The Strong Island Post

Attention all Long Island players, something needs to happen. I’m tired of hearing that Long Island has a shitty community, and it will never get better. What we need is to get together and figure out some ways to get the community, as a whole, better. I’m talking about sessions that everyone has access to get to. Tournaments to see who has improved the most. Anything that can get more players involved and help the community get better. I want to hear from every player on Long Island. Give me your thoughts or ideas on how we can make this shit happen.

Well, the first step i would think is if the Bay Shore location is as unreliable as it seems, (and correct me if im wrong) finding a new venue would be a good start.

We need to find a spot that everyone can get to without any hassle. A venue at someone’s house can be a good starting point. With my parents approval, I can use my basement as a small venue so we can get sessions in until we find something better. We also need to find a way to get the word out so more people can get more people involved. SRK helps to a certain point, but not everyone uses it.

Guard Crush 4 tonight in Brooklyn. $5 venue $5 entry. Casuals start at 5, tournament at 6:45. DO NOT BE LATE!!!

All info is in the link.

Lack of communication:annoy:

I am not really the person to go out my way and find a public venue wish I was able to have people over when I was on the Island but sadly couldn’t. hope HatianSen can get his basement for people to play.

Pat you need to use your soccer mom van to take people to tourney’s now that I am gone lol

Goodluck to you all going to stomp you fools out in the near future

I’m working on this lack of communication. The only one trying to get everyone together is me right now since you left. As for tournaments, the only tournaments so far is Guard Crush, which is every other week. So with that said, we need a place for everyone to play at so we can prepare for any tournament, and if we’re lucky, we can start our own tourneys if we can get enough people.

I’ve already decided that I’ll pick up anyone I can so we can get to tourneys and sessions. Also, as soon as my basement is cleaned out, anyone is welcomed to come over and play.

I’m guessing the Bay Shore location is the Play N Trade. I went once, like, a month ago. White kid, red shirt, jeans, half-broken SE Madcatz stick? Anyway, I’d be down for traveling somewhere on the island to play.

Also, what do you guys think about SUNY Purchase? It’s in Westchester, just outside of Long Island. I’m going back there for Fall semester. They have a really good DIY community and a spacious student center (that bands usually perform in) that I can probably take advantage of to start running some low budget tournaments. I have no experience with running tournaments, but I think it’s a good idea to consider. Any feedback on the idea?

I will definently head over to SUNY Purchase anytime there is a session and bring as many people as my van can fit. Right now, we need a place so that everyone can gather and play casuals.

As far as tournaments, I have no experience running them either. From what I have seen, it is all about knowing people and having them bring their friends that also play. We just have to wait and see what happens at your school.

Anyone has a place or even a house that we can play at for the time being.

I’d be happy to have people over when I have my own apartment… next year. =X

I have off from school this week if people want to come and play its cool with me. But i only have 1 xbox, 2 tv’s, and one copy of super so if it is going to get bigger than that people will have to bring tv’s/xbox/ps3/super/sticks or pads. At most i think i can get 4 setups going but we might have to be creative. if anything is going to happen just post and i will get back to you guys. btw i am located in Bay shore right down the block from the high school.

Been talking with Haitian_sensation about having weekly crack sessions at my house. Theres going to be a small one tommorow (thrusday August 5th) from 2-6 in my garage. All are welcome to come, but I have to be done at 6. Saturdays are looking to be our weekly meetup day, were im going to hold crack sessions from 6-whenever. Hit me up if your interested I live in wheatley heights exit 50 on the LIE. PM me and I’ll give my address.

Please! I’m without a car now but soon I’ll have a ride under me. I’m so down for this shit.

Get at me in any way you can., or PM me here.

id be down to come play, just got my hours cut at work :\

Depending on everyone’s location, I can pick people up in my soccer mom van to go to sessions. This week I’m free from work 'til Friday and I’m down to go to any session. Let me know how far you guys live from Central Islip, that will let me know how far you guys are from me.

Also, if anyone knows of a tournament besides Guard Crush(because I know this one), let me know so I can gather people and we can head out to it and I can take that

There’s this one which I can’t make because of work. Also I live in Smithtown which i know for a fact isn’t that far from Central Islip. If you’re going to be driving to Guard Crush next week I’m in there. (as long as i don’t have work)

are you guys by Suny Stony Brook? Cause we had sessions some what regularly last semester. Hoping it happens again and maybe someone else can take charge that doesn’t goto school there to do sessions more regularly since kevin is too busy sometimes.

im down for sessions for any where i can get to from on the uni buses here since i dont think ima drive my car down.


so whats the deal guys? any way we can get some casusals anywhere?

Just want to let you all know that I’m working at getting us back into the Smithtown PnT. But if I do I need a reaaaaaallly good turnout for the first one so that Tony sees I can still pull em in.

i live in wyandanch i want to play casuals out somewhere