They need to Fix Mega Man X

If you compare X to characters like Zero, Dante and Chris. X definitely does not truly feel iconic to what he does in his games. He just doesn’t have the same quality as the others.

1 Move while charging. This is core essence of Mega Man X games and Mega Man in general. His not move while charging is fast, we get it. But could you also add a slower move while charging charge similar to Zero’s… or should I say X is actually the pioneer of it but you just made Zero have it and not X.

2 Charge Moves… another thing you made Zero steal from X. Zero has never been able to do Charged moves. This was iconic to X only during his Armors. Yet in MVCI, you can’t charge X’s moves for alternate versions and there you have Zero who can Charge his moves for alternate extensions of his moves.

3 Huge Arsanel. X has always been portrayed in his games as a power house similar to Dante’s huge moves. In every single one of his games, X had 8 Maverick Weapons, 8 Chargable versions of them. Yet here in MVCI, he has like 4 weapons only. Not to mention you could have atleast added a Thunder move like Triad Thunder or Lightning web. Dante and Zero both complete their Fire, Ice, Thunder collection not to mention both of them have multiple Ice and Thunder moves. Yet you didn’t even give X a single one. Moreover he should have atleast 6 Maverick Weapons and Chargable versions of them seeing that you gave Zero like 8 in his normal gameplay and 2 as his Hypers.

4 Level 1 Hypers are plain Lazy. His SWR is just plain lazy and again something totally uniconic and random that he has never done in the games. This is just so random I can’t even begin to explain. Like what is this hyper anyway? It’s just a lazy projectile spam and defintely a rushed Hyper.

5 His charge shot Level 1, another odd choice for Hyper. So like Zero moveset wise does a full charge shot without any Hyper guages. Sure I get it, X’s is more powerful, but it would be better had you replaced this with some Beam Super or Giga Attack or atleast have X change to Ultimate Armor or 4rth Armor from X4 as he did this while changing the move name to Nova Shot to atleast make it look impactful for that 1 meter usage.

6 While I’ve already mentioned this, X’s Armor form brings nothing but slightly increased projectile size on his Maverick weapons and charge shot. Having chargable moves here would have given the transformation more meaning. Look at Zero, Dante and Morrigan’s transformations. Dante has new moves plus damage up on everything he does during it, Zero has Double attacks for double damagea and significantly increased combo potential, Morrigan has dual side mix up double attacks.

7 His Level 3 should have been a dash connect. Instead it would seem Capcom couldn’t even afford to make a Dash animation which would connect into the Hyper and decided to reuse the regular Armor transformation animation for this with some lazy barrier to connect into. He’s supposed to dash, he has never done Nova Strike in games by connecting barriers. Look at Dante’s Level 3… starts with his iconic Stinger move, Zero’s is his iconic Genmu Zero slash, Ryu’s is his iconic Shin Shouryuken gut punch connect, Morrigan is her iconic dash. Why can’t X have what is iconic to him too?

And just explain to me one last thing. What’s with this Zero stealing X’s moves thing you have going on?

First you make him the main rep in UMVC3 without a Mega Man.

Second you make him have move while charging and not X when Zero is supposed to be more about slashing only.

Third, you gave Zero his Giga Attack on Level 1 while X got what? A Charged shot.

And Fourth, you went even further and gave Zero X’s chargable moves gameplay which is supposed to be X’s only.

Whats next? Vergil with Guns and Rocket Launchers? Firebrand with Arthur’s Lance moves? Juri with Ryu’s Hadouken and Shouryukens?

I am sorry Capcom, but X looks rushed and totally not true to his iconic moves. The only thing going for him right now is to have an Armor change and Ultimte Armor in his Level 3. And some weapons from his games. But that’s about it. The Level of detail regarding a character’s iconess found in Dante, Zero and all the others simply isn’t found here with random moves thrown in instead.

Fchamp said he’s S tier “support”

That lightning web part. That made me want X to have a wall climb like on his games, and setting up a lighning web would let you climb them too.

I agree. There’s SO much more they could’ve done with him. He should easily have a moveset that rivals UMVC3 Dante’s, if not even bigger than that.

He should have several different armor installs, each with their own abilities. He should have shitloads of special weapons from all eight of his main games, like Spin Wheel, Tornado Fang, Triad Thunder, Soul Body, Storm Tornado, Lightning Web, Goo Shaver… the list goes on. And with his armor abiltiies he should be able to charge them up to do even more things with them.

Instead of any actual hypercombos that directly damage the opponent, instead I would give him three different Armor Installs. The Second Armor, Fourth Armor and Ultimate Armor (level 3).

This is how I would change him:


[] All armor sets allow him to charge up his special weapons.
] All his special weapons require meter.
[*] All his armors last indefinitely, but can be destroyed if the enemy lands a combo greater than 10 hits.

Special abilities:
[] Can cling to the “wall” (the side of the screen) and slide down it slowly.
] Special weapons can be selected and mapped to a special input, making them ready to fire at a moment’s notice. Can only equip one at a time, obviously. Each ability is represented by a small icon next to X’s meter, and all of them require meter.
[] Lightning Web: Shoots out a web-shaped projectile that functions the same as MODOK’s barrier move. Creates a small impassable wall that can be jumped over or destroyed by a hypercombo.
] Storm Tornado: shoots out an elongated tornado-like projectile.
[] Tornado Fang: shoots out a group of missiles that travel slowly across the screen.
] Triad Thunder: shoots out a triangle of electric orbs that surround X and arc lightning between themselves before shooting them outwards in three directions.
[] Soul Body: shoots out a phantom image of X that mimics his every action, acting like a mirror image of him.
] Spin Wheel: shoots out a spiked blade that travels slowly along the ground. In the corner it will also travel up the side of the screen.
Second Armor’s abilities:
[] Helmet’s “Secret Tracker” ability sends out a targeting reticule. If it hits the opponent, their controls get input lag for a short time, as X is able to read their movements quicker.
] Chest’s “Giga Crash” ability allows him to activate an explosive “burst” that fills the screen. It can be used to hit the opponent from full-screen and nullify all projectiles on-screen. It can also be used while he is being hit with an enemy combo to break their combo. Can only be used once and instantly downgrades him to normal armor.
[] Arms can fire two consecutive fully charged shots. The first shot would only fire upon releasing a button, but the button does not need to be held for the second shot, which can be fired at a moment’s notice with another button press. The second shot is much more powerful and has a small ring of fireballs around it that each do their own hits on the opponent.
] The Legs grant him an eight-way air dash.

Fourth Armor’s abilities:
[] Helmet allows him to use meterless special weapon attacks.
] Chest allows him to spend meter on the Nova Strike ability, an invincible rushing attack.
[] Arms allow him to fire a “plasma charge shot” when fully charged, which is a much larger buster shot that leaves a stationary glowing orb of plasma on the screen which can do continuous damage to the opponent.
] Legs give him a flight mode.

Ultimate Armor’s abilities (level 3):
[] Only lasts for 30 seconds, but the timer can be paused if he is swapped out.
] All the armor abilities of the second and fourth armor are combined and require no meter.
[] Nova Strike ability can be done as many times as he wants.
] Reduces damage taken by 50%.

See if they gave him all this shit, he’d be extremely fun to play and I’d be so hyped for him. I’d consider dropping my personal “big bodies only” policy just to play him.

Capcom definitely botched X’s move set; hoping the other Maverick attacks are paid DLC.

Joking aside, where’s my Shotgun Ice? Where’s my Strike Chain? Storm Tornado? Where’s my fucking Soul Body? I feel like they chose some pretty fucking weak choices for Maverick abilities here.

Stop hating on Zero, though, that’s some whack shit. That beautiful, blonde robot deserves everything he gets.

Couldnt even give my man a Ride Armor install.

Maybe they are saving that for Vile ($6.99).

X’s design seems to be tailor made to fit the game’s system. Buster follow ups are the perfect active tag “assist” moves. Hp follow up seems perfectly designed for setting up resets.

Basically, his design is more about making an X/Zero team very viable.

So basically, being zeros bitch?

I’m surprised, I thought you of all people would be all about making him crazy and fun instead of stifling his potential just to make him a glorified assist character.

I didn’t state an opinion. All I did was point out what the idea behind his design is.

Do you even care?

His moveset isnt bad, but whoever designed his moveset is lazy. Same as viewtiful joe in mvc3, capcom doesnt give it their all when designing these movesets. Sometimes youll fet awesome movesets Dante, sometimes youll get a viewtiful joe who doesnt play anything like he does in his games. They have now passion pr respect for these characters.

Mega Man in Smash 4 had more thought and love put into him than X gets in his own company’s premiere crossover fighter…

X was also treated better in Project X-Zone.

Par for the course from Capcpom.

Smash 4 megaman sucks.

I disagree.

At the very least, he moves, looks, sounds, and plays like Mega Man.

You can even barely tap on the stick and get him to do the little foot shuffle from the NES games.

They should think about fidelity to the source before thinking about a role in the game.

While I’m not on board with how X is represented here, I have to disagree with this sentiment. He has to be tailored to fit into the system and that means putting him into some kind of role. It isn’t designed to be pure, unfiltered fan service; it’s a fighting game and there are requirements to meet and roles to fill.

Otherwise you end up with a bunch of Arthurs and we all know how FUN and USEFUL he is in MvC3.

X pewpew in his games, he should pewpew on MVCI. Let fate decide his usefulness.

EDIT: Actually, if X could just charge his buster while moving, he would be alot more fun for me. Right now, if you do his buster in the air and lands, you lose the charge.

Hes faithful but most of his moves are unsatisfying to land aside from his charged side smash. His normals and air normals are either shitty or lame. Sure he has a lot of special weapons but they feel like youre using a toy version of them. Also, fuck them for using shitty baby megaman instead of the later design that they used for the official art. Back on topic to x and mvci, capcom had a chance to dovsomething awesome with X, all they had to do was just give him the 4th armor and chargable special weapons that did mad damage. The x1 armor hardly feels like a powerup.

Oh my god, who fucking cares, it’s Marvel. Yours is the most cancerous and idiotic mentality I’ve ever heard, I really hope fighting game developers NEVER listen to people like you.

A character being fun is WAY more important than whether or not he is “competitively viable”. And these things are not mutually exclusive either. People who care about the character will find the tools to use him. Giving him stuff to play around with from his platforming games gives him the potential do shake up the game in new and interesting ways. Making him fun and giving him lots of tools from his games pays tribute to the fans who care about the games that these characters are from, who create a huge fan culture around these characters with fanart, cosplay, music remixes and those sorts of things. That’s how it should be, not just catering to idiots like FChamp who merely see the characters as utilities for making money off eSports bullshit.

I’d much rather have a roster full of Arthurs than a roster full of Vergils.