These Colors Don't Play Keepaway: Captain America General

“During WWII, a covert military experiment turned scrawny Steve Rogers into a super-soldier. With strength, leadership, and a Vibranium shield, he fought for freedom as Captain America! Presumed dead towards the end of the war, he was found frozen in ice decades later and awoke into a different era. Having already been thrust into a new world, he may be the least fazed by the fusion of our universes.”

Vitality: 10,000








Does his dp have frame 1 invincibility in this game?

Both LP and HP S&S have gone straight through every hitbox I’ve thrown at them on wakeup. Jeda’s wheel, Iron-Man’s Proton Cannon, Hulk’s gamma charge, and his meaty charge punch.

I am currently torn between running Hulk/Hawkeye with him anyone have a preference and why ?

I’m playing Cap and Hulk so far.

This might be the dumbest “setup” in the history of fighting games but try this: do Hulk’s Gamma Crush and immediately tag in Captain America, then go for a cartwheel crossup while Hulk is coming down with the rock. works online at least haha

any good bnb’s yet?

I think this guy has the right idea:

This is good start! something to build off of for sure. Need to keep that information flowing.

Amazing looking Bnb~ Can someone put the button sequence for this combo? Im dropping the combos still and feel like i am missing a command


Charging star super doesn’t seem to be projectile invulnerable frame 1 anymore

Combo 1:
j.HK, c.LK, HP, HK, f.HP, Shield Slash H, f.HP, Shield Slash L, f.HP, d.HP, sj.LK, sj.HP, sjf.HK, sj.HK, (dash) c.LK, HP, Charging star H, HCS / Unyielding Justice.


  1. You can drop the first c.LK for more damage, I just included it as a potential high / low mixup if the opponent blocks the jump.
  2. After the first Shield slash H you can f.LK, shield slash L for forward movement, it makes some parts easier at the cost of damage (50-ish damage IIRC)
  3. If you’re having trouble connecting sjf.HK to sj.HK you can actually drop sjf.HK but lose out on a little over 100 damage.

Combo 2:
j.HK, c.LK, HP, HK, f.HP, Trick Shield L, LP, HP, c.HP, sj.LP, sj.LK, sj.LK, sj.HP, sjf.HK, (double jump) sj.LK, sj.HP, sj.HK, LK, HP, Charging Star H, HCS / Unyielding Justice


  1. c.LK is once again optional if you already got a hit.
  2. After Trick Shield you can actually just do cf.HP, cf.HP (launches) for more damage and possibly easier timing.
  3. After launching, sj.LP and/or sj.LK can both be omitted if you time it right and get the right jump height, you get another 60-ish damage if you do.
  4. Instead of Charging Star H you can do Charging Star L into Hyper Stars and Stripes for more consistent damage (as HCS is height dependent)

I did see those other combos with the air shield slashes but I can’t get the short hop input consistently. and grounded shield slash combo seems to do more damage. The air combos are more like something you’d need for confirming off an air hit.

Slight variation to corner combo, arguably easier with consistently higher damage. HCS version requires Charging Star L whereas lvl 3 require Charging Star H.

The short hop combos are a little more open ended so they leave room for adjustments like going for a double HCS if you choose to. The grounded shield slash is easier but follows a set pattern as hitstun maxes out pretty quickly. Both have pros and cons from what I’ve seen.

Thx yo! nothing like the fighting game community!

Quick question: For both combo 1 & 2, do you need that jump H Kick? what if you replace that with LP instead for easier hit confirm

You don’t need the j.HK starter. is plus on block. If they advance guard it, you can cancel into shield slash tag for some nice pressure

Also been trying to lab cap a little more
Alternative bnb, mainly for Rocket. I have a few more theory combos based on this but it’s not forming together, hopefully someone can figure something out. I’m also considering stitching all the videos together and sending it to SRK to hopefully get front page and have more people build off them.

That’s a really dirty mixup, I need to steal that.