don’t lift your thumb. This is a bit harder, but will pay off in the long run. The move will come out faster since you don’t waste time lifting your thumb. You should be executing this move with the tip of your thumb on the d-pad. It’s easier to mess up if you’re executing the move with the middle of your thumb.

thanks all for the detailed posts! I kinda feel like a scrub on these boards but a scrub has to start somewhere!

If anyone wants a sparring partner hit me up on Xbox Live: Mecha29

Hey add me my tag is on the left I will help in any way I can

You’ve found the right board, mecha. Some people can be really unforgiving to “09ers”, but we here on the Cammy board, we are all friends! lol! It’s the Delta Red Brotherhood, man.

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Quick update: Finally got it! Now for the hours of practice!

Takes a bit getting used too. Congrats now practice some more

updated with 2nd way to do the tk cannon strike in post #9. Make sure that once you get tk cannon strike down, you learn the delayed version too. Both version has its uses in various situations.

private soldier mecha29,i want 500 reps from both sides and i want them now!

whats that TKcs? the quick cannon strike?

wow thanks i didnt know i was doing it wrong for so long. Now this makes my cammy even more deadly thanks! gonna go throw some reps on each side and see if i can get it down before stick comes in

Haha can’t get this down on a stick at all. I did better on a pad WTF lol

i always botch this up online too. Viper has a similar motion with her instant burn kicks, but i keep flying around with an instant knee instead. fuckin lame
the frustation force me to put down viper…i hope it doesnt do the same with cammy…again