The Tier List Project

I know there is already a tier list thread but i think it was made too prematurely and the original post is outdated. I hope this one will become stickied because i believe this is the best approach to creating an accurate tier list. I also hope that i will receive just as many opinions as the current tier list thread but i hope them to be more focus and constructed on the theory of the game rather then random ramblings about characters hitboxes. This is why i call it the Tier List Project.

First we must all agree on what the tier list will be based on. Many people have different views on what the tier list should be based on. Some communities base it solely on tournament results, some on match-ups and even some on simple character ability. I believe a combination of all three will make the most accurate tier list which depicts: how good a character is in based on factual knowledge not speculation.

To define how good a character is, especially in this game is difficult due to the nature of the game. The damage output is very high compared to traditional fighters, you use three characters at once instead of 1v1 and the comeback factor can be used in a multitude of ways unlike, traditional games where it is more straightforward, (e.g.: Ultra’s can only be used in a combo or outside a combo and always do the same thing. Rage mode increases the damage of every character at the same proportion.)

So to limit the variables as much as possible i think the best way to determine a characters worth in this game is to scrutinize it by these categories:
Ability to fight other characters in a 1v1 setting with no x factor and maximum meter (also known as a matchup chart)
usefulness of assist across the board (defending, attack/covering, increasing combo damage)
Ease of general use (aka how execution intensive)
*Note: The last of the categorize is a little hard to bank of because its subjective to the player. but i believe we as a community can agree on which characters are simply more easy then others to be adequate on a tournament level (aka wolverine is scrubby it doesn’t take a rocket scientist for that one)

Based on these criteria I have comprised what i think to be a more accurate tier list that we current see in the main thread. This tier list is definitely bound to change as i am only one man with one opinion, so i haven’t take into account everything. But i have pretty good experience with the game at least enough to know the current status of the cast as well as possible potential.

without further ado:
S Tier: (This was somewhat difficult due to my personal views but I took into account tournament results)

A Tier: (This is by far the hardest part of the tier list and so i broke it up into two, consider A&B as one big high tier)

B Tier: (Like i said pretty much a continuation of A tier but these characters I believe are the big sleepers. As i write this, i can for see it taking hours of deliberation in an attempt not to be flamed)
Doctor Doom

C Tier: (Most of the C tier occupants i believed to be too lacking in all around 1v1 game or they require more execution then the characters of B tier):
Super Skrull
Shuma Gorath
C. Viper
Chris Redfield
Captain America

D Tier: (These characters are still good but require much more work then the rest of the cast and generally just unused because of it, but that doesn’t mean they are not good by any means)
Viewtiful Joe

The tier list for this game like i said was very hard for me to write in confidence because of the nature of the game. I think this game was designed to be balanced and it certainly succeeded for the most part. Every character is viable for different uses but some characters are more mindless then others. I hope this list will be taken seriously and even improved upon and characters on the lower end of the list start seeing some use in tournament for every character is valuable.


My changes:
Ryu is should be C tier IMO. He’s pretty meh but he’s not awful like Chun and Arthur.
Felicia is definitely not worst in the game, she’s a lot better than most of C tier.
Ironman is too high, he’s not even that good in theory.
Viper is way too low. She’s like a Dark Phoenix in the #1 slot when played properly.
Top5 is fine except I think Wolvie > Phoenix. They kind of tied right now though.
She-Hulk Deserves a Top10 spot more than Dormammu.

i would drop sentinel down a tier and bring Viper and Spiderman to A

Dante isnt S tier

His lack of consistent one hit kills make him a way more risky character than the other ones you list as S tier.
Not only that, but given that Dante’s combos are so long, if you connect one that didnt kill the opponent chances are that he has a shitload or red life that he can gain back after a safe dhc.

Im not saying he is bad by any means since he does have access to a lot of options, but he is not S Tier.
Do you actually believe that his gameplay is as strong as Wolverine or Phoenix???
It requires much more work than that.

Also, I dont really agree with the idea of making a tier list based on characters.
This game is team based, and strong combinations should be the basis for a tier list.
Storm for instance has plenty of BnBs that buil done meter, therefore she can do one hit-kills without x factor from the very start of the match if she has someone who can take advantage of the glitch backing her up. In other words, in order for Storm to be a high tier char she has to be in a good team.

MVC3 Tier lists should be made of teams

Piskooooo is right about Vipor being much higher. She definetly A tier, and many can argue for S tier.

Ryu is pretty solid for he’s got too. C tier for him. And Felicia is strong C tier…BUT she’s A tier if she gets on you and stays on you. DevilJin can vouch for her in the other tier forum. The Japanese have really shown what Spiderman is capable of…so yeah he could be A tier down the line, he still needs assist though.

Ironman is borderline low B/high C character. I know that using him, he’s got some great normals and can play defense and offense…but he’s blown up by other characters. I like him though regardless.

Arthur, Chun, Thor, Joe, Modok, Hsien, Morrigan, Jill bottom…but they all need 2 really good assist, meaning you have to build a team around them. That’s the problem with them.

MVC2 had tier lists based on individual characters (as well as popular teams), so I don’t know why this game should be any different.

Well MvC3 is primarily about team synergy, and yes, we should have some team tier list going on (again DevilJin has wonderful info on)… but to not consider Wolverine or Wesker equal to or better than half the cast individually is just crazy.


  1. Dante is not risky. He has basic shit that does more damage than Wolvie/Wesker/whoever BNB, and advanced shit that does the most damage in the game
  2. I’ve never heard someone saying that dropping a combo and allowing the other guy to regain red life influences a character’s position
  3. His gameplan isn’t as strong as wolverine’s or phoenix’s, but he is a better character than both.simply because he is not one dimensional and he excels in almost all areas.
  4. Dante is S tier

Viper for S tier is pushing it. Top of B sounds more accurate imo.

You know how I pick my characters?

I just use the ones I like.

Felicia is a damn good character, far better than bottom tier. Her only problem is that she either needs an anti-air assist (preferably Jam Session) or Lv3 X-Factor.

Best grapple character in the game as far as I’m concerned - her Weak Hell Cat has incredible range, her Strong Hell Cat has 1 Frame of startup, her air grab is likely the best in the entire game, and she can get combos off of ALL of them.

She’s either Lower B Tier or Upper C Tier. She certainly has nothing on Wesker or Wolverine, but she can run trains on people without learning much more than Toy Touch combos.

Modok is really good. He is not that low.

Tier lists don’t tell you who to pick. What gave you that idea?

It informs The Players in a negative way.

“Oh, why should I even bother picking Felicia even though I like her? She’s C tier - I’ll never win.”

Then we have another guy playing The Team and not putting any creativity into their game.

Tier Lists are, I guess, kinda like reviews. They let you know, at a glace, whether something is worth looking into - but they are often wrong. Top Tier for most may not be Top Tier for you personally, just as you may love a movie that metacritic shat on.

I remember trying to switch to Wesker at one point because I was getting bodied by him by another player… but it didn’t work. I flat out sucked with him. Such is life.

Personally, I think tier lists are kinda silly because they compare every character to every other character. Can you really compare a rushdown character to a keepaway character? I’d rather see a tier list of rushdown characters, of keepaways, of anchors, of jack-of-all-trades, etc. It would allow for better informed decisions on team building, I think.

No one gives a shit if you’re playing Joe/Cap/Hsien Ko and going 0-2 every tourney.

I’m talking about the public at large. When they see tier lists they just pick the top characters without any thought.

I think that’s negative. It’s not a huge deal if you disagree.

Even without a tier list they could do that. “Justin Wong is winning with Wolverine/Akuma? I’ll just pick that.” “Look at how easy Phoenix kills 3 characters, I want to use her!”

Dante - probably S tier. No lower than A for sure. With all the shit he can do, I wouldn’t be surprised if down the line he’s more convincingly an S tier character. Right now, I feel he’s just in between.

Akuma - B tier. Outside Final Round footage, I wanna see what Akuma can do when he has assists and not just as an anchor.

Sentinel - I’d debate between B and A. He’s just so much easier to deal with these days though we have seen some pretty crazy shit by him lately. He was S tier on release day. LOL

Trish - C tier, she hits like a lamb.

Ironman - C tier. His armor is S tier but I really wish Proton Cannon would hurt. Even in the hands of flash metroid, Ironman just needs to deal more damage.

C.Viper - no lower than A. This chick’s offense is second to no one and her combos are ridiculous in the corner.

Captain America - D tier. At the least, I wish he had a double jump, but I guess he’s too old to do it now. :frowning:

Thor - C tier. Definitely more of a sleeper than Cap and hits harder. Being able to take advantage of the DHC glitch makes him more viable, too. He also has a decent tri-jump. He’s got resets. He can zone. He also has a ton of bad matchups. Wouldn’t be surprised if over time he makes it to B.

Jill - C tier. Potentially a B tier. She’s got some really good mixups.

Morrigan - C tier. Even though she lacks the range, I think she’s more effective than Trish when it comes to opening up an opponent. You have to treat Morrigan like Phoenix when it comes to meter (which is why she makes a good anchor HONZO :3), and if you do then Morrigan hits like a tank.

Ryu - C or B tier. Yeah, he’s not as good as Akuma, but he does good if not great damage still. I really feel like MvC2 has ruined Ryu’s image in Marvel 3. MvC2 was the only Vs game Ryu was terrible at. He was exceptional in the previous games.

Felicia - C tier.

I imagine C tier to be a lot larger than it’s originally posted. Bottom tier probably look like S in terms of size.

Why worry about the other person’s game if you feel your way of choosing characters is best? Your way might not suit everyone. It’s not such a bad thing if everyone plays popular teams. That actually puts them at a disadvantage since their strategy and setups are more familiar. If you’re worried about lack of creativity and really appreciate that aspect of the game, then be the creator instead of expecting that out of everyone else. Your effort just might contribute to the tier list. You can be the good example.

Iron man needs to deal more damage?


morrigan is more effective than trish?


No difference from the first tier list thread. Seriously.

Your list has the same top 7 as mine did after the game was out a month, and mines in the e original post.

Hsien ko is the worst in the game. Cap is 2nd worst. Arthur next. You can make a case for skrull, chun, Joe, or haggar to be next worst.

Felicia isn’t bad.

C viper is pretty good.

You’re overrating akuma, he just beats assist characters like tron, haggar, doom, and sent. He does ok against phx. No fucking way is he better than dormmamu.

Chun Li is ass.

The "good but don’t quite cut it so you might as well pick someone else tier"
Spider man
Iron man

I feel they are all kinda tied. Spider and stark have the best tools to open you up, but x, biocom, and deadpool have the DHC glitch hypers.

Lol. Ryu has sucked in every vs game… Including this one.

Only time he was ok was xsf ver 1 wit the hop kick infinite.