The Vortex Thread

Right but I’m talking about playing a real person. Mashing a shoryu will typically result in having it come out in the wrong direction, accurately timing an auto-corrected shoryu results in a reversal shoryuken that will hit you regardless of which side you went over.

Or are you saying that, if you properly time this, not even an auto-corrected shoryu (as in, inputting it in one direction and having it come out the opposite direction to accurately stuff a cross-up) will work?

I mentioned in the video that I’m not really safe-jumping at all, I was just mentioning that you can safe jump as well, and that it falls into the same category as the empty jump since you have the same options out of it.

I’m no scholar, I generally just go by what I see working or not working. If I get hit with a shoryuken on either side while I’m doing cross-up tatsu, I can feel in my soul that I know I’ve done it wrong. I can pretty much tell immediately after I initiate the tatsu if it’s right or wrong. I’m not sure what scientific reasons there may be for a well-timed auto-correct shoryuken getting stuffed by x-up tatsu, I’ll leave that for everyone else here.

Bleh, alright. Sorry, it’s just getting to the point of annoyance that I can’t even approach this Ryu after a knockdown. Cross-up tatsu, ambiguous cross-up, dive-kick cross-ups, all of those get stuffed since he doesn’t have to guess which side I’ll land on the game does it for him: all I can really do is empty jump at him or drop a fireball above his head on wake-up and see what happens.

But the problem with empty jumping is that he needs to be trained to shoryuken on wake-up for that to be beneficial, and that doesn’t happen until I attempt enough wake-up mix-ups on him that he just assumes it’s what I’ll be doing; and that’s a painful process to undergo.

Perhaps I’m just not landing it properly, it sure as hell looks like I do.

^ Are you sure they aren’t doing the SRK motion, then down+back? Or half circle back? (When they manage to hit you).

cofirmed: cammy’s cannon spike will beat out most jump-ins unless ur flip goes behind her and she whiffs. her wakeup cannon spike is really high priority or sthing. And it sucks if Ryu’s HP.srk beats this as most players i see use about 30/70 lp.srk/hp.srk for Ryu

FYI: The Origin of the word, “Vortex”

In japanese match videos, when players get caught up in okizemi loops like the vortex, you can hear the announcers say “megutta!”, “megutte!” or some form of that. (example: v=_psPAeXQX60).

“Vortex” probably comes from the Japanese “??” (Meguru), which means, “To go around (as in a whirlpool)”. Sabin’s(?) translation choice of Vortex sums up the japanese meaning pretty well. Once you get sucked in, Akuma just goes around and around you crossing up and kicking ass.

Dope vid btw. Its like Golden Spoon in here so many ppl gettin fed.

I’m on ventrilo with this person and I can verify that it’s just a normal shoryuken in whatever direction they’re jumping at you from (once I started noticing he was doing this on reaction and not just mashing shoryu’s out I had him explain what he’s doing, I replicated it shortly thereafter).

You just time the Shoryuken to be very late but still a reversal. The game will accurately throw it in whatever direction they’re on. If I’m jumping at him from the left side of the screen, he inputs a shoryuken AT me (as in, towards the left side of the screen) and if I cross him up it will shoryuken towards the right side of the screen. If I don’t cross him up it will shoryuken towards the left side of the screen. I’m then left with a situation in which he no longer needs to guess which side I’m going to jump at him from.

I’d like to see a video to determine just what the hell is happening, kthnx. haha.

its not late, still a reversal, but if the person has crossed over by the time the input is in, the reversal comes out the other way. happens to me in training too, but that just means you jumped too early.

also anyone use fadc ex shaku for vortex? smaller recovery seems to make it possible

^waste o meter…lk tatsu->sweep works fine or lp dP.

I’ve got the clips setup for a video, just need to get around to making it. I should be able to get it up on youtube by tomorrow.

But basically, head into training with you as Ryu and cpu as Akuma. Record him walking up and sweeping you and then tatsuping you, restart the round and set it to playback. As he goes over your head, input a shoryuken toward the right side of the screen. If you timed it properly the SRK comes out to the left and will either stuff or trade with the tatsup.


It… its like looking into a mirror.

Not gonna post or read this page till I’ve finished watching the vids myself, but

Akuma has an option select using the demon palm vs abel. Option select demon flip palm throw~throw. If he does anything but block or roll, palm wins. If he does a roll or blocks, throw comes out. This also works with raging demon.

If Lord of Ultimate’s rep isn’t maxed out within the next week I’m gonna be tight.

wow momochi gold mine!

edit: mad this fool plays ryu in some of those matches tho.

^ You’re welcome :P. Feel free to share more Akuma option selects. I need all the help I can get.


"… about the Ryu and his mysterious reluctance to SRK… could it be that hes afraid that Momochi is going to land behind him (deliberately whiffing palm strike)? "

afaik auto correct shoryu beats cross up tatsu everytime.

That’s because Ryu crouched with forward to lower his hitbox and then had his shoryuken auto-corrected. Regardless, this has nothing to do with what I’m talking about. I’m only referring to a Cross-up Tatsu after an untechable knockdown, i.e. they’re getting up as you’re doing it.

It’s not quite foolproof and actually does have some risk.

EX falling sky can grab the palm. EX roll is fast enough to roll out of throw range, but can be demonflip thrown. Backdash escapes all three but can be swept as long as you don’t get the throw animation. I believe all three can be seen in the Momochi set.

Word, but I don’t see how he can roll out if you do palm~throw. I admittedly never tried beating out ex falling sky.

So you’re trying to say to me that vortex is worthless vs anyone who has auto correct reversals?

EX roll has big movement on it. He simply moves to far before you can throw, assuming you did the demon flip trying to hit with palm.