The Squaresoft Fighting Game Thread...I'm probably the only one who likes these!

Ok, check it out Squaresoft makes so many good rpg’s that people forget that the made some fighting games that weren’t to popular. They had one in the arcade called Ehrgiez, I think Namco had some input wit dis one. They Also Made Bushido Blade and Tobal. What do you think about these games.


Bushido Blade…is… great. I nearly crapped at the gameplay. True innovation and reality. I, too, wanted a Katana after I played that game!

…as for Ehrgiez, God did not bless the ring enough for me…as stated in the subtitle! haha, but the cameos in the roster were good.
How is Tobal? The DBZ guy did the character designs for it…that is all I…know.

Tobal was kinda like Tekken except it may have the first Fighting Game to have a 3d Adventure mode it was called Quest mode. The charcaters look like they were pulled straight from DBZ, which makes the characters dat much cooler. They had really dumb ass names though like…GREN KUTS…HOM…ILL GOGA…and CHUJI. but nonetheless a fun fighting game.

TOBAL NO.1 :tup: :tup: :tup:

Akira Toriyama fails to surprise me. His work with Squaresoft and Enix respectively, has that nice touch. From Chrono Trigger and onward. Still, was it a Fantasy 3D fighter(DBGT) or Reality based Fighter(Tekken) in gameplay?

As mentioned before, the same guy who designed the DBZ characters also designed Tobal No. 1 characters. I still don’t see what’s wrong with Tobal 2 they couldn’t bring it here.

Tobal 2 was the shiznit, and they really should do a Bushido Blade 3…Ehrgeiz I could really take or leave though.

I only like Tobal cause I could use Cloud and Sephiroth from FFVII and it was free roaming like Power Stone so even if u sucked at it the opponent could just beat blood out of u from close-up u could run from them. It had some interesting characters. The main character Godhand had a gun arm and is some relation the Kazuya from Tekken


Sonny, you are referring to EHRGEIZ, not Tobal. God did not bless your post.

u know wat I meant KOF…!!! under my breath smart ass!

thanks for catchin that though for anyone else rags on me :clap:

I thought Ergheiz was garbage. Tobal was likeable.

I only played Bushido Blade once or twice, haven’t cared to play it again.

CT onward? More like Dragon Quest 1 onward, man…

Adventure mode in Ergheiz was awesome. I remember that you could rush up the first boss, the giant octopus, equip a polearma nd beat him from the corner where he couldn’t hit you back. You’d get about 10 levels doing that. We also hacked that game up with Gameshark Pro. There were a LOT of things to hack in there. Fun fun fun. Never played too much Bushido Blade, though. Never even touched the Tobal series, though I’ve heard good things about them.

Yeah, man. I went and found Ergheiz again just to play the adventure mode. That was some good stuff. It was also quite lengthy if I remember.

The doctor was cool, but YoYo Yoko should have her own adventure. She was a cop and had beef against the tourney…maybe this is not a good idea. The doctor fought monsters and the like to give the game that Squaresoft feel. Namco harmonically did a good job for its time, and Squaresoft seemed to push the right buttons teamwork wise. Even with Nintendo.

Graphics whores are the reason we never got Tobal 2. They took bitching to a heavenly level when Tobal came out. Most everybody who DID buy a copy only bought it for the FF7 demo, and bitched about the game afterwards, not being quite shap enough to notice the gameplay. Sure, there were a few people (like me, thanks to Gamefan magazine) who went in well-informed and sold on the gameplay, but we weren’t numerous enough. Dream Factory said “Well, fuck, the first one sold like shit, why the hell should we go through the trouble of translating a much larger game than the first one just for THOSE unappreciative assholes?” And that’s where stupid-ass graphics whores get you. Left out. I’m surprised we got Bushido Blade 2.

I liked Bushido Blade 2 and I like ergheiz because of the cameos from ff7 characters. I’ve never played or heard of tobal though.

Yoko Yoyo=best cop fighting game character, next to Lei Wulong

Man you must have smoked some good shit to make that game good. I’ve smoked alot of good chronic and mj that still doesn’t make the game any likeable. The sound in that game sucked ass, as well as the character design. A chicken guy, give me a break, I might as well fight a giant penis. Toriyama gets too much credit for drawing in games, all his characters’look alike. Don’t get me started on Dragon Quest 8, you can even turn into a super Saiyan in that game.

Ergheiz had a pretty cool quest mode, the Weapon/Armor modification system was pretty decent, they should have scrapped the fighting game and made a better quest mode.

the quest mode was fun but easy, especially after you got the sasuke equipment… felt like sotn afterwards heh. the endings were kinda disappointing though.

as for the real game though, it was ok. i remember playing it a lot with my friends. i still have the game somewhere with my ps games.

How could guys forget THE Bouncer! Sure the gameplay sucked but it was still fun! Nothing like the feeling of running up to your friend’s back whos fighting another friend and you stab them in the back ninja style!

And the different and unique characters were pretty cool too.