Throwdown Tuesdays and X-Factor Fridays

Throwdown Tuesdays: Season 2

[details=Spoiler]This weekly event now has a new format! It will be similar to “Wednesday Night Fights” by LevelIUp Series. Throwdown Tuesdays will now include a weekly tournament for both SSFIVAE and MVC3 (there will still be casuals going on). The tournament itself will be FREE to enter, and the winner of each game will get a cool prize like free entry the next time they come to Best Bout or another prize provided by 1 of our sponsors. Every player participating will earn points toward their overall standing in the season. Each season will last anywhere from 3-4 months, though it’s possible this first season will only last until EVO, then we will begin season 2 shortly afterwards. The will be grand prizes for the top 3 finishers of each season. The point system works like this:
1st: +8
2nd: +7
3rd: +6
4th: +5
5th: +4
5th: +4
7th: +3
7th: +3
All others: +1
The points will also be used to seed players for our premier monthly tournament “Best Bout Beatdown”. There will be a total of 8 players seeded. The top 4 from the previous Best Bout Beatdown, and the top 4 overall from Throwdown Tuesdays (who aren’t already seeded). The goal is to expand the number of players in Portland and raise our skill level by giving everyone more tournament experience. We are hella hype for this and hope you are as well.[/details]
**Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Rankings **[details=Spoiler]
1st: fatbear - 15
1st: Lord_BBH - 15
3rd: G_Effect - 10
4th: SamB - 6
5th: Kwyjibo - 5
5th: TheBlueCrow - 5
5th: Yangsing - 5
5th: Huy - 5
9th: MetalHealth - 4
10th: Bimmy - 3
10th: Derick - 3
10th: Eggroll - 3
10th: Edwin - 3
14th: Zony - 2
15th: Andrew S - 1
15th: SlayU2 - 1
15th: Yugo - 1
15th: PDX_Jive - 1
15th: Joey - 1
15th: Max - 1
15th: Tobin - 1
15th: Pat - 1
15th: Kiki - 1
[FONT=Arial]15th: Slash - 1[/FONT]
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Rankings[details=Spoiler]
1st: Lord_BBH - 16
2nd: 1Truking - 14
3rd: Yangsing - 10
4th: Kwyjibo - 7
5th: SamB - 6
6th: fatbear - 4
6th: Bimmy - 4
6th: Eggroll - 4
6th: Yugo - 4
10th: Huy - 3
10th: Max - 3
10th: Slash - 3
10th: Andrew S - 3
14th: Dartastic - 1
14th: Pat - 1
14th: Mackinzie - 1
14th: Chocomuffins - 1

Cancelations: None see you there!

Best Bout Gaming
2409 49th Ave.
Portland, OR 97206

Tuesdays 7pm-2am (or later)

**Streamed Live **

Gamers of all ages. BYOC (Bring your own controller or stick).

$5.00 for the entire night!

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cant wait to see this place

Looking forward to this!!!

Thumbs up

EDIT: Purest Cafe Website -

The venue is SWEET, and it’s within walking distance of my house so I can get lifted if I want and walk home. Woo!

fyi: Purest cafe only accepts cash

why not walk both ways.

This is going to be hype can’t wait! If we have enough peeps who want to stay after midnight we can keep this going until 3 AM!!!

I’ll be there, work permitting.

I got that night off this week, I can be there all night. I’ll be bringing 2 x monitors and a 360 + game, and a PS3 + game if we need that too, + a stick for each.

Man Thursdays :-(. Will try to make it when I can though, this should be goodstuffs for the scene.

I can walk out my door a couple blocks and hop a train down. I have to take advantage of the wonderful rail system this city offers its inhabitants.


I need help with Guy, a lot of help.

dang… I would love to come to this, but Bethanie works late most thursdays nights. Ah well I have a big math test this friday anyway.

fatbear is a liar and a cheat.

i think i can help you with this…PLAY A BETTER CHARACTER.

the end.

hah, no thanks.

lol someone has to love Guy, i wanted to play him when Super came out but he seems like he has quite a learning curve. dont give up De Bloo, AfroCole makes Guy look good lol he lands that target combo all day. i think Simon messes with Guy too

Yeah I met Simon, he had a better grasp of Guy when we played…two months ago >_>

I gotta get back in the swing of things.

seriously Blaze blue No SF2 HD ,cvs2 ,3’s , SF Alpha :chainsaw: