The Vortex Thread

Thought I’d start up an official vortex thread, seeing as I just finished up my tutorials for it.

Part 1: [media=youtube]vTJ5srcjWiA&fmt=22"[/media]
Part 2: [media=youtube]wBVVdBu4iEE&fmt=22"[/media]
Akuma 101 Playlist:

“The Vortex” is another name for Akuma/Gouki’s wake-up mixup metagame. While most characters have this as well, Akuma’s is special in that he has a staggering amount of options, and most of them are relatively safe. I think that’s reason enough for it to have its own name, and so did Arturo Sanchez, who is said to have coined the term itself.

Untechable knockdowns are what you’re going to want to use to start up and continue the vortex, as it leaves your opponent in a large guessing game where percentages are not in their favor. The objective is to keep making your enemy guess wrong every time the get up off the ground, and then knocking them down to start it all over again.

I like to break “The Vortex” a.k.a. “Holy Shit, Batman” into three steps: Knockdown, Setup, and Mixup. With these three steps you can rinse and repeat steps 1 to 3 until your opponent can break free of the death vice the vortex has on them (or they’re killed by it). Let’s look at it a little more in-depth.

Step 1: The Knockdown

[details=Spoiler]Step 1: The Untechable Knockdown

A) Sweep
[LIST][]Poke/Counter-poke Sweep
]Jumping Attack -> Sweep
[]Focus Attack -> Sweep
]Normal/Cross-up Air Tatsu -> Sweep
[]Fireball -> FADC -> Sweep
]Bread n’ Butter -> Sweep (character specific)
[]Standing Jab (far) -> Sweep
B) Throw
]Forward Throw
[]Backward Throw
]Demonflip Throw
C) Demonflip
D)Super/Ultra Combo

Step 2: The Setup

[details=Spoiler]Step 2: The Setup

A)Empty/Safe/Fake Jump
These are for getting close on your opponents wake-up, in a relatively safe manner. They set up tons of stuff, and can bait out reversal moves that you wouldn’t be ready for if you did a normal jump-in attack.
B) Jumping Attacks
I’m lumping in most jumping attacks with the exception of demonflips and tatsu here. These are your run-of-the-mill jumping attacks that hit either in front or behind your opponent. When a normal jump kick becomes a mixup you know you’ve gotten into the mind of your adversary.
[LIST][]Normal Jump Attack
]Neutral Jump Attack
[]Cross-up Jump Attack
]Normal/EX Air Fireball (norm/cross-up)
[]Normal/Cross-up Air Tatsu
C) Demonflip
The advantage of the demonflip is the unpredictable nature of it, since it has multiple options out of it, and three distinct distances to choose from.
]Demonflip Throw
[]Demonflip Palm (whiff/connect)
]Demonflip Divekick (norm/cross-up)
D) Walk-up
The walk-up allows for virtually any mixup out of it, it’s a very gutsy move and can catch your opponent by surprise.[/details]

Step 3: The Mixup

[details=Spoiler]Step 3: The Mixup

A) Option Select (c.LK/throw tech)
This is a fantastic option select which allows you to simultaneously go in and hit-confirm with a low attack, as well as tech any wake-up throws, or bait a reversal/wake-up move (provided you perform it slightly late).

B) Air Tatsu
The norm/x-up tatsu is the recurring theme in the vortex, allowing you to hit easy sweep knockdowns that work on all characters, and aids in starting as well as continuing the mixup as long as possible.
]Shoryuken (normal/FADC shaku)
[]HK Ground Tatsu (puts you beside your opponent as they wake up)
C)Ambiguous Jump-ins
These are jumping attacks that barely do/don’t cross-up and can force your opponent to make guesses on which way to block. Sometimes these jumps are so ambiguous that even yourself doesn’t know which way it will hit.
[LIST][]Jumping Short (can be done with MK and HK, but very difficult)
]Cross-up Air Fireball (ambiguous or fake)
[]Cross-up Demonflip Dive Kick
D) Throws
There are just as many ways to land throws just like any other normal attack. The idea is to condition your opponents to expect attacks. The Demonflip Throw followed by one forward dash puts you in great position for mixup, and forward throw into two dashes puts you in an even better position. Will elaborate on EHT when I get around to it.
]Tick Throw
[]FADC -> Throw
]Demonflip Throw
[]Backward Throw (weird positioning)
]Forward Throw (a.k.a. Exploding Heart Technique)
E) Evasive Maneuvers
These are applicable in almost all instances of the vortex, whenever you feel trouble you can save yourself some health and sneak in one of these moves.
[LIST][]Teleport (avoids everything)
]Jump back attack
[]Jump Back Air Fireball
]Backdash (avoids wake-up throws)
[]Demonflip Palm (to whiff and bait reversals)
F) Gimmicks
Not all of these options fall under the exact definition of gimmicks, but I needed a category for these miscellaneous options in the vortex mixup. Throw these out when intuition tells you it’s a good idea.
]Shoryuken (random/hit-cofirmable)
[]Air EX Fireballs (sets up sweep, overhead, or combo)
]Overhead Chop
[]Kara Demon
]Tick Demon
[]Basement Demon (didn’t elaborate in video, basically a jump toward/over demon buffered into a whiffed normal)

BNB To Sweep

[details=Spoiler]BNB to Sweep
Here’s a list of who it does/doesn’t work on:

C. Viper
E. Honda
Fei Long

El Fuerte
M. Bison

Exploding Heart Technique

[details=Spoiler]Exploding Heart Technique (Forward Throw Trick)
This technique involves using a forward throw on your opponent, dashing forward twice as fast as possible, and canceling the second dash into either a MK or HK demonflip. Here are some results versus reversal moves:

MK Demonflip Dive Kick
[LIST][]Sagat: All Tiger Uppercuts stuffed, whiffs over Ultra.
]Ken: All Shoryukens stuffed.
[] Akuma: Trades with LP/MP SRK, stuffs HP SRK.
] Ryu: Stuffs LP/MP SRK, trades with HP SRK (beware of ultra/super)
[*] M. Bison: Stuffs Scissor Kick.

Throw in your own options that maybe I’ve brushed over if you wish, I’ll include them in the thread whenever I can. Hope my video didn’t leave too much lacking, I always worry obsessively about these kind of things.

YESSSS! I’ve been waiting for this! Thank you!

This is delicious!!!

Nice thread, i didnt know about this lol.
J/w did you make those videos on the PC version of the game or on Xbox/Ps3?

If you watched until the end you would have discovered that it was the PC version. Will update post with all my recording specs though, thanks for reminding me.

This is really useful, good stuff loltima. I find the option select empty jump especially useful, because when I used to go for it I always got thrown out of the low short.

I think having so many options isn’t necessary.

I think we should narrow down which 2/3 options is best vs each character because you can seriously out guess yourself and end up not dealing any damage at all. For every option there is 1 or 2 escapes for it.

Narrow down what is most effective.

While I generally agree with you, I had to make a choice early on what would satisfy the most people, and that I concluded was including as many options that are viable (because lets be honest, there are a ton). So for completions sake I have pretty much every option I would ever use. I will attempt to consolidate the thread, this info is ripped pretty much straight from the youtube vid itself.

My process was developed around the presentation of the video. If I would have made a video explaining the 3 best options for every character, and then demonstrating each, the video would be about 25 parts instead of 2. I broke into three steps and had a slew of options because that is the easiest way I could think of to explain the vortex.

This is an honor coming from RUGI-SAN HIMSELF! haha, thanks though. Always better to tech late if you’re going to tech, and you might as well go for the option select while you’re at it.

Finished watching both parts. It’s priceless:)

From my experience, assuming you aren’t playing scrubs, the only options you need for the vortex to work are -

1 - Crossup tatsu
2 - Jumping hard kick (front)
3 - Empty jump (front or back) into anti throw string

After that just be ready to sweep backdashes.

These videos are so Cocoa Puffs.

It’s true, and these are usually what I resort to. Options are nice however, and I feel if I didn’t beat them into peoples head they would just assume that’s all you could do during a vortex.

I debated adding a chocolate cereal to my analogies in the video, but Loopfroots beat it out. Maybe next time, though.

Pretty much all of Akuma’s options are useful in a specific scenario. It’s just that 90% of the time you will probably be using one of the three main options.

Yeah, although I’d probably include Demonflip palm and forward throws as extremely useful as well (although you could just lump in palm with empty jump if you wanted).

maybe a stupid question. but what does untechable knockdown precisely mean?
thanks. And great vids. All of your vids are very helpful.

That was explained in video 1.

Assuming that you don’t know what a quickstand is, a normal knockdown allows your opponent to “tech” as soon as they hit the ground, by hitting down on the joystick or hitting two buttons. This makes them stand up immediately. An un-techable knockdown simply is a knockdown that doesn’t allow the quick stand, allowing you more time to setup a decent wake-up strategy, and above all else a safe one.

some attacks will knock the character onto his back. If the player taps a button just as he hits the ground from being knocked down he’ll get up, doing whats called a tech. I’m sure you already knew about these but maybe called them quick rise or fast get up or something of the sort.

untechable knockdowns would be times when you are forced to stay on the ground for a few seconds and cannot initiate the quick rise.

sweeps and throws score knockdowns that cannot be quick risen.

@loltima, great thread although to be honest i feel most of this stuff is pretty self explanatory…just good to see it all broken down.

omg, this shit is so pringles. Thanks a bunch Loltima!

Thanks Lord. The sneaky crossup fireball that isn’t, looks amazing but the opponent’s already awake and can opt to EX-DP or something invincible no?