The Statue Thread

I know there’s an action figure thread, so forgive me Sano :china:

Recently, I’ve been getting into collecting statues. Mainly Bowen Designs Statue. I just got my first statue the other week. It’s a Dr.Doom Statue.

I was wondering who else on here collects statues.

Also, what the hell is an “Artist Proof” statue?

Nice is that the full size statue or the mini statue? I have that one too but as the Mini statue :bluu: I tend to grab any statue that grabs my attention/looks cool, I also have a slew of mini busts too, Ill grab some pictures tomorrow, since Im so tired :zzz:

I just purchase this brand new statue. Wow, amazing, so hot. Let me know what you guys think!

Difoj: And yea, it’s the full size statue. =)

Nice Colossus statue! Shiny too. :cool:

Why thank you Sano =)

What do you guys think of this statue? I’m thinking of getting this one next. Under a $100 sounds like a steal to me, plus it’s a full size.

Looks kinda cool, hopefully you don’t get kids running around your house jumping on your statues thinking it’s like a climbing toy or something lol

Right you’re the guy that likes the Clone Saga! Come on man you HAVE to get it. :tup:

EDIT: OT Pride, you’re gonna watch Dollhouse right?

These are some of the statues/busts I have, camera is The Suck right now, some of the statues I have dont show up on that site :confused: I dont have the folded hands one, just the nornal one :bluu:

Wow, I’m in love with that Captain America 911 statue. How much did you get that for?

Also how much did you pay for the Doom side show statue? The one where he’s sitting on the chair?

I’m trying to find the Hard Hero Dare Devil statue full size in Yellow. I’ve seen it for $220.00 at the cheapest.

The Captain America one was either 150.00 or 180.00, I got it when it was first released. The Doom one I got for $110.00 since a small part was snapped off when I inspected it, but he had it listed at 125.00.

I got this on Pre-order:

check this out, I was looking on ebay and saw this custom colossus. looks pretty hot

I even saw this custom arch angel he made. now this statue is a beauty

anyone know where i can get this for a decent price besides ebay?

how beautiful is this statue???

Obviously shadoloo requires it’s women to be* clean shaven* :wink:

so i went to a garage sale early this morning to look at some comics and i found out this dude has like 175 bowen statues.

i had no idea what is rare or not so i didn’t buy any of them but i’m thinking of going back after i did some research.

i think majority of them were busts but he showed me this cool as classic x-men (like from x-men 1) where the original 5 are in their og costume. he said he’s offering all 5 for 200 bones. i don’t know if that’s a good deal or not.

all of the statues come in boxes and they are all pretty mint.

what do you guys think? is there any particular one i should be eyeing? this guy does keep up with these statues and prices so i didn’t think i was getting good deals.

I just placed an order for this. This is so hot!!!

Damn that shit is hot :amazed:

For you deadpool lovers out there

Dead Pool




Im thinking of purchasing a pre-order statue from Have you guys had any experience with this company? They say that they have to charge my paypal account now yet its still only pre-order for the full amount.

Also, usually how much is the shipping. What’s the best place/cheapest place to buy statues/figurines…

I own exactly one statue.

but it IS a Bowen!

It’s the miniature version of his full-scale Robin statue. I promised myself that I would buy the first one I found, after missing out on one in 2000.

I found one in '08 for $15 in a battered box, but it was complete and unbroken (the one I passed on in '00 was because his foot was broken. I could’ve fixed it, but this is even better).

for the record this is the statue:

Robin Statue