Thursday 10/22 6pm SF4 session + Garou in Mill Creek/Bothell

Swizzi Oh! You live in Bothell? Damn. I used to live out there in 3rd grade, I hated it.

Dude, you live fairly close to me. I’m in Redmond and that’s a pretty easy drive, I have a date so I can’t make it out to the tourney. Next time throw in some SVC: Chaos! It’s like super turbo and KOF in one! If you need me to bring the neo geo cart I can do that.

I’ll try and swing by around 4-4:30. If you’d like, I can bring an extra SF4 set-up on 360 (w/ TV.)

how late is this going until? I think I’m working until 630

Oh this starts early in the day. Will most likely make it. Put that cab on random rom select, and I will show you just how beast I can be in random fighting games nobody plays.

I’d be there Riki, but that’s like a 2 hour drive for me. When is it ending?

Ending around 12:30- 1 am. Wow my cab is looking dope, I got Jesse Custer on the left side and Cassidy on the right side. TOO BADASS!

Brent if I do end up going you can drop your car at my place and then we can take my car the rest of the way.

I’ll ask my brother what he’s doing when I get home tonight.

cassidy the rapper that was on acid or some shit and scratched his eyeballs out? thats filthy. i like your style sir. please dont play svc chaos. its bad enough gameworks has that game hahahahaha

No no no Cassidy the irish vampire :rofl: And that was Houston who went nuts and took his eye out. Acid is a powerful drug.

Any of yall wanna make the bracket tho? I’m terrible at making brackets.

I picked up a pair of PS2->PS3 controller converters at Fry’s in case anyone wants to give those a shot tomorrow.

I’ll give you a shot tomorrow…

Just kidding! :smiley:

Brento, make it out to Riki’s or Zach’s this friday. I seriously haven’t even played you yet.

Wait so PS2 to PS3 converters? Because I have a converter that allows PS2 controllers to be used on the 360 and if you have a PS2 converter for PS3 controllers than I can use my PS3 controller on the 360 :looney:

oh i thought cassidy like tore his face off and tried to jump out of a window. either way that niggaz filthy. tryna go orochi and shit.

hey james i bought one of those from frys and for some reason it doesnt work well with joshs tekken 5 or and my old ass hori. mainly its laggy and doesnt register diagonals well…heard the pelican one is good but i dont even know what the hell mine is

Let me know what’s up. Tommorow might workout if you can give me a ride. :tup:

This mean he’s bringing a 360 and all I’ll need to do is bring my stick?

sounds good the price is right and its worth playing jared seriously I think a 2 year old with one hand beat me as blanka the other night I can’t miss a chance at some practice vs you.

Nah, other way around - this lets you use PS2 controllers on your PS3.

From the **SDTekken review**, it looks like it only works on controllers with analog support, meaning some factory sticks won’t work (since they have custom digital PCBs.) Most PS2 customs ought to work, though; mine seems to, in any case (at least, when I plugged the PS3 USB connection into my PC - I have no PS3 to test it on.)

If Riki-Oh has room for another set-up, I can do that. Actually, I’ll plan on doing so unless he says otherwise. Never can have too short a rotation.

I’ve been practicing a bit and I think im switching to Hotaru…she just fits my playstyle better.

Bring a set up