The Street Fighter fan-made character thread

Wouldn’t be very effective, he is already drenched in douche.


Benoit Hache

Nationality: Canada

Fighting Style: Me

Height/ Weight: 6’’, 187 lbs.

Age: 17

Eye Color: Brown

Sex: Male

IQ: 8976

Physical description: MEEEEEEE

Personality: Anonymous forum poster

Rival: Mods. Fuck mods. Heart forums.

Special Moves

Ha! Do Ken!
Projectile. If it hits, opponent is forced to play as Ken for the next 34 rounds. Can be EXed for permanent Ken.

Dragon Punch. When hits, opponent mows lawn for next 30 minutes. Warning: You have to pay him 10$.

Fucking bastard
Tick throw. Can be used in any situation. Cannot be escaped. Cannot be softened. Does way too fucking much damage.

EX special

Ultra: Learn to play
Forces opponent to learn how to play Street Fighter. One Hit Kill.

Supporting Characters
Shen Shen and Long Long
Twin DBZ characters that are too awesome for this game and decide to teach me because they’re bored or I pay them or something

Gonna fuck her. You know he will.

Some quotes:

Worst Character Ever!
Also, no, I honestly have never done this stupid shit before. I’m bored. Gonna play more Broken Picture Telephone (that’s how bored I am).
Also for a bit of lulz.

SRK: Where your creativity and effort is rewarded with hatred and neg rep.

Not saying it’s a bad thing.

There was an old man named Arthur Finnegan
He had whiskers on his chin-egan
They fell out and then grew in again
Poor auld Arthur Finnegan
Begin again

Seriously, though…fuckin noobs and their shenanigans.

NO FANFIC CRAP IN THIS AREA! Go back to gamefaqs with that shit.

Akuma iz cheep bcuz he can throw

Charater Name: TOM
Nationality: AMERICAN
Fighting Style: CHINGCHONGFU
Height: 6’5"
Age: 12
Rival: KEN

Name: That guy from the arcade

Nationality: American

Fighting Style: Disgusting

Height/ Weight: Usually a bit overweight, height is unknown, he’s always sitting

Sex: Male

Physical Description: walks with a slouch from playing too much 3S

Personality: Does. Not. Talk.

Brief History: This is the guy who I played against in 3S at my local arcade. He beat me and after I said GGs all he did was sit there in silence and didn’t even acknowledge me. He smelt very badly and was very antisocial for the entire evening making my matches pretty boring.

Rival: Soap

Special Moves

Ignore You: This is one of his very special moves, during a match he ignores all your comments you make. After a match also expect to be ignored.

Counterpick of rage: When you win with X character he will always choose the same character you chose in an effort to show you “How to really play as that character” in attempt to make you rage.

Smell: Just stands there and smells like ****

Stare of Death: Stares at the monitor and does not glace in any direction even after match is over.


RAGE: After losing a match of 3S he jumps out of his chair and screams “Your Dudley is so ****ing cheap!!!” he then proceeds to storm out of the arcade. This Ultra results in no damage but incurs major lulz.

Supporting Characters:

Obviously has no friends

Some quotes:


best post I have read in a long time :tup:

Oh hell no. :expressionless:

60 cent
Gangsta shoto
6.5" 220
25 Years Old
eye color= brown
IQ= fuck that he got street smarts
Physical Description=Cut like fucking Vick son
Personalty=Angered by fools getting in the way of his cake intake.
Rivals= none, all are scared or love him
Special Moves

Vitiman water- 60 cent throws bottles of his delicious flavored water both refreshing you and hurting you at the same time

9lives- 60 cent absorbs up to 9 projectiles from oppoenent each round

Make it Rain- 60 cent knocks you down and showers you with so much money that it almost suffocates you.

Special Move
B-Unit attack. 60 and his crew corner you and shower you with money and vitiman water to the point that you almost die

Ultra Move
At the Club - 60 calls upon a crew of bitches and homies to trapple you as if you where in a club (because as you know you can only find him in the club with a bottle full of bub)

sry i tried

Excellent. The rival acctually got an audible laugh.

My character Klaas will money match your Arthur Finnegan and win before the first round even starts. He is that broken.
Also, with every hit he lands, the amount of money magically doubles.

Concerning the first post - WTF does drunken boxing have to do with dark magic? Silly.

Name: JCVD Lee-Chan Norris

Nationality: No one knows

Fighting Style: Martial Arts Action Movie

Height/ Weight: Think Fei-Long.

Sex: Male

Physical Description: Think Fei-Long, but more American. And a beard.

Personality: Yells lots of WHOOS! and AHHHHS! When fighting. Acts poorly. Kicks a lot of ass.

Brief History: Has made martial arts movies ranging from good to bad since we can all remember.

Rival: Sly “The Rock” Schwarzenegger.

Special Moves

Slow Motion Kick - Kick performed in slow motion for stylistic intent that has no real chance of landing in a real fight.

Slow Motion Punch - See above.

Second Wind - Only available when you have less than 25% of your health and your opponent has greater than 90%. After thoroughly getting your ass handed to you, your attacks miraculously cause 50% more damage. You also look real intimidating and get real serious.

Confused Accent - Taunt. If successful, opponent is confused, wondering what accent the taunt was in. One of two ways to land the Slow Motion moves.

Roundhouse - The only real viable move in the offense. Opponent is immediately sent to the opposite end of the screen if it connects, but it can be canceled into the Slow Motion moves for dramatic effect.

Super - “I signed on for two” - Bombards the opponent with hundreds of copies of re-writes, swallowing him in an avalanche of sub-par martial arts movies.

Ultra - “I signed on for three” - Ties up the opponent and forces him/her to watch all three films of a crappy franchise. Opponents goes comatose.

Supporting Characters: The Director, The Writer, The Producer, The Fanboy

Some quotes:

“I should let my fists and feet do the talking, but my contract states I have to say a few lines. Here goes!”

Shadowbolt, Firebolt, DPS… Wtf is this shit. Keep it in WoW.


I really hope you’re being sarcastic.

Oh for Christ’s sake …

Name:Tsoro Obajagun
Birthdate:April 6
Fighting Style: Hybrid Martial Arts
Inspiration:Israel Adansya,Bobby Ologun
Special Moves:-
Earth Mover: Seismic wave attack
Panther Fang: powerful knee kick technique
Elephant Tusk: an tackle attack
Orisha Throw: an throwing technique
Likes:his family,Fufu,Egusi soup,Dee Jay,Ryu
Blood Type:B+
Weight:221 lbs
Dee Jay
Background Story:
Tsoro lived in Lagos,Nigeria with his family.
His father is an well-respected military police officer.his father has found a connection between terrorist group and mysterious organization run by Urien.
When trying to giving the evidence to his superiors but he was framed by his former partner for supporting terrorism and sentenced for 27 years in prison.
15 years ago,his father died of an illness,
Tsoro become sad and frustrated of his death.his family moved to japan and his mother married his father’s best friend and also a professional fighter.
Tsoro and his stepfather become closed and trained him to become powerful and strong fighter.
He participate every MMA tournament around the World and win every one.
Tsoro means Panther
Obajagun means Warrior King