Thursday 10/22 6pm SF4 session + Garou in Mill Creek/Bothell

BRING PS3 STICKS and/or 360 sticks + 360s
Garou’s on the Cab

Number - 425 205 3100

Address - 17107 16th Ave SE 98012 Bothell

Try to let me know if you can make it aka RSVP an ish.

I’m going to try and make it you pad user!

I have work until 6 on thursday, but I can try to show up between 7 and 8.

anytime is cool. If you do show up past 5 you will miss out on your chance to get 99 cents worth of prizes in the form of mango juice.

I get off work at 4, won’t be at your place till 4:30, do I make the cut for da prize?

I will try to make it out for this because my love of Garou transcends physical distance!

I get out of class at 3 though so I might show up a tad late.

I am overwhelmingly saddened that I will miss the Garou tourny. I will still show however, prepare for some epic casuals. Who does everyone play in Garou? Hopefully we get a bit of a mixed cast, I havent been practicing much recently and I’d like to really see some tight shit.

I’m there and will bring some TE’s for this shizz.

Yeah 4:30 is cool for tourney entry. I’m excited to get owned in some Garou, I need to look up some combos or something lol Oh also the button layout is different for Garou for some reason.

From left to right it’s 4 buttons, light kick, light punch, heavy kick, heavy punch. I wish they were layed out 2 by 2 instead of 1 by 4 =/ oh well.

Hey I would be able to make it but I never even played garou let alone heard of it so I’d just be cannon fodder vs you guys.

The entry fee is $0 and 0cents so it’s worth a try lol

Also there will be SF4.

Neither have I, but that’s why you just pretend you’re doing a Shoryuken and mash buttons. Shit works!

When is the latest people can show up for this? I got class from 6-8:30 :\

Hmm I’d say try to show up before 11pm

damn nigga im off at 11:30 otherwise id show up to get that mango juice with gap terry bogard


Garou tourney???

Garou cab???

thats gross, any buses from downtown head out yer direction?

I would fuck people up in Garou. Not even joking.

Come prove it :smiley:

Pablo please come get your ass served to you. When we play Garou we don’t fuck around.

I am having some very minor surgery done this thursday. If I am not too fucked up I will be coming over. Someone please have a stool ready and a six pack, because I am not leaving that cab for a while.