'The' Super Gem (Pocket) fighter Thread

just found this on mame by accident,i never knew it existed.

omg it’s brilliant!
why is there no sequel?!
why no hd remix on live arcade!!

it’s really great fun the perfect antidote to hardcore play on sf4 etc…

I concur. I just wish I understood how to play.


There’s some combos for it. Some of them are useless exhibition stuff (dan banana peel lazer combos lolz) but some of it is actually useful for seeing how some combos work in this game. It’s a really fun game and it’s mostly about controlling space. As you control space well, you get more gems, and, therefore, can control space better.

the infinate air corner throw seems like something that shouldnt have got past testing.

some of those combos are mental.

The air throw loop requires extremely precise spacing (actually maybe not for ryu), but that will pretty much never happen in a match. The really crazy ones all either require really precise spacing, are item specific, or require a bunch of super bars. All in all combos really aren’t that bad.

Chun and Gief are tops. Hsien-Ko/Lei-Lei and Ibuki are really good too.

i like akuma and his swimmin cossie :bgrin:

Iv got this on ps1 and was playing it he other day :smiley:
Its the coolest Street fighter game ever tbh ;]
(its depressing to think how many years iv acctully had this game :tup:)

This game is so full of awesome. If only because Ibuki switches to a Rolento outfit.

Too bad I am terrible at this game.

Is there any reason to turtle in this game? If you aren’t attacking, you won’t be getting your gems to level up your specials… I just see this being a very rushdown heavy game, which is fine in MY book. :tup:

how dya do akuma’s rd? is it the same as in other games?
Also, how do you do the move where dan uses his father’s nose to shoot out a beam of energy?

Game is fun all i ever did was mash in it tho… another game coo in have lil chars was super dodge ball…

What about everyone else? Got a full tier list?

Jill Valentine Chun-Li! I love it when you get ko’d and you explode like megaman or fall into a pile of bones like Arthur.

This game gave birth to megacrash!

I’d posted this awhile ago in another forum, but I haven’t got the time to do a video tutorial on Gem Fighters. This is my insight on it after playing with it for awhile with several yet rare competitions on GGPO and 2DF. Note: This game is often looked over by a lot of players because of it’s 3 button simplicity. However, this game has a load of mechanics that can be taken advantaged of and making the game extremely fun and exciting. Most of the combos you see on Youtube are truly crap because they can be air recovered. All falls can be air recovered unless the character is hit with a bomb or tripped while on the ground being neutral. The only practical ones I can say are the basic ones from CLN1 and that’s about it. If you want to see some good mechanics and strats used in the game, feel free to look at my past matches on 2DF. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to turtle in this game because there is no CHIP DAMAGE. It totally kills the game when scrubs run back to the corner, turtle, and spam fireballs. And there is nearly no reason to play this at SPEED 3 because scrubs online tend to try to use that as an advantage to make reaction time less available. That’s like saying lets play 3S on Turbo 5 if there was a speed select. Although many I face are scrubs, some worthy competitors I’ve come across on 2DF are Baby Br0, baramyyj, TS_diamante, and TS_street_solano. This game is not about combos but rather positioning, tricks, and pressure tactics.

P.S.: To the throw infinites you saw on some videos, those are pseudo infinites. They can be air recovered or teched. There are a total of 5 pseudo infinites in the game with Ryu, Akuma, Felicia, Ken, and Dan (Yes, Dan haha). The hardest ones to be done are actually Ken and Dan’s because that actually requires a really tight timing in comparison to Ryu, Akuma, and Felicia’s.

My old post for Maj ----------------------------->

Super Gem Fighter / Pocket Fighter is one of the few quirky yet fun fighting games that Capcom has ever made. However, it seems that a lot of people tend to overlook such a great game because of its cutesy and simplistic three button interface. After playing around this game for a few months, it seems that there is so much more depth in the game than there is from a glance. Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix’s mechanics, to me, are essentially a three button model simplistic combination of Street Fighter Alpha 3 and a bit of Dark Stalkers. It has many quirks that people either don’t use or don’t even realize that potentially can make the whole game challenging and fun. Thus, if you do play this game, it tends to be really hard to find good competition in 2DF or GGPO. Although there are guides on GameFAQs, they don’t really go in depth on the mechanics of the fighting engine. For example, I have recently found that characters can really take advantage of frame counts or frame advantages. There are also bomb cancels, bomb kara cancels, and kara cancels that can be potentially used in a match, which I have done and proved to be quite useful (You can check out some of my matches on 2DF). The list goes on and on. I’ll try to go more in depth with Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix by making a tutorial video or a written guide. It’s a pretty underrated game that I wish more people would look into even if it’s a twelve year old game. Also, I don’t know if there is an official tier list for this game, but I have been seeing some weird tier list for Super Gem Fighter. I have compiled an unofficial tier list of my own and, of course, it is subject to be changed. Oh yeah, screw those fancy combos that you see on Youtube, the Pocket Genesis videos (On the contrary, the CLN1 basic combo video is pretty useful). More than half of those combos are just flashy and totally inapplicable because of air recovery or tumble.

Tier List After A Few Months of Playing and Testing:

  • I based it on the character’s effectiveness as a whole and it’s dependency on gems. Obviously, characters who tend to depend on gems, leveled up specials, will be ranked a bit lower because it takes time to level up. -

Top Tier:
Chun Li - Excellent zoning, one of the fastest characters, excellent supers, good trades, excellent priority, best flash combos in the game, and crap load of frame advantage tricks.
Morrigan (Just a little under Chun Li) - Excellent zoning strategies, speed, supers, special air dash, damage output.
Ryu (Some might say Sakura should be here) - The usual all rounder shoto, excellent supers, good zoning, and fireball and throw pressure tactics. But, he’s just a bit shitty with his initial bomb, nearly the most useless Lightning bomb.

Mid Tier:
Sakura - Strongest damage output of all shotos, good supers, good zoning, but she has a terrible glitch that makes her subject to a lower rank (The glitch that she can’t defend against meaty attacks).
Zangief - Tick throw god, one frame throw combo god, good zoning, SPD pressure tactics, best user of the OTG move from Dark Stalkers, can take excellent use of bomb cancel, bomb kara cancels, and kara cancels, but can be stuffed out by shotos and himself.
Akuma - Good speed, good zoning, great dive kick, similar to Ryu but his weakness lies on his supers.
Hsien Ko - God of air dashing, good zoning, throw pressure tactics, throw to super setups, throw to bomb setups, but she requires at least the minimum of one super bar stock to be effective, which can be hard to come by.
Tessa - Excellent zoning, excellent flash combo pressure tactics, super jump dive kick pressures, but bad on trading, weak on supers, and dependent on leveled up specials.

Low Tier:
Ken - Good zoning, good dive in pressure tactics, Shinyuken is the only good super, but his leveled up specials will turn him to a shittier character and he has trouble building meter (He can’t build meter with his Level 1 spin kick while the other three main shotos can, odd) unless his spin kick is Level 3 (Catch 22).
Ibuki - Good zoning, great corner pressure tactics, great rush setups, the second fastest character in the game, two great supers, but she is weak, too technical, can be too dependent on supers and gems, unfinished OTG mechanic, and faulty bugged Mega Crush mechanic.
Felicia - Decent zoning, two pseudo throw infinites, rolling super has good priority, catch, and damage, but she is too slow, and pretty dependent on gems to become effective.

Dan Tier:
Dan - Dan is Dan regardless if you level him up or not. He will always remain shitty or perhaps even shittier, but fun to use without a doubt.

This tier list is subject to change. Currently, I feel that Tessa and Gief should be moved up higher.

2DFighter name: Kutabare

I main Tessa and Gief. I rarely use the shotos unless they’re scrubs who also use shotos in a really shitty way.


man I remember I used to play the shit out of this game lol

zangief is just too good in this game specially when he does his winning pose when he raises both his hands :rofl: that shit’s top tier

Gief is good but not SF4 Sagat good. A well rounded Ryu player can easily leave Gief quite immobile because Ryu can stuff out a lot of moves from Gief.

lol I didn’t mean too good as in tiers. I meant it as in the move set he has is just awesome/funny in this game compared to other ones and the way he plays is just fun, but yeah I know he isn’t top tier you just explained why on your other post.

I mean seriously one of his attacks is drilling the opponent that shit is too good lol

Yeah, Gief is great especially his animations. The best matches in Gem Fighters, in my opinion, are always Gief matches. That shit is hella tight and funny.