The Street Fighter fan-made character thread

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This thread is here to compile all fan made Street Fighter Characters into one place. This way, mods, and capcom are more likely to see it. I know allot of fans have good ideas, so here is the place to put them. Who knows, maybe Capcom might use one of these guys/ gals that you make. Comment and criticize, but please keep it civil.

Please include the following information when creating your character:
-Fighting style
-Vital stats (Height, weight, etc.)
-A description of how they look
-Brief history
-Special moves (including ultra and EX Special)

Have Fun!:tup:

My submission:

Arthur Finnegan

Nationality: Canada

Fighting Style: Drunken Boxing

Height/ Weight: 6’ 2’’, 187 lbs.

Age: 19

Eye Color: Purple

Sex: Male

IQ: 274

Physical Description: Arthur wears clothing just like WWE star Jeff Hardy. He has a black tanktop, black khaki pants with chains, Grey Chuck Taylors with flames painted on them, and a pair of black and red handless gloves. He has medium length red hair with black streaks at the bangs, pale skin, and an onyx magatama attached to each ear.

Personality: A touch cynical, Arthur does not get along well with most people, despite being a big time womanizer.

Brief History: An orphan raised by his martial arts instructor, Shen, Arthur seeks vengeance against Shadoloo for the assassination of his parents. A master of the occult, he has enhanced his power by absorbing the souls of 1,000 dead warriors, but he reserves this power only for the most dire of times.

Rival: Vega (he killed Arthur’s parents under orders. Arthur’s parents were U.N. agents who “got in the way” of Shadoloo business.)

Special Moves

Ranged. Attacks opponent with dark energy. 2 seconds after a successful hit, it hits the opponent again, this time being unblockable. A second shadowbolt attack resets the time for the second hit. Does minor damage.

Ranged. Attacks the opponent with a ball of fire, doing damage over 4 seconds. Only the initial hit causes the opponent to flinch. Multiple firebolts stack. Does moderate damage. EX version available.

Dark Uppercut
An uppercut that lands a damage over time effect on the opponent. Only the hits from the uppercut itself cause the opponent to flinch. Multiple Dark uppercuts stack. Does moderate damage. Can be done in the air. EX version available.

Throw. Rushes toward the opponent, attempting to preform a throw. If successful, Arthur lifts the opponent from the ground and drains health from the opponent, then drops them to the ground. Does moderate damage.

EX Special: Triple Dark Uppercut.
Does 3 EX Dark Uppercuts in a row.

Ultra: Slashing Darkness.
Creates a sword-like strain of dark energy, then does 3 whirlwind strikes with it, followed by a series of slashes.

Supporting Characters:

Shen H. Long
An old martial arts master who owns a dojo in British Columbia. He hopes to master all the martial arts in the world. He thinks of arthur as a son. A blatantly obvious reference to Sheng Long.

Mia Long
Shen’s Daughter. A bit of a playgirl, Arthur thinks of her as a Sister.

Dark Arthur
This is Arthur when he unleashes his full power. Looks exactly like Arthur, except is shrouded in dark energy, leaving Arthur’s eyes (which are glowing in this form.)the only thing discernible about him. His power is far greater than the Satsui No Hado.

Some quotes:

“You’re going to regret fighting me.”

“Are you willing to flirt with death?”

“You’re pathetic! Get out of my sight!”

“Your soul is mine now!”

“You only lost because you’re an amateur. Get over it!”

“Get up! I’m not done with you!”

“Now do you understand the true power of darkness?”


I swear as I read the attacks I thought to myself…

“WTF is this? Did he steal those moves from Pokemon?”

And Arthur Finnegan?!


Damn yooooouuuu Street Fighter 4


You fucking idiot… The highest measure for an IQ is 200 and the highest that anyone has ever gotten is 180. Other than that, good post.

I can’t decide who is more of a complete failure between the thread creator and Jeff Hardy.

have you rolled his stats yet?

Actually, there is no true limit to how high an IQ can get, it’s just, well, no Real person has ever gone that high. At least, that’s what my father told me (and he’s a physicist.)

So much time and effort fucking wasted in creating this character, this thread and your life.

lol i think he said wat we were all thinking there :rofl:

not yet, though i was thinking of his as a having low physical attack, having to rely on speed and evasiveness to win fights.

I’m no Jeff hardy fan, I just used his dress style as a way to help people visualize what I’m trying to make him look like. Wow, hostility.

I don’t know whether to give props for trying or to continue the current flow of the thread?


And you gotta admit most people have done one of these at some point. Hell, I did one for a class project back in 8th Grade. Got an A on that shit too.

Ypuss would queef on your character OP.

Wow OP. You’re really creative. I can’t possibly think of the reason why we have never had threads such as these before.

Welcome to SRK.

Now please go back to GameFAQs, thanks.

Charater Name: JPGR-
Nationality: Canadian
Fighting Style: Sexual predatory techniques learned while prowling the streets
Height: Just tall enough to look down your shirt
Age: Old as fuck
Personality: JPGR is the kind of guy who lurks the grocery store, talking to you while slightly lisping, occasionally checking your ass out when you turn around. His company typically results in uncomfortable silences, awkward forced laughter, and general creepyness. In an attempt to impress his latest victim, he enters the tournament with his unique brand of stalking techniques.

Don’t be hatin’.

Butchie McBallbuster

Nationality: Scenelandia

Fighting Style: Drunken Brawling, Foxy Boxing

Height/ Weight: 5’ 2’’, 150 lbs.

Age: 27

Eye Color: brown

Sex: Female-ish

IQ: 110

Physical Description: Butchie wears clothing just like Le Tigre star JD. She has a pink t-shirt, khaki pants, Black Chuck Taylors with some writing on them, and a fuzzy pseudo 'stache. She has short black hair, pale skin, and a bunch of ironic tattoos and gender bending slogans on buttons afixed to her flannel.

Personality: A touch cynical, Butchie does not get along well with most people, except for the OP.

**Name:**Tulu Fa’asulu

Nationality: Samoan

Fighting Style: Rough Housing

Height/ Weight: 6’ 0’’, 410 lbs.

Age: 25

Eye Color: Brown

Sex: Male

IQ: Who needs brain when you got mass!?

Physical Description: He’s big. He can move around. And he likes to bear hug shit.

Personality: Ladies man. But not flamboyant.

Brief History: His parents always hit him with the belt. Now he’s grown up, and doing the same thing to others.

Rival: Arthur Finnegan. He hates Arthur Finnegan.

Special Moves

Chariot tackle.

Fire Dance
Oro chicken stomps.

Fa’a Slap [up to 3 times]
Rekka combo.

Coconut Smasher
Command grab.

EX Special: Return to the Island
Pummels opponent, then throws them into the ground.

Ultra: Return to the Ocean
Takes off belt and beats opponent with it, then throws them up in the air and slams them into the ground. Samoan slam style.

Supporting Characters:


Some quotes:

“Fasi that ass!”


and there it is the post that makes me spit beer at my screen with laughter…kudos to you sir kudos :tup:


Thread will now commence to become joke thread.

EDIT: Already beaten to it, lol.