The TTT2 General Discussion thread

I have a couple of questions that I would like help with but I don’t know where to post it.

In Practice Mode, is there a way to reset the stage like in umvc3 (start + select)?

Also, can someone help me with King Tekken Assault fillers? I don’t know what moves I should use to extend the combo so my partner can finish.

Thanks in advance!

resetting position on PS3 is select + X, but first you need to go into the training menu and set the “position” setting to “default position” or something like that. afterward it’ll show the select + X thing on the bottom left of the screen. i think you can also set up a custom position then record that as a resettable position, but i haven’t tried yet. anyone know if training mode has input display? can’t find it anywhere.

thanks a lot… that will help me out a ton.

Also I found out King’s TA filler: F2,2,1
I wish there was something better than that…it hits them too far away.

If you want, we can re-name this thread as such :slight_smile: it’s always good to have a GD thread.

Yeah was thinking of that. I’m not creative enough to come up with a good pun though lol.

well it depends on your partner i think i’ve starting rolling with jc and ak, i dont use tag assault as i dont really get it other than giving you an autobound+tag, what you want are moves that damage and dont push away like 2+1,2, or forward 3+4, or even df+3

Is it just me, or is Tekken Zaibatsu quite useless atm, in regards to info? Considering the game’s been in the arcades forever, I figured I’d at least see some organized and updated info regarding BnBs. It’s just sporadic discussion as if this game sprang unto the scene fullly-formed this week.

Community forums ain’t what they used to be.

I’m using Lars and I can get his iSW off F2,2,1 but it’s so inconsistent or too hard to execute. I’ll try 2+1,2.

Yeah I feel that way but it really depends on the character. Popular characters like Lars have tons of info organized well.

Yep, majority of the character forums are disorganized and/or lacking info; most don’t even have a thread for top ten moves. As far as I could see Lars forum was the only one with a comprehensive character guide. Guess the Prima Tekken guide will be useful.

Any Leo players know how to do her “BOK” stance (I tried to find it in her movelist)? Also would like some info on her TA fillers, best bound moves, and her best enders/wall enders.

Edit: Leo has like four counter/parry moves. How does each work, and are they any useful?

I believe her BOK stance is F+4. I flirted with Leo as a main in T6 but never got around to it.

A fantastic bound move to work into combos is B+2, 1+2.

Can’t help too much with TA or wall/ender. If you really can’t find a good TA filler, just hold the Tag button and she’ll do something automatically.

Thanks, I appreciate the help. I’ll be incorporating any piece of info I get while not overwhelming myself at the same time, so this is good for now.

No problem. Over time, knowledge of the character will come to you naturally. I barely touched the Mishima-type characters before TTT2 and I can already feel myself improving immensely from since Day 1.

Yeah I’m waiting on the guide I ordered before I go balls deep in training mode.

…wait did I really just say balls deep? It is CLEARLY time for me to go to sleep. -___-

…Um yeah. Let me get you a pillow.

I’m trying to find some super stylish tag assault combos for Jin/Hwoarang. Anyone know any strings Hwoarang can come in doin’ other than uf+3,2?

Also, Jin’s new moves are so cool. Canceling moves into crouching demon on the fly? So cool.

it’s not just you. i posted a similar thing earlier but deleted it because nobody else was complaining. maybe the game is so fundamentally similar to t6 that everyone on tz assumes that we’ll all learn it via comparison, but this is a brand new game to me. some characters don’t even have a combo thread and the wiki is devoid of anything but a partial movelist. even we did better than that with kof, and this isn’t even a kof site. i dunno.

btw found input display. a lot of basic things seem kinda tucked away in this game. either that or i’m just getting senile. the analog thing annoyed me too. also, in player match on ps3, what happens when you guys search and the results show an arrow at the bottom? i figured it would lead to another page of results, but when i press down the directions freeze and i have to cancel and go back.

finally got f, n, d, d/f down. apparently in this game you have to input it slower compare to Capcom.

What do the red, green, and blue symbols next to certain moves in the Command List mean?

Red is a Tag Cancel compatible move, usually a stun or a launcher, Green is a bound move and Blue is a tracking move.

So, any move that has green icon, if used after a launcher, will have the ability to Tag Assault by pressing the Tag button before it?