Thoughts on evo location?

I know this is kind of late, but i didn’t see a thread for everyone to give their comments on the location of evo. I really felt Cal Poly Pomona was a great place to hold it this year. It had all the advantages of UCLA and none of the disadvantages. The room was large with air conditioning. The rug on the ground made it comfortable to sit on. Food was accessible. Parking was all right. I say hold it at Cal Poly again next year.

hell yeah. i liked the location a lot.

real nice setup inside the ball room, and outside there was a lot of space for socialization, which was dope.

evo2k4 = cal poly

yeah it was perfect but the freakin hot weather sucked. I got a tan just driving ther:lol: :smiley: But overall very nice. But i say next year in the finals dont put chairs. SO everybody can just sit on the ground.

Cal Poly was a great location for Evolution except for the scalding hot water that came out of the sinks in the bathroom next to the ballroom. It would have been nicer if all those restaurants downstairs were open then. Since I drove there, it was no problem for me to get food but I’m sure it might have been a concern for others.

Was it just me or did the air conditioning shut off on Friday night? I was in Marvel pool 9 so I was there until pretty late and it was hot in the ballroom.

do it somewhere in europe :wink: i can come too then :wink:

It was great. Y’all gotta convince Cal Poly to open the food court on the weekend though.

ya, it didnt stink.

perfect location, should be there every year!


Other than that though…100% perfect.

I may be biased because I go to Cal Poly, but PLEASE have it here again next year!!! Seriously I had an obscenely good time and the ballroom was a great place to have it. As for the restaurants downstairs, they’re open now, if that’s any consolation now. The student union, where the ballroom is at, is basically brand new, and none of the restaurants downstairs opened up until school started in fall. As for getting them to stay open on the weekend, I dont think it would take very much convincing, seeing as how they would make a ridiculous amount of money.

u goto poly? what games do u play

i also agree w/ qwazy … evo2k4 = cal poly

evo2k4 - other place than CA.

think we need move evo to Northern California. Evo is set up by Northern California players and I’m sure they would like to see it in their backyard

i thought cal poly was perfect, although it was my first year coming to evolution. my only complaint would be the food situation on campus. when all the places shut down for the weekend, i lived off of the vending machines and the mexican food truck (bacon cheeseburgers and fries for breakfast and dinner:D).

then when my cab took me back to the airport, i passed all the fast food places and i thought, “hey, i could’ve walked here!” and i asked everybody with carl jr’s or wherever else where they got it and nobody ever knew:lol:

evo2k4 should be at cal poly again.

Where was Cal Poly located at???

Probubly not in Colorado Skyler…thats fer sure, LOL.

I was thinking just a one time thing maybe some where on the east coast or southeast maybe here.

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Evo/B needs to come back to the bay area, but if you can’t find a great deal in the bay, La is okay.

that’s why they have the ECC…right? for the east coast…
evo/B is the west coast national…:stuck_out_tongue:
sorry, no-go.:wink:

Cal coly seems to get alot of praise so ya ill say cal poly too. ill be there next year

  • dream location * las vegas. heh…too good. gaming and gambling and women and all the cool shi… ( stops to drool ) :wink: