Tiers for non-fighting games?

I thought this would be something interesting to talk about. What are some of the tier lists for non-fighting games such as beat em ups, shmups, rpgs, etc? Not only fighting games have tiers “:^)”

Anyways, I think I’ll get the ball rolling with my opinions of the tiers for Final Fight.

I would rank it in the order of:


I place Haggar first because he’s probably the best big man of ANY beat em up ever. His power is CRUSHING in this game. That pile driver of his takes half health each time! His defense is also the highest. His slow speed and large size are problems, but his pros far outweigh his cons.

Cody is very all around in every area. However, as a normal fighter, I would actually have to give the edge to Guy because of Guy’s superior mobility. However, Cody’s ability to fight with knives really puts him above Guy because weapons are always good, and knives are just so fucking plentiful all throughout the game.

Guy isn’t bad at all actually, imo. He just isn’t as good. First of all, he is very weak strength and defense wise. Next, his special ability, unlike Haggar’s and Cody’s, is absolutely useless. I NEVER use the wall jump. Now, I may be wrong, but it seems pointless to me. However, his mobility is a REAL big plus in this game because of the lack of a dash. And just in case anyone wonders, I play Guy myself.

The farthest I’ve been able to go on one credit is the fifth stage, but that place always wrecks me.

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[Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo]

[ S ] Ken
[ A+] Donovan
[ A ] Hsienko, Morrigan
[ B ] Sakura, Ryu
[ C ] Felicia, Chunli

Last RPG’s i’ve played …

[Star Ocean 2]

[ S ] Claude
[ A+] Ashton, Chisato
[ A ] Opera, Rena
[ B ] Precis, Bowman, Dias, Ernest
[ C ] Leon, Celine, Noel

[Star Ocean 3]

[ S ] Maria
[ A+] Cliff
[ A ] Nel, Sophia, Albel
[ B ] Fayt, Mirage, Peppita
[ C ] Adray, Roger

Road Rash
The Black Motorcycle

Streets of Rage 3
Dr. Zen | Axel | Skate

Extreme G

Yugioh TCG
Chaos deck
Burn deck

I’ve probably spent more time playing Virtua Tennis 2 than any other ‘competitive’ game outside of beat-'em-ups, mainly because of the combination of lots of days off at uni/shit local arcade not having anything else decent. I’ve had a lot of exposure to 2-player Virtua Tennis 2 (at least a few hours several times a week for three years), so these are the arcade tiers. I’m not tiering the women because I never played as them, ever and these tiers seem pretty consistent whatever court you play on:

Top Tier

High-Mid Tier

Mid Tier

Bottom Tier

Net play dominates Virtua Tennis 2 so once you get consistent MAX serves going, Rafter and Henman become damn near unbeatable. Pioline and Kafelnikov are decent at the net, which is why they’re high-mid. Norman is bottom because although he’s quick, it’s really hard to put any sort of pressure on the other player (same with Moya, who can break serve easily but needs an errant shot from the other player before he can start using his power).

So there you go. I’d love for someone to comment but I’m sure interest in Virtua Tennis 2 here is pretty much nil…

Metal Warriors (vs. mode)

How is the only character without an infinite top tier?

tiers for RE4 mercenaries mini game


Top- M4/Ak/Awp/deagle/big-ass-and-expensive-sniper

mid- mp5/sig/aug

low- duelies/scout

Who said tiers have to be people only? Oh yeah im probably wrong with this list so shhhh.

RC Pro AM tiers:

God Tier: Orange car
mid tier: everyone else

Twisted Metal 2
Sweet Tooth
Spectre | Outlaw

Internet Connections
Mid Tier: Broadband
Bottom/Joke Tier: AOL dialup

ST? how is he good?

WCW Revenge

Scott Norton>all

Lol, good topic

Super Mario RPG (this is just my opinion)
Mario (with Lazy Shell)
(although theyre all sick in their own way)

Super Mario World (LOL)
Cape Mario
Fire Flower Mario
Mushroom Mario
(Blue Yoshi = Top Yoshi)

Donkey Kong Country (the whole series)
Dixie Kong

Top Tier=Snake
Low Tier=Raiden :lol:

Top Tier Guns:RCP90, AR33, D5K Silenced, ZMG
Bottom Tier:Klobb, Tazer Boy

Super Star Wars (Whole series)
Top Tier
Princess Leia in slave girl attire
Luke from Jedi

SSX (again , whole series)

Pokemon…k now Im just getting carried away:lol:

I don’t get what you’re asking here…

For Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, I think you’re right for the most part, but Ryu should be the worst character, don’t you think? His horizontal columns are stupidly easy to counter, especiallly when playing as Ken “:^)” Also, where would you place the secret characters?

Nevermind, I figured it out “:^)” Well, I didn’t know about these infiinite combos, obviously. Are they really effective enough to boost Guy and Cody past Haggar? I’m assuming yes, but I would still like to know your opinion.

This is a great thread.

BTW All Final Fight characters except Haggar can stop between their combos and start all over again.

Donatello (badass one hit kills and his range is awesome)
Leo and Mike
Rafael (can you kill anything with that sai)

Crono Trigger:
Crono and Magus:Top
Ayla and Frog (Low Hp damage magics)
Everyone else I don’t give a damn.

Final Fantasy 1:

Final Fantasy 8:
Irvine and Zell strength maxed out.

Final Fantasy 6:
Magic Vanish/Doom and Ultima

Gem box and Economizer and Quick spell

Genji Glove & Offering with Atma Weapon, Ragnarok, Illumina, Xcalbur

sigh damn alot of posts got deleted.

Rock paper scissors = Most balanced game ever

Doom has a reputation of having pretty damn balanced deathmatch. In a way it’s true, as there’s a weapon for almost every combat situation you can think of. I wouldn’t say the weapons themselves are equal, though.

Top Tier:

Sawed-off Shotgun – The mainstay of many a Doomer’s arsenal, and for good reason. One double dose of scattershot will kill or maim anyone at close to medium range, while its extra-wide spread ensures it will nail a group of guys without needing pixel-perfect precision. In addition it is a hitscan weapon, meaning the pellets travel so fast that whoever’s in your crosshair cannot dodge them. Finally, Doom’s lightning-fast running speed, combined with adequate cover, makes the prolonged reload time a non-issue.

Middle Tier:

Plasma Rifle – Another hard-hitting crowd control weapon, this one with fully automatic fire and projectiles which double as a smoke screen, blocking your target’s vision. Alas, being projectiles, they cannot beat bullets or pellets for speed, so dodging or running away is not difficult at long range.
RPG – Again, lots of damage to a group of guys, but the projectile thing means you need to aim more carefully, especially in tight spaces.
BFG9000 – Like the RPG, does massive damage over a large area but requires some skill to take full advantage of. Its slow startup and unmistakable startup sound gives enemies time and warning to either run and hide, or shoot you dead first. Therefore, a BFG fighter must anticipate when to pull the trigger and also when to turn the corner or step out from cover, so its snot-colored payload is delivered to the right place at the right time.
Chaingun and Pump Shotgun – At long range, nothing kills better than either of these. Both deliver vast quantities of lead in tight groups at warp speed, dealing more damage to a faraway enemy than a Sawed-off will. But CQB being the norm in this game means the Sawed-off gets used more often.

Bottom Tier:

Fist and Chainsaw – Even with a Berserk Pack, your enemies run so fast it takes mad skills to land a hit with either. Save for AFKs and other idlers unless you’re just that damn good.
Pistol – Too weak to even bother with. Fists at least have dismemberment and upgrade potential. This pea-shooter has neither.

Repost of Chrono Trigger Tiers:


Magus (with two dead allies)

Magus (normal)

Marle (dead, to boost Magus)
Marle (alive)