The TMNT Tournament Fighters (SNES) Thread: TF Revelations



What is “TF”?

TMNT:TF or simply “TF” is more commonly used within the fighting game community to refer to the Super Nintendo (SNES) version, which is considered to be the “superior” of the three (NES/GENESIS). As specified in the thread title, the SNES version is generally the main focus here, although brief mention of the NES and Genesis/MegaDrive versions does pop up occasionally.

People play this competitively?!

Indeed! Fighting game enthusiasts tend to give pretty much any game a chance and are willing to invest time into the games they enjoy, breaking apart the intricacies of the engine and game mechanics as well as developing on the evolution of character matchups.

The areas where competitive play seems most consistent are within Venezuela and parts of New York City. Both scenes have relatively smalls groups but also have strong, hardcore players who have established a vast understanding of the gameplay and character match ups.

Although rare, TF does manage to get some competitive play (usually as a side event) at the larger major tournaments. Players can sometimes be seen mashing away on SNES “dog bones” (whenever available) or more commonly, settling for emulated play wherein players attach their own preferred peripherals for optimal performance (Yes, it’s that serious). For the most part, it’s usually for the nostalgic value.

Where can I view high-level gameplay?
(Playlist compiled by ThatSoleGuy)

Is it a hard game to get into?

Definitely not. Being a product of the “SF clone wars” of the 90’s TF, like many other fighting games around that time, plays very similar to Street Fighter II in many respects. Much of the game play focuses heavily on elementary spacing and footsies. Because roughly 7/10ths of the cast possesses a projectile in some form, more often than not players will battle to gain momentum and positional advantage by means of fireball wars. The characters with “weaker” projectiles tend to have to rely on good reads, closing distance and holding position with stronger normals/pokes. In matches where fireballs aren’t as relevant, the footsie game becomes more pronounced.

Combos in TF are far from demanding with bread & butter combos averaging 3-5 hits. Far less time will be needed to actually practice combos/B&B’s and more focus being placed on learning character match ups, counter situations, advantageous situations, and building up reaction speed.

The button layout for TF is also very convenient as there are only two punches and two kicks to worry about (that’s two less than SF!). “Sure-kill Techniques” or Special Moves are none out of the ordinary and assuming you’ve played at least one (traditional) fighting game at least semi-seriously, commands like QCF/236, DP/623 or charge b, f, should be very familiar. “Ultimate Arts” or Super Moves require even less effort as you just simply input Heavy Punch+Heavy Kick with full meter.

I’m kind of ass at “old school” fighters. Any tutorial or combo videos to point me in the right direction? [Basic Game Engine & Mechanics Overview @ ~9minutes] [Character Breakdowns & Basic Strategies @ ~6minutes]










This game is too poverty to have tiers, right? …Right?

Tiers are what you make of them (I guess shrug). The majority of the community, however, seems to agree on the “strongest” characters being Armaggon and Raph while the “weakest” is without a doubt War. People have also argued that C.Shredder, Wingnut, and Mike are also potentially “very strong” characters. Very little data has been comprised to support these arguments though (I.e. no demonstrative play and/or speculation from “inactive players”)

There’s no one I can play locally. Is there netplay available?
Hell yeah!

Setting up Hamachi in conjunction with ZSNES built-in netplay
(by Veserius)


Ok, I just found out that this game is as broken as an antique doll in the hands of a toddler. How do I deal with all the “cheap stuff”?

Simple answer: Deal with it.

Less douchebaggy answer: Browse through the thread and see what info you can find on matchups and countering seemingly-impossible-to-deal-with situations. Players from all over have compiled data of all kinds and reported their findings to the community. There’s a good chance you’ll find an answer to what you’re looking for. More importantly: KEEP PLAYING AND TRYING NEW/DUMB THINGS. You may see the phrase thrown around a lot on this thread (usually by myself): “TF IS ALWAYS EVOLVING”. This is because it’s 100% true. While TF is old, it doesn’t have a huge following and new info and discoveries don’t pop up often as a result. As people tend to play more and against a variety of players, ideologies of matchups and optimal play will shift and take on new forms before becoming something more concrete. Play and explore, nothing is truly “dumb” until proven otherwise a thousand times over (IMO).

“Regional differences”? Which is considered to be the better of the two?


But seriously though. Again, the game is not supported on a large enough scale to come to a conclusion on the matter. The community consensus though is the US title. The JP release has a few cosmetic changes as well as character tweaks that may or may not influence how the character is used.

Versions that exist are USA, Euro, German, and Australian versions which seem to be 100% exactly the same (don’t quote me though!) and the Japanese version (titled Mutant Warriors) which has changes that more or less apparent than the other international releases. While beta versions of TF exist, it’s not recommended for competitive play for obvious reasons.


Viva la TF revolution!!!

yo…where the fuck is Kaneda at…lol, hell be angered when he sees this shit hahahahahahahahah

thx good shit!!

The revolution will never die! TF is the movement!

TF for EVO! :clap: Those videos are most excellent. :tup:
I am going to dig this game out of my closet right now for some classic enjoyment :lovin:

I’ve been waiting for these TMNT match vids for…2-3 years now, and it was worth the wait. :tup:

The last 15 seconds of the “Zar (AR) vs Sabin (RA)” match was crazy. Fear 1 pixel Raph, lol.

I remember some other TMNT threads that came and gone that wasn’t in the original link, guess they died off during the crash. Anyways, good shit.

Dang, Raph’s super does a buttload of chip damage.

I had this game for my SNES, and I alwyays thought it was a pretty good fighter. Nice to see it’s still getting some play. The videos were great!

I had forgotten how different the turtles’ voices are in the Japanese version.

Oh, and Aska has a thong in the Japanese version, too. But she looks great either way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now if we can get these jackasses all together in one place then i will encode some more tmnt vids and maybe some breakers revenge.

Haha that’s dope man. I remember reading Sabin’s TF thread and I was wondering when the videos were going to come.

Strange coincidence, I just recently dusted off my copy after 5-10 years.

Odd thing though, the character voices seem to be different from mine. Any explanation for that?

They played on the jap version.
Also note the background with the cheerleaders has an entire section thats not in the us one iirc.

Last I remember, Zsnes had online play…

Jap/US versions have some slight gameplay differences BTW in addition to minor graphical changes/tweaks. I’ll post up the list of some of the stuff that we found tomorrow.

Glad to see everyone is enjoying our first batch though :smiley:

Boooo! Wingnut is too cheesy lol.


Man, you going to make me get into this game too?

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teach me how to play mike zar!

Just let me know when! I dont mind putting in a day of TF for old times sake!
THE MOVEMENT!!! :slight_smile:

I think we had weeklies at one point…pretty serious RR TF Tournament. One I remember was when Sanford won with Don and in that tournament fools were blindpicking all day rofl. Yes some matchups are pretty bad.
btw Saiyd Chrome Dome was in the og cartoon series (season 5 episode 22) Planet of The Turteloids part 2. Yes I have every single episode lol.
ChromeDome was built by Shredder and he is NOT the size he is in the game. Chrome Dome is over 20 feet tall and carries a gun.
Get me on that game again my Mikes gonna hit that redizzy and thats game! ^.^
TF Gogogogo

Well anyways heere are the differences that me and Sayid found from playing TF last weekend when we recorded the vids.

Up until recently, we strayed away from playing the Japanese version because we did not like the voices and aestethic changes. But it turns out that the japanese version has minor tweaks, some which make the gameplay better, or not.

I should also note, that with these videos, they were taken with the timer at 99 sec, and highspeed 1…highspeed 2 is too fast, normal is too slow. actually we should try and play on default timer (60 sec) sometimes and see ho wthat affects the matches.

anyway, here are some of the changes i’ve noticed -

  • 2p color can be selected by pressing start. in the usa version, you could only select 2p color if 1p put cursor over the same character that you wanted to pick.

  • You can make the point totals after every match calculate quickly if you just mash buttons. in the usa version, you had no control over it.

  • obviously the voices are different (turtles have different voices…) i have no idea why, USA version is better imo in terms of voice acting. sounds a bit darker.

  • aska has a different winpose in the jap version where she spins and her does a chest bounce with her tits and shows some clevage. lol. its obvious why that was taken out in the usa version, but all of a sudden she has tits? lol she looks flatchested as fuck.

  • studio 6 has a whole other part of the stage that is NOT in USA version!! in the raph vs armagon match you can see the 2nd part of the stage that is not in the usa version. both sides have breakable walls, so the stage is 3x the size of the usa version…lol. i have no idea why that was taken out of the usa version. seems stupid lol.

regarding gameplay differences, (theres probably more but we havent discovered them yet…)

  • aska in jap version has a 2 hit dp. it also has slightly faster recovery than the USA version so you can spam it more. however, the fact that it hits twice doesnt add any more stun to the move. and it fucks her over in a lot of scenarios. if you try to dp a poke from far away, like leo’s standing fierce for example, you wont get knockdown because the 2nd hit has to connect. also it takes away her main bread and butter combo when they are WIDE open…which is close rh into dp. this is bad because that means you can only do jump fierce into dp when you get them stunned instead of the other combo.

at first we thought it was better because of the recovery but i think its worse than us version. 1 hit knockdown is too much. she still has the highest priority uppercut in both versions though.

  • armagon flash kick also has a similar property. in jap version, a lot of times it doesnt knockdown unless it hits twice, at point blank range. in the raph vs armagon match you can see him do his flash kick move at point blank range and it doesnt knock me down. the move got toned down slightly because of that. which is good, cause that move is kinda bullshit anyway, almost to the point where its spammable lol. im glad that move got toned down. on the usa version, under that same circumstance, i woulda been knocked down by the dp and it woulda done like 30% and dizzied me sometimes. lol

there is a glitch in this game where you can do chain combos, kinda like the cps1 glitch in the og sf2 games that allows you to link short -> fierce -> into whatever. it doesnt work with all characters though (for combos.) its very character dependent. for example chrome dome can do short x3 into low roundhouse doing this glitch. this alone moved him higher in the tier list.

glitch is done in a combo for example, by pressing short , then short+fierce or roundhouse at the same time. kinda easy to do.

but in the jap version, even with the glitch, c. domes combo i just listed doesnt work. i dont knwo about any others, sayid has to get back to me on which ones dont work

I wanna be in the club.


Thanks for the Vids!