The Transformers comic thread. FURMAN RETURNS!

I decided to make a new thread having a (recommended) reading list for the series. Take note that one of the biggest contributors to the TF series is Simon Furman, and as such I will try to provide what comics he wrote.

Marvel era:
I don’t know if this series is even collected, but there are 2 continuities: the US and UK. IIRC, UK lasted a little longer than US. Furthermore, Simon Furman would write the US comic from #56-80, so if you’re issue hunting you may want to get those.
If you’re living in the UK, you may want to look into these-
As I’ve heard that they have collected some of the 80s TF comic series into TPB.

Dreamwave era:
I haven’t read much of the DW comics, and any that I did I had done so long ago ^_^; …but after doing some quick research, Simon wrote for the Armada and Energon comic series, so see if you can get those (even if you didn’t like the shows, it may be worth reading them due to Furman’s input).
Dreamwave did publish a comic based on the Generation 1 series, but set in an alt. future and are collected in TPB-

The Gen. 1 comic did have a 3rd volume but I can’t seem to find it in TPB

Another series Simon Furman wrote for Dreamwave is one that took place on Cybertron during the War, by the time Dreamwave went bankrupt, only 2 story arcs were completed with the 3rd one having only 3 issues published =( Non the less the first two are available in TPB-
The 2nd book is War Within: The dark ages, which doesn’t seem to be collected in TPB format I guess?

G. I. Joe crossovers:
There were 4 TF and G. I. Joe crossover series released, during the 2000s-
The 4th book was titled Black Horizon and was only 2 issues, so I don’t know if it was collected.

After Dreamwave went bankrupt, IDW picked up the TF license and has been publishing the series since then. One thing most might have trouble with thier series is the reading order as one will need to read Spotlight issues to get some additional background info on events. I’ve provided a recommended reading order which is based on chronological event, but giving priority to main series…unless stated otherwise:
0- Megatron Origins
1- Spotlight Vol. 1 and Infiltration
2- Stormbringer (events take place before Infiltration, however Infiltration was released first)
3- Escalation
4- Spotlight Vol. 2
5- Devastation
6- Spotlight Vol. 3
7- Revelations (this would be the conclusion to Simon Furman’s main run on the TF books as much, if not all, of what he had written in the books prior to this one come full circle…albiet in a rushed manner)
8- Maximum Dinobots (this was written by Furman and resolves one plotline that was not featured in Revelations)
9- All Hail Megatron Vol. 1 (This was intended as a starting point for newcomers and was written by Shane McCarthy, who used and dropped some elements from Furman’s run. If you read Furman’s run then go into this you may notice how out of place it’ll feel)
10- All Hail Megatron Vol. 3 This is actually a collection of Spotlight issues, you could either read it inbetween or after Vol. 2
11- All Hail Megatron Vol. 2 and then Coda (AHM Vol. 4)
12- Drift (IIRC this details his origin and takes place BEFORE AHM, you don’t need to read it first though)
12- Last stand of the wreckers
13- The new ongoing titled Vol. 2
17- Bumblebee (takes place after the first book of Vol. 2)
18- Ironhide

Finally, Simon Furman wrote 2 **Beast Wars **miniseries which take place during and after Season 3 of the show, the first book is called The Gathering, followed by The Ascending, and are collected in this omnibus if anyone wants-
Note that this book features characters that were not used in the cartoon due to budget limits and all that, as well as other toys made for the BW toyline.

Oh and the Avengers crossover…wasn’t very good, despite the fact that it may be considered canon!

As a final note, most of the TF series tend to star characters that otherwise would’ve been ‘guest characters’ in the cartoon, for example in Stormbringer the main characters include Jetfire and the Technobots.

Hope this helps and feel free to ask for additional info.

So it seems IDW’s TF comic is going to be 2 issues a month.
The new story arc, Chaos just started in #21 [spoiler=]Rodimus informs Optimus about Cybertron and Galvatron’s plans. Optimus decides to return to space and stop Galvatron, bringing with him any Autobot that wants to join the fight.
Bumblebee stays on Earth with Prowl and their captive Megatron, and some other Autobots[/spoiler]

As a fan of Bumblebee, Starscream, Shockwave, Hot Rod, Grimlock and Trypticon would I enjoy the IDW series? I don’t mind reading about all the different bots, but as a fan of those characters I kind of expect them to be around somewhere. Sounds interesting though, I’ll have to find some TRADES, BABY.

Trypticon has yet to appear in the IDW from what I read.
Bumblebee doesn’t get a major role in the IDW comics until AFTER All Hail Megatron. He does have some small roles during Furman’s run however.
Starscream’s in and out of the main Furman run. I believe he was more active in Infiltration, Devastation and AHM.
Hot Rod had a story in Spotlight Vol. 1 and appears in most stories after Infiltration and Stormbringer, so expect to see him a lot more as you read on the series.
Grimlock appears near the end of Furman’s run, Maximum Dinobots obviously features him. However he has yet to appear since MD.

The IDW series can be hit or miss, but is overall a great read if you read them in the order I posted as much of what occurs is revealed in the end.

Picked up the IDW Transformers collection 1, hardcover big book that has Megatron Origins, Blurr/Cliffjumper/Shockwave/Nightbeat/Hot Rod/Soundwave Spotlights, and the Infiltration arc.

Kickass! Hope you enjoy it =)
If you’re left wondering about some stuff, know that they’ll be answered/resolved in the later books.

Guess who also got Stormbringer?

This guy.

Stormbringer was awesome.

Got AHM Collection from a friend, man I really wish AHM had stuck with the momentum it had in the beginning in the middle, just kind of dragged on for to long and I didn’t give a shit about the humans. Also really liked the relationship between Megatron and Starscream and Megs reasons for why he’s never killed Starscream, it actually made sense and made Megs backstory from the Spotlight make total sense with his motivations for conquering.

Escalation trade came in, WHOOT!

Transformers 26

YO tiz, I wanna get into reading TF. Where is a good place to start reading?

The IDW series is a good start, just check the first post :tup:

thanx…I passed by my local store and I see the new continuity is called chaos? #26 atm. You said up there it starts at #21. what series is 1-20 then?

Chaos is the current story arc.

Cool, another converter to the Robot ways, welcome!

have some random fanart guys (warning size is big)-

TF Fanart


One of many ‘humanized’ TF fanart-

I gotta say,the IDW comics are starting to get back up to speed especially with the stuff off of Earth, IDW Megs may be one of my favorites especially with how much we’re learning about him. Do wanna see Impactor show up more seeing how he was friends with megs before everything went south.

Just read the ‘Death of Optimus Prime’ and I’m really looking forward to the direction the book is gonna take.

Same here, nice to get the book back off Earth and do something different again.

So…More than meets the eye #1…DAMNIT PROWL, WTF!!!