Watch them play on youtube top skoe vs dirty taticz best in michigan on youtube. We will also show us battleling you people on x box live check us out!!! Street fighter 4!! Marvel vs capcom 2 and tekken 6 coming soon!!!

All challengers post your x box live acoount name u might get luck and play one of us ha ha lol.

When we get time to play these video games lol.

You may know me as best and dirty taticz as ian or the saint just type top skoe or dirty taticz on youtube and we should come up


ah… no… nah… flag on the field, offsides, clipping, holding… sitting waiting for walk up throws, up balling into empty space, failed FADC>Ultra, getting repeatedly swept, empty reversals and ultras, abosultely no footsies… these are not things that top players do… your claim is false and dubious… i know atleast 3 players from michigan that could and would stomp your both something fierce…^ this dude humbag, wolfkrone, and not to mention i myself could smoke you like spliff so dial it down a notch sport and get few values and real matches under your belt before you start with the fireworks… and 5 yard safety penalty for incredibly bad grammer

My only reply to this nnonsense

Shut the Fuck up We have Won damn near 20 tournaments in Marvel Vs Capcom and all fighting games we played!!!
We even beat Justin Won and people out in New York across country and we even destroyed people on X box live too you sound like a female.

Oh yeah we get alot females too lol. we all around the truth lol. You say I sweep alot good that means you dont know why Im doing it You ah dummy hatein ass dummmy lol.

You gets no more response stay up!

hahaha this thread is awesome

Mister Mingie

For Years we Tha Greatz have been winning in all Fighting Games

But these gay video game Nerds werdo’s have recorded us winning tournaments but not putting them online lol.

Cry cause we play good characters lol. Alot of those video games Nerds where gay too!!! 4 real

We Are Now putting are OWN SHIT ONLINE lol. Damn u ******* and we will Show the Proof of us Winning lol. The Truth is

Out lol.

Is this the xbox you are playing on?

this is seriously the best midwest thread ever made…ever

i love you guys


no jokes

maybe a lil homo :blush:

Antwan is pretty cool when I met him at MWC, and MI nigs are pretty damn cool!!! But this thread is an embarassment to all of MI.

They prove their worth mid tournament or during Money Matches. Random online youtube vids, mean absolutely nothing.

C’mon guys, I’m sure you should know better…than what is being advertised in the OP. :confused:

how does one correctly pronounce TATICZ

Man, I should try that strat. Not go to any tournaments then hop on SRK and proclaim myself super best ever. So pro.

To ANYBODY talkin shit… no further questions… holla on xbox live and get that azz whooped… ME… im DETROIT WESSIDE on there… and top skoe is TOP SKOE… we the best in michigan hands down PERIOD

ASL’s Please? Awaiting your response.

hahahaha this thread just gets better and better

…^no homo

Shut up guy Stop Joy Riding my lil dog Antwan. Yeah the Tha Greatz run shit and ah Twan Know us very well he cool with us. You see so you mention names But its Obvious You dont know the people U speak of… We Know These people Personelly see the difference between Us and U.

you and your crew are generally regarded around srk as skeezy ass grimey motherfuckers, stop talking dumb shit about other people.

after watching your vids i dont see anything thats impressive, they must be breeding some weak ass comp up in detroit you skeezy fuck.
( to all the legit non sketchy ass fucks from detroit im not talking bout you all )

^^ …lmao its OBVIOUS that this is another place that you could get away with callin a black dude from DETROIT a “skeezy fuck” hahahah… and its apparent that you know that… so go ahead type all the “so called” hard talk all u want with no risk at all… ONLINE is where it will stay trust me…

Now once again… whoeva wanna get they azz whooped just send me a simple lil friend request on xbox live (of course imma BEAT you then take you back off my list)… imma RECORD it… THEN imma put the link BACK on here so everybody can see how one sided the fight was in my favor… so dont put lil greasy comments before i add you… because it WILL come back to haunt you when that azz whoopin link appears in here… dont embarrass yaselvez!! hahahaaaa!!!

im out

holy shit DETROIT… woahh i didnt realize you were from DETROIT. jesus christ what was i thinking this guys from DETROIT.

Im so sorry i didnt realize you were from DETROIT… gtfo yeah trust me, me talking shit to theives go’
s offline as well.