There is no Shortcut to Perfection! Dudley Indepth Matchup Discussion DAY 8: Rose

There is no Shortcut to Perfection! Dudley Indepth Matchup Discussion DAY 8:Rose

NOTE: This is my attempt to reorganize the Dudley boards, To better help each other out we can have indepth discussions on characters every day in order to help players have a better understanding of the matchups. Granted alot of this is going to be based of personal experiences of the players and how they feel that matchup is going. Each of these threads will be linked to a stickied master thread that will be easily accesed by players viewing this board. the main points that players would like to emphasize for players to understand the matchup will be edited into this post, therefore i will not be adding my own opinions until we get a discussion going So lets get on with it.

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indepth matchup discussion
DAY 8: AUG. 20th

Dudley vs. Rose

Tier list matchup
Dudley: 5 Rose: 5

Dudley Board Opinion Matchup

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Recommended Ultra:

No idea.

c. MP x Drill (is that the right notation for a cancel?) isn’t a true block string.
Her wakeup options are limited, I believe they are EX Drill and Ultras.

Her cr fp destroys all jump in attempts. C mp buffered to drill shuts out mid-range game ala ryu c mk hado…attempting to counter poke with c mk offers mixed results. S hk shuts the gentleman out at range. Ugh, one of duds worst matchups imo.

you can’t ultra 1
you can’t OS
counter poking with always is on her side
her ultra 2 gives a free wake up whenever she wants

Lk drill is a true block string, all the rest no…

repost from old matchup thread. Hopefully people see and understand this, this time.

Dudley V. Rose notes

The main problem I saw was having to block spirals all day so you can’t gain ground on her. So I went into training mode and I test out a few things.
The two main strings rose does into spiral are
cr.jab x 2, cr.short, cr.strong xx drill (usually rh) [S1]
cr.jab, cr.short, cr.strong xx drill (usually rh) [s2]

S1 is the biggest problem as on block it leaves you outside of range to punish it, there is nothing you can do as she is only -4 nothing you have will hit -4 from that far away. But luckily I found a few different solutions. If your midscreen you can either interrupt the string with an EX Jet Upper (ultra or super as well) or a well timed st.lp into lp machine gun blow (timing is tight for this but it works) finally if your sure they are going to do this (or your reactions are really good) you can block the crouching strong and do rh short swing blow which just barely dodges it and then hits her for good damage and possibly a cancel to super) If you are in the corner all these options work except the short swing blow. The st.jab is probably the most reliable since you can do it with same timeing even if she fireballs and not get hit, but its hard so practice it up!

s2 is much easier, while Im pretty sure you can interrupt it if she does rh drill, you can’t do it if she does lk drill, but hey thats all okay because unless they space it absolutely perfectly (doesn’t work with lk drill, I only did a few times with mk drill) you can always punish with st.jab, st.rh xx whatever or for the input challenged ex jet upper works.

Next annoying part is the slide! This move is fucking annoying as shit, even if you jump it on reaction you usually miss so you don’t get anything for it. If your around the range rose likes to do slide you can try and dance around its max range and st.fp the whiff, its hard but its the best option. If you block a far slide you can do cr.jab xx lp machine gun blow for some pressure, but its no always a guaranteed punish some ranges that move is super safe but if you read a cr.strong you can try and jump it or maybe it. If you block it mid range cr.jab, xx ducking into upper is good if you block it deep at all you can either go for a straight up rh or hit confirm cr.jab, st.rh. Finally super punishes slide on hit if they are too close as well as on block.

This match is super tough but without drill pressure hopefully some good stuff can come out.

Was watching Daigo vs a rose player match, and I noticed he punishes her slide everytime on block with DP.

Maybe the same can be said for Dudley’s DP? Or EX DP? Will test out later.

pretty sure ryu dp is 3 frame while dudley’s hp/ex dp is 4 frames…but it’s worth a shot.

Some questions about rose:

Does she have some special throw animation/frame that gives her goof priority?? Because it feels like her throws have a vacuum affect. O might be tripping so please educate me.

I found her slide is just downright decieving. What’s her frames on block or hit?

And what’s the best option against her u2? I try to bait it by lk empty duck so she blows it and I can block the orbs. It’s not uncommon knowledge to avoid wake up pressure when she has it.

I prefer u2 against her ( corkscrew ult ). I find that she recovers pretty fast from her fb’s)

Other than those comments it’s a hard for me to believe that this matchup is 5/5. Anyone can explain why its considered such?

She has one of the longer throw ranges so she can grab you further than you’d expect.

Her fireballs really dont recover fast they just come out in deceptive ways. Lp fireball from the right ranges is always duckable, hp fireball you can jump on reaction and hit her, she usually wont use that one unless your around full screen. Slide is -3 on hit which means anything 3 frames and faster punishes it, for dudley that means super. Of course if rose does it from the right range its safe but generally its not so if you have super stocked and she does a semi close slide you can punish it hit or block with reversal super. The important thing is to not try and force your way in. Try and play footsie game, punish fireballs, bait/punish drills and try to her if she trys to zone with anything else you can stand at the edge of it and jump, I haven’t tried counter hitting stuff wtih st.rh but I imagine that might work as well. The fight is weird but if you take away her drill pressure it seems better to me.

So from experience maining Rose and alt Dudley I can tell you that this matchup pretty much favors Rose imo.

Rose has a lot of normals that will keep Dudley out from mid-range and her lp fireball is slowwww. A good rose will slide at the right distance where it isn’t punishable and will throw Lp fireballs from long range so she can’t get punished by ducking or ultra 1. I strongly recommend U2 for Dudley in this matchup for that extra little something.

From a distance if a rose constantly tries to pressure you with mp x drill you can pretty much EX DP or ultra 2 in between mp and drill (if you can predict it right)

As for deal with U2 orbs. Just block. Seriously once you see Rose get U2 and you’re pressuring her then you should just not press any buttons and just block. I’ve seen Dudley’s actually hit me out of it randomly with lp mgb while i was walking up to them with orbs but that’s really really risky.

Overall this matchup really sucks for Dudley especially if Rose has U2 because it pretty much kills his wakeup game but it’s doable. Just push Rose into the corner and get the knockdown and get to work.

I remember doing that but I don’t remember if she was mashing something or as a counter hit or if it really did reverse it. I’ll try it tonight

I can’t really add much to this match up because I am pretty bad at it. But I do know that if you notice your opponent going immediately on the offensive with her Ultra 2 activation, EX jet upper will eat both orbs on hit. If she blocks it, then you take a lot of damage. I probably risk it and go for the DP too often in hopes of canceling her orbs, and don’t really advise this as a truly valid strategy, but I figure that it doesn’t hurt to be aware of the option. Generally I recommend to simply try and block correctly, but that isn’t always easy against a Rose that knows how to get those things to cross up in difficult positions.

ok so i played a pretty good rose yesterday and was able to win somehow. here’s what i remember:

-alot of s.hp alot of zoning
-i did not ever challenge the if i blocked one i backdashed or just blocked right afterward
-tried to focus at the spacing where i think rose would slide, this is still hard timing cause it recovers really well
-empty jump in her face, if she goes for anti air you can s.rh xx ex mgb punish

I almost forgot about this post from the match up thread.


Playing footsies with Rose is #$%^ complicated.
Her slide can be beat with on reaction and trade with I found its not wise to do anything but backdash or blow 3 meters on a dp if she does manage to land slide.

Her s.MK and s.HK beat ALL of your crouching kicks. Dudley’s best answer towards them is s.HP.

Besides those 3 pokes I can only say versus a good Rose, never let her jump, or feel safe when it comes to throwing out drill and soul sparks.
Meaty f.HP is godlike
Dont challenge c.MP

I have no experience vs good Rose players. I only know how to hang when it comes to her footsies…

I am relatively new but I have been playing a good Rose since day one. The fights gravitate around punishing everything with Focus Attacks except for C.MP and Spiral. Also baiting him into spiral with faking Focus Attacks. A lot of times I beat out her spiral with S. HP. Even with that though I still have a horrendous time playing this matchup.

Quotes beat Arturo’s Rose very convincingly at 8 on the Break. Come drop some knowledge about it for us.

yea he shattered my dreams w/ sim promptly afterwards =*(

i just think you can win the mid range game against rose with superior spacing and anticipation
empty jumping rose is godlike because c.hp will miss and then you get some free damage, and then they get scared and doing other buttons