There should be a Melee and SSB section

I definitely agree that there should be a separate forum for Melee and Original SSB. I know I’m new here, but all three games are very different from one another in terms of character selection, game play, gaming mechanics techniques and and therefore should have different sections like the many off springs of Street Fighter.

Melee is much better than Brawl… I got a Wii for Brawl but it was such a letdown :frowning: It’s not very good for tournaments.

lol. I hope this post was a joke.

I agree with this. Would be sick to have a melee thread. Sadly, the player-interest argument we’d use to justify its creation would be non-existant on Shoryu. :frowning:

It’s too bad :confused:

there should be a melee sections because it’s actually a good tournament game

I kind of like it. Keeps Shoryuken on the cutting edge.

Umm how dya close a thread after it’s gotten kinda old?
Please don’t say "Become a moderator or a premium member, n00b,stfu!"
Or say what I just told ya not to say because you think it will make you look clever…

hi everyone

ive been playing smash bros for a while now but never really got into anything advanced. i usually dominate in this game because the people i play arent all that great. but recently i made some new friends that have competitions with melee. i played and didnt do so hot. i wasnt the worst and i did hold my own but there were a few people that were dominating. they only play melee and they are against playing brawl. which is unfortunate because brawl is the version i have at home.

so my question is, can i practice on brawl to learn melee? are the games similar at high level play? or is it kind of like learning mvc2 to get good at mvc1? because those two games are way different. anyways, hoping to get good enough to be at the top.

thanks in advance

brawl and melee are so different it’s ridiculous. buy a copy of melee for like 15 bucks and practice both.

This, and overall unlike brawl its just a good game.

Hell I would contribute.

Seeing as this board doesn’t get enough replies as is, I don’t see a need to split up the board.

Or make it a “both”/“all three” board.

Having it as for all the games allows for melee discussion to actually happen without splitting cause currently melee can’t be discussed around here literally. There exists a smash forum, so it can’t be in general fighters, but the only smash forum is Brawl, and melee is off-topic there.

I think we just need to get all the melee players to switch over to srk and flood their boards so theyll make one

you can try that man but all I know is Melee is barely surviving. Try to keep it alive, I like it way better than the unfinished game Brawl haha.

I think Melee should get its own thread. It shouldn’t even be called The Super Smash Bros Melee (SSBM) thread. I think it should just be called the Melee thread.

I honestly don’t see Melee dying until every copy of it dies/every GC and Wii dies. Even then, mayhaps the next Nintendo system will get hacked hard enough to be able to play the game on an external hard-drive like the current Wii. Nice.

I hope Brawl dies. I hope SF dies. I want GGXXAccentCore to be revived!

Amen to that LoOsh (cept for thrid strike)

If you mean on these boards then maybe i’m not sure how many people play melee here, if you mean competitively then defiantly not. Melee is huge in the US now as it has always been, other countries also have a following of melee that is only slightly below brawl in terms of numbers.

I would contribute to melee threads =)

well in CA in SoCal most melee tournaments I think have been getting 30 or less people. Maybe bigger tournaments have been getting more.