Theories on Future Changes to SFV?

We all know there’ll be new versions of SFV, probably called Super Street Fighter V or something, what I’m asking is what changes do you guys think will be made?

except that capcom has already released a statement that further editions aren’t being released…

Oh, sorry, I had no idea about that.

I get the sense that we will see alot of the the fun stuff they took out reverted for the final release. Just a hunch.

I’d agree, but just like Shinkutan said, apparently there won’t be future versions of the game.

They will almost certainly release multiple critical arts for each character, based on series history.

It would also be surprising if they didn’t significantly expand many of the mechanics, as the game is furiously stripped down atm.

Oh yeah, and a gradually growing single player with extensive trials etc.

Who knows, maybe they’ll go back on their word and release Super SFV or something, but thanks for the response.

I don’t think that it would be called " Super " or anything like that but there will most definitely be further system changes and updates to the general mechanics.

  • Like said above: Multiple supers is an almost guaranteed.
  • I would expect more characters to have more special cancels into VT.
  • I also think that they will probably open up the links for the cast a little bit.
  • At least 1 more per CA character
  • More TCs for everyone
  • A second V-reversal (done with PPP or KKK)
  • More unique VTs, and VT activations

There won’t be a Super or Ultra SFV in the traditional meaning of the word. The game will receive updates (we don’t know the frequency yet but let’s say annually for now). These updates or content patches are not only balance patches, but they also include new content that we would normally get in a Super SF. Stuff like the another CA or new specials for existing characters would come through these updates. My understanding is that these updates/patches are inclusive and free (as in you don’t have to grind for them).

To cover the cost of these content patches, Capcom will likely time their release with costume packs or new characters.

I don’t really have a theory on future changes to this thread, just a hope really.

I hope this thread can crawl off and die like a faithful old mongrel who knows its time is close so wonders off behind the sofa to die in peace.

I think there’ll definitely be changes made in the future, but maybe what Capcom meant was the changes wouldn’t be as heavy as they were with SF4 Vanilla to USF4. I agree on the multiple Supers, the only SF game without that is Super Turbo, right?

What Daemos mentioned is what I think will most likely happen, probably just updates rather than any massive changes.

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But seriously, thinking about it I wonder if their plan was to make the earliest version of SF5 super focused on normals and buttons; and once they have the core of the fighting experience really solid they can build on fancy stuff. I’m assuming they were afraid of making a game that was at its core flawed, but covered up by layers of fancy extra mechanics.

multiple v triggers are the one I think is most likely

I was thinking something like Ryu becoming e.ryu

I didn’t see that coming at all… So when’s our first date? =) In all seriousness, I do think they’re going to add SOMETHING to the game, like you said.

It’s not letting me quote Necrotrophic for some reason, but anyways: I’m not sure if they’ll add multiple V-Triggers, but if they do, it’d be awesome if Ryu became E. Ryu or something like that.

I think most people have come to the realization that there will be more critical arts, and v triggers. But the more interesting question is if we will have the ability to pick and choose, or if there will be a version 2 of each character.

They’ll most likely add new Critical Arts and V-Triggers, but I think you’ll be able to choose one Critical Art and one V-Trigger, not both of each like an Ultra Combo Double.