The Ultimate Ryu Thread!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to make this thread for Ryu too. Post any combos, matchups, tactics, strategies, and chains for Ryu here. I’m sure alot of people need 'em :slight_smile:

Correcting myself:

Ryu: LK Tatsumaki pause TK SH

If the Tatsumaki doesn’t hit, dash in and do xx Hadouken to cover Akuma. If it hits and they roll, mash lk+Akuma for a quick high-low mixup into the same combo. SH floatiness can actually be useful.

simple damaging combos:

c.LK > s.FP > Shinkuu Hadouken

s.LK > s.MK > HK Tatsumaki xx Shinkuu Hadouken

Well, i always use these combos… it’s kinda bcome my ryu-b&b combo…

Thanks for the Combos.

I got some too:

c.lp, c.hp, SJ (Super Jump), lp, lk, mp xx Hadouken

If u want too use a super bar for more damage:

c.lp, c.hp, SJ (Super Jump), lp, lk, mp xx Shinkuu Hadouken xx Shinkuu Tatsumaki

Does anyone know a good way to combo Shin Shoryuken?

There’s some stuff here:

Thanks for the link. Some great combos u got there!

hey, do u knw the colors of ryu?

all i knw is,

LP = default
LK = ?
HP = ?
HK = Dark blue or black?
A1 = ?
A2 = ?

can anybody complete it? tnx

i got this inf from a RYU FAQ from gamefaqs…

in the corner:

c.FP > sj.LP > sj.MP (2Hits) > RK Tatsumaki (Hits 3x) > s.LP [repeat from c.FP]

anybody here know 'bout this?

Doesn’t work. Someone figured so, because it sounded like it might, but the hurricane kick doesn’t recover fast enough, I’m pretty sure. Not to mention the fact that it causes Flying Screen, so you couldn’t relaunch anyway. Also, I’m pretty sure you can’t get the hurricane kick to hit three times if you just do sj.Jab into Strong, though it may vary depending on the character and the timing.

I think I remember arguing with that guy who wrote that FAQ years ago here on SRK…

About the colors:

Jab- White (default)
Strong- Off-white (a little yellowish)
Fierce (A1)- off-white (more greyish/silver)

Short- Magenta/maroon
Forward- Aquamarine
Roundhouse(A2)- Dark gray/grayish green

ok… it’s still good if RYU hasn’t got that inf… it looks difficult to do…

about the tk Shinkuu Hadouken, is it like cable’s? Like, no start-ups?

who would be a great teammate for RYU using low tiers? i’m too tired of seeing those top-tiers in action… other chars aren’t just there to become punching bags, right?


almost a shoto team… ken(a) for anti-air and we all know what tron(Y) is.

Faster and slower.

AHVB crosses the screen all at once, whereas shinkuu hadouken does it in parts. The first part is faster (think of it like Juggernaut’s Headcrush or other super moves where you get hit if you weren’t starting to block before the screen freezes), but the rest is slower.

AHVB has less time before the screen pauses, and of course has much, much less recovery time, and does more damage.

So, for example, if someone happens to be dashing at you from across the screen the same time you start a Shinkuu Hadouken and end up 2 character lengths away from you when it starts, they’ll get hit unless they were started to block before the screen paused.

But, if Storm whiffs a standing Roundhouse from across the screen, the Shinkuu Hadouken wouldn’t reach her in time, but the AHVB would.

TK Shinkuu has faster startup than the standing version, but also more recovery time.

Haven’t played TRON yet… i thought she’s crap… but i was wrong…

Also, the arcade that i’m playing now only has the default chars… No Ken and Tron… Stupid W.O.F!!!

gonna give this a try, thanks man :slight_smile:

I’ve changed my mind. The best combo I can think of right now for Ryu/Akuma-HK is: xx LK Hurricane Kick pause TK SH

i’m having a hard time doing this combo:

c.LK > c.MK > c.RK xx Shinkuu Tatsumaki

does the timing for this combo must be real fast?

i knw it’s rollable, but your opp. can’t roll 100% of the time, right?

i use this team: Ryu(?) / Cyke(b) / Doom(b)

What’ll be the ideal assist type for Ryu with this team? I often use (y) but sometimes, I use (a) …

@ Burning B.Hayato:

The Ryu Inf doesn’t work according to TS… I’ve tried it too, but i can’t connect the HK Tatsumaki…

do you have a combo for Ryu/Ken AAA? or is Ken mainly used for assist?:wonder: