There should be a Melee and SSB section

Um, why aren’t there forum sections under thew “Super Smash Bros.” link for the Original SSB and Melee? This just doesn’t make much sense.

Unless the General idea is that most already know what there is to know about those games, since they were released a while back.

And still, almost the entire site is devoted to street fighter, a series that, hasn’t produced a true sequel in a decade and some change.(Which will change February 19th of this year, when SF4 comes out, even though its an interquel.)

And I’m not trying to infuriate, or “troll”. I simply think this issue needs to be brought to light.

*Just checked the smiley section of the post editor. It seems that there are now SF special move notation smilies now! Yaaaaay!! :clapdos:

there’s a brawl section as it a new game was in Evo last year.
There isn’t/wasn’t much interest in melee for the most part and there was deemed no real need for a melee section

Still dont get why melee didn’t get its own board when it was at Evo. Oh well.

cause srk was barely interested in melee…it was amazing enough that brawl got as much interest as it did.

While I would like a place to discuss Melee that isn’t Smashboards, I don’t think it’ll ever happen.

The reason there isn’t a melee section is because SRK is worried smash board member will flock to these forums and “taint” them. That’s my best guess. I wish they would realize not all smashers are dicks =\

there’s not enough interest on this board for a melee section. and, the brawl section use to have character specific subforums, but they’ve since then consolidated them. Just to give you an idea how much we care about smash.

This forum is called shoryuken, hence street fighter.

I am surprised there is even a Brawl section. Not only are people not interested here, there is not even a real reason to have one since there is Smashboards. I don’t see some fighters in the strategy section which would have more interest here than Brawl, but they also have dedicated sites to them.

It is sorta strange to have a “Smash Bros” section without Melee, but that is just how it rolls here.

well the main reason this was created was for 2008’s EVO championships, where Brawl was a featured game. It’s since been removed from the lineup.

Well they didn’t have Brawl in the line up this year (not surprised) they need to make a rule set people can agree on or get rid of it in my opinion. I know Evo is largely to do with SRK, but I don’t see why they don’t agree with the rule sets use, I mean it comes from experience with the game that the rules are made same with Street Fighter. I suggest they look into Brawl+ regardless if its a Brawl mod.

The difference is Street Fighter is competitive out of the box. There is a clear default settings meant for one on one play. In all the Smash Bros, even though it was possible to play one on ones, it wasn’t exactly balanced for that in mind. In Melee, it was a miracle it turned out the way it did with all the rules and stuff that needed to be changed for a game that wasn’t meant to be played that way in the first place.

Ok so Brawl comes out, SRK, being used to arcade fighters which are made for one on ones and “competition” in mind, think that the default settings need to be tested out before ruling anything out. The Smash players on the other hand, remember all the things that needed to be changed in Melee, saw the similarities in Brawl, and therefore decided to go with basically a Melee like ruleset. You can see why SRK did not want to go with the rules.

Melee may not be in EVO/MLG anymore, but people still play it. I’d like to discuss it in a place that isn’t Smashboards as well. Don’t say AiB because its practically only Brawl talk there.

I say a poll should be taken or something. If that already happened, then damn I guess I missed out.

Ahh, melee the only reason I bought a cheap gamecube aster selling my wii

i hear wii’s can also play melee. it’s only a myth, though.

Only if you hack it.

honestly, a melee section on srk would be as dead as the brawl section.
there is virtually no chance of it happening unfortunately.

and yea the wii plays gamecube games, but that should be common knowledge i hope

Don’t worry, it is… to most.

I still frequent Smashboards mostly for the regional boards, so discussing Melee there isn’t a problem. I just don’t want people to get the impression that Melee is dead, cuz it isn’t. Far from it actually.


my wii plays melee fine, haven’t used it for anything else for about 3 months