Thoughts on the effect of SFxT

I’ve been thinking for a while about this. About where the fighting game community is going to turn next Tuesday - will it just expand or if it’s going to shrink. Is SFxT going to take attention away from all the Mahvel hype, or maybe even the SSF4AE2012? Do you think players are going to sit on the games they’re at right now, or will the community switch over to the new stuff and let the old stuff dry out?

Personally, I think some attention will be taken away from SF, but Marvel will still have its competitors. I don’t think it will happen the other way around.

I don’t think there’ll be much overlap between SFxT and Marvel, but SF4 will probably die down quite a bit. There’s just no room for two major footsie games, and SFxT seems to be easily the more fun/hype out of the two.

SFxT owns because it’s worse than the games before it and a lot of people are going to play it and then the next game is going to be even worse and people are still going to play it

It’s literally impossible for there to be a Capcom fighting game bad enough that it isn’t played as a main game at Evo, and it owns

I eagerly await the regression of the genre back unto Yie Ar Kung Fu - complete with American sticks, and the 2P with the broken f.

… Truth.

Cough, Capcom Fighting Jam, cough.

This game is so notorious. I must find it and experience it.

the better game will be played by the people who matter to that game and to whom that game matters.

a bunch of people flocking to a game doesn’t mean any is better than one or the other.

People who loved Sf won’t leave it, if Sf x tekken is worse than sf the people who were good at sf will stick to it.

people who were good at marvel 2 stuck to it.
people who were good at 3s stuck to it.

You can’t bitch about low numbers and bitch about “scrubs” it literally makes no sense.

i mean post-sf4 c’mon

But… this precludes SF4 - c’mon. :confused:

eh, mario kart ds @ EVO 2k6 wasn’t that much better even though its not a capcom fighter.

EVO just seems tainted due to its affiliations with sony and capcom now so its like EVO is forced into positions where they have to run some “bad” games or bad ports in order to make friendly with those affiliations where as several times in the past, EVO was for the players even going so far as to supply cabinets for games just to keep the tournament standard.

over the last 3 years for marvel, we had to play on some really bad ports. ps3 mvc2 was ass, ps3 mvc3 is garbage and ps3 umvc3 is ass garbage. The amount of frame dropping or frame rate issues for mvc3 on ps3 is insane that it doesn’t even come close to a tournament standard. Would be the equivalent of playing ccc2 for ST championships again.

EVO has had some bumps in the road and some are bigger than others. However, EVO has done way more good than harm. Just unhappy about a few things that’s all. EVO used to use mvc2 cabs to enforce the authenticity of what we were doing and now we just play on shit ports that no tournament player would op to play on which honestly makes me sad.

TvC got dropped from Evo after one appearance. My heart sank with that one.

i blame the lame ass ports to capcom, and not the ps3, only sf4 and mvc3 series have “real” issues, while the ports of other games performe equally on both consoles
capcom being lazy on how they do their ports doesnt speak about the tournament quality of a console you know
also, evo using ps3 has to do about the quality and longevity of the consoles at the begining of this generation plus the compatibility of the sticks and other stuff, at least from the begining

It wasn’t that bad, the T-rex was good

I’m more worried about SFxT taking people from KOFXIII, IIRC Skullgirls is being released the same day?

Skullgirls is releasing in the same month*

No one knows the day.

SFxT is at the very least, better than SFIV.

wich it doesnt say much if you ask me