This is why the FGC is headed nowhere

Fucking retarded shit like this.

Pretty dumb, but it’s just a facebook group.

No one cares about that shit.

Yea think about it…

…it’s on Facebook. Let them keep it over there and away from those of us who don’t find coonery an acceptable way to conduct oneself.

yet some very active fighting game community members are part of that facebook group.

You can say a lot of shit about the “FGC”, but you can’t say it isn’t going places. If you start with rumors about Thomas Osaki in SoCal in the early '90s and draw a line to today… I’ll just say that it’s a pretty cool history, even if there have been some developments I don’t necessarily like.

Who gives a crap about what some turd said on Facebook?

let it go. who cares.

did your avatar join the group

As long as they’re just “active” members and not “prominent” members in a position to make any real decisions then I’m not gonna worry about it.

Don’t have a facebook. What happend


Also if we’re going to talk stupid & inappropriate for the fighting game community, and how to improve upon it. One aspect of it is the players themselves doing their part, and conducting themselves in a better manner…

Which leads me to that avatar of yours…

That was so harshly unfunny that laughed. :smiley:

Aww man!

These guys are a bad look for the FGC! :frowning:

We’ll never reach the point where every man must wear a suit and tie to events
and women have to wear victorian style dresses.

We’ll never be accepted by general society. EVER! Thanks to these ignoramus’ :sad:

Its a facebook group for “niggus and sluts” who are into fighting games.

Personally, my favourite comment on the page was

Useless thread is useless

Its a group,…people putting as much interest in it as you, are what makes things bigger than they are.

Make a facebook group for people who disapprove of their group.

Beat them on their own turf.

Then post about it so we can tell you how stupid that is too.

Going meta? I approve.

We should counter attack

Fighting Game League for Sirs and Madams

We’ll dress better and type less ignorant

It’s all my fault. I should have been practicing instead of typing smarmy jokes into SRK :frowning: I’m sorry guys

Who cares

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