The Warhammer Universe Ultimate Thread

I think this thread may have a better chance of Consolidating Every single Warhammer related information into one Badass thread.

Discuss anything related to warhammer.

This includes but not limited to:
Warhammer 40k Table Top
Warhammer Fantasy Table Top
Warhammer Books
Warhammer Dawn of War / Winter Assault / Dark Crusade PC Games
Warhammer Mark of Chaos (Future PC game)
Warhammer MMORPG
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There will be no rest this side of the grave for all those who seek perfection. - Warhammer 40K

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Golden Demon Award Winning Miniature:

Mark of fucken Chaos, thats what I’m looking forward too. Hoping that it doesn’t turn out to be as shitty as the LotR rts’

i watched that E3 trailer the day it came out…

you couldnt wipe the smile off of my face when i saw how badass of a job they did…

Man…until I can build a system that can handle something like Mark of Chaos…Dawn of War will have to do.

Dawn of War is fun as hell to play with my buddies. I haven’t installed Dark Crusade yet, but once I do…ggpo work.

Here is the DC changelog from Relicforums:

Pretty much all high tier units/vehicles are capped to 1 or 2…seer council though got teh steroids.

Permanent Infiltration and turrets anywhere? Hope it doersn’t end up breaking the races…

Those interested in the MMORPG nice little teaser trailer.

also there is a beta signup for the future.

Heh. Working at EA and having buddies in QA who know the peeps at Mythic helps; a bunch of us have special beta access to the MMO :slight_smile:

We’re not in yet, but it should be soonish.

In other news, Dark Crusade completely rocks…

Dark Crusade is fucking goood goooood fun.

i just recently beat the Necron Campaign.

Jesus are those fucks broken… Free fucking units FTW…

i love the WARGEARS TOO… its so addicting suping your Commander with some fucking super tight ass armors and weapons.

Yeah, the Necrons seem kinda broken… Inifinite units! They’re all dead? Resurrection Orb! Oops, your squad cap is now 35/20!

I can’t wait to get DC, but I’m mainly an IG player so it’s not too big of a bummer to not have it yet. I hear Heavy Weapons Teams aren’t really the new hotness.

Am I the only one who plays the tabletop as well? I’m actually a bit of a vet in that department, as I’ve been fielding armies of little toy soldiers for about 9 years now. Good God, I actually saw real, live, human beings playing Epic on Saturday. Epic! I’m gonna hafta bust out all my old Epic minis and get them battle ready, because the new Epic Armageddon rules are free online.

Oh, and if any of you play Pen and Paper rpgs, Black Industries makes the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Game. I myself have never played, but I’ve heard good things. You will notice on the site that they have news for the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 Roleplaying Game (Fall 2007) which should not only be ridiculous, but utterly ridiculous.

I earnestly wish the Warhammer MMO the best of luck. It’s gonna have a tough time…

dan you are not the only table top head.

Irrenicus is a Table top head too.

im still working on my chaos Miniatures at the moment. i want a Chaos undivided team.

working on getting me a talented painter since i happen to be the worst fucking painter. i got a few pictures of my shit job “Smurfs” ive been test painting with.

i really want a good painter to do it for me though since i lack the time to do an entire army.

i also saw some Epic players in los angeles when i went down south for an offsite job. those are the ultra smaller version of warhammer 40k right?

I got the Official Latest rule book and Chaos Codecs

Yeah, Epic is the ultra large scale battles…

You know, with absolutely TINY minis but you have a shitload of them, plus with huge battleships and such. It’s a blast to play, and since it’s a “specialist game”, as GW calls them, the rules are free.

yeah saw some guys playing it and it tripped me out.

Just Finished the Chaos Campaign… in Dark Crusade…

i really wish i was able to kill Every single general without them being taken out by a CPU General…

regardless now im going to take over the world with the TAU.

Mr Blank showed me the way of Warhammer and I thank you. Sadly with my laptop, its hard to play much of any games =(

wasssssup matt…

hows the tokyo gig? i hope things are well over there. remind me to give you a call when im out there for vacation sometime in the next year or so…

we gotta kick it man.

Edit: For those of you interested Warhammer Online and in what the races class changes are…

This is not a complete list they are definitely adding alot more information.

so far Dwarves and Orkz have something to look at.

found the official website. this game should be comming out pretty soon and from the looks of it, i think it plays alot like rome total war games.

I’m kind of looking forward to the mmorpg. Dawn of war was an alright game.

THe only thing that bugs me about the PC games though is the lack of races. One of the main things that drew me to warhammer 40k was the huge amount of different races you could use. There is so much diversity to that game…which doesnt really get portayed when you only have like 5 of the races.

Well, the dev team did talk about how some races just wouldn’t work in the game. Nids were just too numerous/different from other 40k races to be represented correctly in the game’s engine, so they veered away from them. DoW was a success, no question. It brought the game’s universe to life, looked fantastic, played well (even if it wasn’t completely balanced, but what RTS is?), had a unique gameplay system that wasn’t just a carbon copy of the table-top or other RTS’s, and still ended up with seven playable races.

The races they didn’t include I think were good choices:

Demonhunters - Not different enough from IG/Marines to need their own race
Witchhunters - Ditto
Tyranids - Wouldn’t be accurately represented by the game engine
Dark Eldar - Not different enough from Eldar to need their own race. Just use emo-colors for your Eldar and cry while you hit hotkeys.

im sure as we speak Nids are going to be the next expansion.

when i beat the Dark Crusade there was something after the credits that showed worlds blowing up and 2007 in big font…

they are working on yet again another race to add to the next expansion… at least i hope

Heres something i really wish they did…

Warhammer 40k MMORPG…

for once a Space type of PVP Planet War and you get “Wargeared up” and accend through ranks or Evolve like tyranids, or you know what i mean…

Anyhow im really interested in seeing if any of you guys can post photos of your Table Top Miniatures.

My brother’s trying to coerce me into going table top 40K with him…and I think it’s working.

Choas Marines are bestest, right?

Subscribing for future questions!

Currently building a Dwarf and Tau army for the TT game. Got about 2k pts of dwarf’s and 1k of Tau(playin 40k cuz’ there are like 2 fantasy players in my area) so far. More into the fantasy stuff though and have been reading through all of the gotrek books. Guess it’s an attempt to know the lore before the mmo comes out. Once I saw that game going back to playing WoW hurts me. Cannot wait for Q4 2007. lookin forward to MOC but the lack of playable Dwarfs kills it for me. Oh well, i think the skaven are playable. Gotta love warpstone addicted ratmen. lol