This game is way too similar to SF4

So I played this game somewhat at a friend’s house a few days now and I can’t discard my first impression of this game that its essentially SSF4 with some ‘new’ mechanics slapped on (roll forward, chains, 2v2 battle and tag combos)

I’m not even talking about the copy and paste job of the SF4 characters.
I’m talking about all the (generally bad) game mechanics that make SF4 are still present in here.

Slow game speed,floaty jumps and long hitstuns
SF4 style links that start from c.lp clk, with plinking
Slow wake up and hardknock down based game just asking for safejumps/OS development
Invincible backdashes (again, OSs)
EX moves have invinc or armor
Even the new hold a move thing resembles FADC somewhat. (lol @ hold it as long as lvl3 focus and only a ex move comes out in this game)

Anything more? I can’t think off the top of my head but this is what I noticed first day.
I enjoy SSF4 for what it is but this game feels way too like the same game, like SSF4 2 w tag team or something.
Can Ono really not make anything other than SF4?

Not really.

OP could probably play CvS2 and come up with a pretty similar post imo

Heres a list of reason why you make no damn sense:
You can juggle more than a couple of hits, in fact you juggle almost as long as you could in Tekken if you have the right team set-up.
More than half of the damn cast are new characters, and there are some that weren’t even in SF4 on the SF side.
You can charge special moves to get a free meterless EX or a meterless Super.
Every character has a magic series(L,M,H attacks) that can lead into either an EX move, a super, or a tag combo
Fucking gems, that change the way you play the game considerably depending on your set-up
Grabs don’t work unless your damn near clipping through the enemy, so you grab someone as soon as they jump over your head like in SF4
You can roll after you get knocked down, making it easier to get out of loops and traps
Pandora mode is a big difference.

And a couple other small things.

^And also, Ultra’s, Focus Attacks, and Dizzy’s aren’t here either; those all together make a *huge *difference.

I wouldn’t be playing as much if it played like SF4. So no.

Not at all! When I first got this game I was trying to play like I did in SF4. I was getting my ass served on a platter.

Obviously op hasn’t played anything before SF4, if you are going to compare this to anything hell it is more similar to CvS. With that being said this game is pretty good and is way better in my opinion then SF4.


I agree. I havent played much comapred to most, but I probably already played more than SFIV. I do feel that the game is very stiff, even stiffer than IV, and visually I’m disappointed with the reuse of all the SFIV assets. Visuals, such as goofy Ken, and ape Ryu are a major turn off.

You can jump for free in this game.

I tried to play Bison how I do in SF4, I definitely got my ass kicked. Had to take him off my team entirely, because he just isn’t the same.

It’s very similar to SF4…actually, it’s nothing like SF4. It’s far better. I have a feeling you were doing badly at this game and wanted to come to this forum for someone to make you feel better by agreeing with you that this game is like SF4 and use that as your excuse. Unfortunately, not a single other person on God’s green earth has said that this game is even remotely similar to SF4 save maybe the moves and some character models. However, the ways these moves work are completely different than SF4 so even that is pushing it.

So okay, it’s looks like SF4. That’s about it.

You should play this game I heard about.EDIT: Actually play either of the games you discussed and you will find that you’re quite off-base.

When you first pick it up you’ll stick to what you know but after a few days you’ll quickly realize that this game is vastly different from SF4.



It’s exactly like street fighter 4. Minus a lot of bullshit of course. I’m doing block strings without the worry of a mashed dp. OSs are less of a thing, oh and no comeback factor is great… I’ve had my hands on the game a little early(2 days), I use Ken/ryu for that familiar ground. I’m having great success, the game comes naturally easy because I play it like street fighter. With that I can’t disagree that it’s just like ssf4, but with all the new editions and the subtractions of a lot of the features I hate in ssf4 it is a fun and much better game. Just my opinion.

Yeah how DARE they copy/paste the SF characters that we have all loved and played for 25 years now! This is an outrage! STOP PUTTING SF CHARACTERS IN A SF GAME!!

Wow this is a stretch and not just of your ass this time.

You can’t blame people for being upset for paying mad money for sf4. SF4 $60, SSF4 $40, SSF4AE $40, and NOW SSF4AE with tekken characters and chain combos for noobs $60. That’s $200 spent on SF4 without DLC content I’m sorry but thats outrages.

It is not. Much better than SFIV. BTW SRK 24.7 needs to switch it up.