Thoughts on the WWE All Stars Brawl Stick?

I’ve been really thinking about getting this stick, I got UMvC3 last week as my first fighting game ever and my friends recommended getting a fighting stick to start off now since it’s all I’ll ever be playing on my Xbox. I really can’t get a fighting stick for over $80 and I’ve heard that this stick is ok. I’ve read Shoryuken thread on fighting sticks and a majority of the people there say that it’s possible to replace the parts with better quality ones. What do you think?

I have the stick and to be honest it sucks if stock LOL but for $19.00 (at gamestops all over if you can find one with a stick in the store) you can’t beat that price. I replace my buttons(which are pure shit) with IL/Happs $16.00, and put in a PS360 pcb. I also inserted a
**Seimitsu LS-55 Replacement Spring **

from focus attack to make my stick a little more stiff, but Im planing on switching my stick out with an IL/Happ Eurostick $16.00 and a JLF .187 Micro Harness $6.95 from paradise arcade. So with the mods I pretty much came out at under $100.00. The only problem I have now is the case itself is shorter than the TE so its not as comfortable on the legs. So if you want to test out your modding skills at the cheapest price out there, get the stick man.

Hope this helped.

Oh one more thing… if you do plan on putting any IL/Happ buttons, the bottom case will not close because those buttons are longer than the others. You may like the buttons that come with the stick but they where too sensitive for me and feel really cheap. I grew up playing in the arcade so the Happ’s feel right, but most people replace the stock buttons with Sanwa or Seimitsu and also by doing so everything fits perfectly. With the Happs you have a little more modding to do but its all worth it to me ha ha ha. So with that said, if you just want to go ahead and change the stock buttons and stick with quality parts that are interchangeable with brawl stick, go with Sanwa or Semimitsu parts. You mod time will be less than an hour.

Oh yeah… the brawl stick button layout is different from the SE and TE stick so if you’re planning on putting in a PS360 PCB be mindful that P1,P2,K1and K2 are just like the SE and TE but P3,P4,K3 andK4 are not and you will have to look at your board on the stick to see which wire goes where. You can not go by the vid thats on focus attach site youwill have your buttons all mixed up LOL. But its a great vid for the whole setup.

Mind taking a few pictures of the inside/outside of your stick? Always liked Happs but didn;t know if they could fit or not.

I’ve mentioned it in other threads already, but this stick is currently $30 on Amazon.

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Yeah, the price on Amazon was the main reason I was checking it out.

Great starter stick. Please read the stickies.

I did, I started reading through the replies too. I just wanted to see what people thought of it because I couldn’t find many people discussing it in the main threads.

Then you really weren’t reading the stickied threads, as it’s all laid out plainly there.

The price went up to $50 bucks now.

The carrier of the $30 ones had it listed that they were ordering more.

Yeah No problem man. As soon as I get home I’ll take pics of it and post. I have a plexi bottom so you can see the inside pretty good. I have 2 of them. I plan on putting a sparky in one and changing the graphics Im a big Guilty Gear fan and want to have a Venom stick or a Honda Stick LOL. Thoses are my favs in

Good I’ll buy it if they return it to $30 bucks again otherwise I’ll wait till my next check. Just bought the SCV Hori stick for $100 on Newegg earlier today.

Man if you have a gamestop in your area go there and see if they have one. Its only $19.99. Hell I have 2 and plan on going 15miles away to the other gamestop and pick up the last one there.

I do but there’s no brawl sticks in a 100 mile radius from me otherwise I would in a heartbeat. :frowning:

Image want show so I just put up a link for you man. I have about 5 pics inside and out. If you need more let me know. I tried to show the thickness of the plexi and a pic that shows a gap between the case and the plexi. I also show the PS360 and I kept the original 360 usb because I like the breakaway cable because I have kids LOL. My soldering is not the best so I just split a B usb to the original 360’s.
hope this helps.

Interesting. So buttons work, just got to give it some extra clearance. What about the joystick?

Yeah just a little clearance and as you can see not much. As for the stick, I have not tried yet. I should tried this within the next 2 weeks or so. My only biggest problem with the stick wwas the microswitch pcb board. on the Happ’s there’s no pcb boad so I was WTF ha ha but I found this microswitch harness that does not need a pcb board. I should be ordering it this weekend, or at the latest next week. I think my problem will the whole layouts but they should be a plate that I can use to line up the wholes. I’ll keep you posted man.

Hey Fobio you may want to try this spring out first man.
this will make your stick really stiff much stiffer than what Im doing right now which is putting a Seimitsu LS-55 Replacement Spring inside the spring that came with my stick. That mod did help alot but Im thinking about trying the 9lb spring hell its only 1.25. They also have some that are not as still like their 3lb and 6lb one so I may just get all 3 to see the difference. I may still buy the Happ stick alone with the .187 harness so Im looking at with shipping around 33.00.

It’s back to $30 now.