They need to Fix Mega Man X

You care more about the fanservice than the character actually being good.

Yeah, because MM totally wasn’t in EVO Grand Finals last year…

If you’re true to the character, they’ll be good out of utility due to the massive amount of attacks the Mega Man characters have access to.

Yes, and he’s a better person than you for it.

“Wanting game characters to be fun? HA! You’re such a faggot dude!”

Having a Landry list of moves won’t guarantee utility. Dante has most of his moves from DMC3 and only a handful of them get any use.

That’s on the players for being uncreative and copycat as fuck. All this “optimization” shit has turned everyone into a goddamned robot.

Remember when you could look at Valle’s Ryu and how it was different from Choi’s, that was different from Daigo’s? No one develops their own style anymore, the just copy what everyone else does.

Dante is a character that screams creativity, yet every Dante does the same shit… Then I look over at Smash 4, and no two Bayonetta players play alike… There’s the extremely patient and methodical Salem, the flashy and improvisational Captain Zack, the punishing Pink Fresh, and the hyper aggro JK.

If you’re not using all your characters moves, then you’re not really mastering your character.

Dante has moves that isn’t as good as some other ones and overlap in function. Why use killer bee over hammer when hammer can accomplish the same thing without using a ground bounce? Why use jam session over inferno when the latter has better options on follow-ups than the former? Why use Reverb Shock over Jetstream in a combo when jet has stronger corner carry? I’m not going to blame a player for wanting to go with the moves that will provide them the best options for what they are trying to accomplish.

I’ve seen a lot of different Dantes. From players who love to abuse helm breaker to control space, make heavily use of his teleport to open people up, zone with multi-lock, air play, missiles, reverb shock with it’s follow-ups and the lasers in his devil trigger mode.

I think Megaman is just a victim of circumstance. In TvC we had Zero and Volnutt, in MvC3 we had Zero due to complications with Megaman, by that time Zero had adopted X’s role and while different, they would have ended up being like the Ryu and Ken of Marvel. Two buster charging, command dashing characters. But remember nothing is final and the demo builds are old. I played every location build of MvC3 during development (bar the E3 build) and I can’t count the amount of times and things that changed with Dante and Trish. Fingers crossed.

Who cares if the laundry list of moves doesn’t guarantee utility, the point is they have them and are thus fun to play.

Yeah, I wouldn’t want Ride Armor to be part of X’s repertoire. That’s more of a Vile thing.

But it doesn’t matter, this game is stillborn.

Megaman can’t catch a break…

Hasn’t Zero stole his spot light? It would be like the Ryu and Ken of Marvel, two buster charging command dashing characters.

Honestly, some of the posts here are starting to get really scrubby.

To quote from the good book.

As Dr. Light would say, X has “limitless potential” in his moveset. I agree, X doesn’t need a plethora of moves like Dante or Zero to represent his likeness from his series.
But from the demo, X falls in the All-Around archetype, and he could use a bit of tinkering from both a player and spectator perspective and I kept that in mind when creating that image above.

d3v once again reminds everyone that he is a man made of straw.

No one ever said “competitive play isn’t fun” you moron. We said that fun should always be the primary focus. Stifling a character’s potential of being a fantastic fanservice character and reducing him to a single utilitarian role is not fun. If you consider yourself ABOVE the concept of “fun”, you have no business playing video games at all.

For example, Haggar gets picked only for his lariat assist. He doesn’t get picked because people want to use him on point. Indeed he has no real tools to fight against most of the cast on his own and gets hard countered the majority of the cast becase of his lack of tools. It’s not fun to play as him on point, regardless of whether you’re a casual or competitive player. Is this getting through to you yet?

Re-read the stuff that was quoted. The stuff I’m calling scrubby seems to be basically saying that optimizing and playing to win isn’t fun. Yet as the Sirlin quotes point out this can be quite fun for players at that level.

We’re not above the concept of fun. It’s just that our concept of fun is different.

You call what I said scrubby because I said everyone doing the same “optimized” combos is boring and kills games.

Look at SFV, and tell me what is everyone’s main complaint, from pros down to “scrubs”…

“Everyone plays the same and does the same combos over and over.”

There’s nothing to explore, nothing to experiment with, because Capcpom streamlined everyone so damn much, there’s nothing to do other than learn the same 3-4 combos and a couple of corner set ups.

No one is really afforded the opportunity to create their own voice with a character, because there’s only one “right” way to play them.

Even a combo god like Desk doesn’t really do much with the game, it’s so stifling to creativity.

That’s where true growth and longevity comes from- When you can take a character into training, push their limits and create something no one has ever seen before.

Oh please, stop trying to spin this in your favor when your past posting history has multiple examples of scrubby posts. Heck, one of your posts was complaining about optimization regarding a character with a large, diverse moveset - Dante. Optimization happens, regardless of whether a character has small moveset, or a large one.

And let’s not downlplay the fact that a lot of SFV’s problems are due to the system and hitbox design, not the characters movesets. Lord knows some characters actually gained more in the move to SFV (compare SFV Chun to 3S Chun. I’d blame shitty hitboxes, juggle potential (which was a horrible juggle mechanic in IV and is still horrible in V), and crush counter more than any specific movesets. In the meantime, creativity is something MvC:I’s engine has in spades. To use your own example against you, just look at how many videos desk has been able to put out just from the story demo.

EDIT: For the record, I don’t care either way what they do about X’s moveset since he’s not a character I’m looking to play. However, scrubby shit needs to be called out.

X in infinite is designed to be a zoning character who can help rushdown characters (or other zoners ironically) for crazy mixups. Its no wonder that Zero goes best with X. Also, Boomerang Cutter is OP as shit in infinite, as well as Frost Shield.

X feels super limited/rushed compared to Zero.

In the MMX series, Zero was supposed to be the melee character while X is supposed to be a long range/keep away fighter.

How does Zero have a sword AND a better buster?

Heres what X should have:

1.Charged specials
Being able to charge your specials is one of the defining features of the X series. Its what separates Mega Man from X.

  1. Plasma buster shot and/or stored 4 shots
    I was almost certain that Capcom would include his plasma shot from X4 and up, yet Capcom disappoints. How the fuck does Zero have a better buster in almost nearly every way possible?

  2. Better air mobility
    Specials should be air okay and X should be able to move when charging his buster. He should also have Zero’s command air dash cuz why the fuck not? If Capcom really want to differentiate X from Zero, give him his Mega Man X4 flight mode and/or his air dash up from Mega Man X3. I would also give him some type of wall cling as its one of the other defining features of the X series.