THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN - The Houston Thread - Texas Showdown May 5-7, 2017

Things are changing in our city. Our player base is expanding and we have new places to play. There is a lot of talent in Houston right now and it is a good time to be a part of the scene! This thread will be for updating information about locations to play in Houston, tournament news, lessons, arranging get togethers, gaming strats, finding carpools to events outside of Houston, and other fighting game related talk. The joking and shit talk is fine as long as we maintain a focus on playing and improving. Don?t be disrespectful to other people posting as this does nothing but cause unnecessary beef and can get you banned. If you have personal beef solve it with them outside of the forums. Have fun everyone!

Weekly events:

University of Houston
Student Center

Fridays starting at 8pm

Listed below is the facebook page and irc info for all of those interested. I would recommend checking these 2 out.

-(#houstonfightersunited on efnet)

Join the Houston Video Game Network by going to this link at and click join! Ill approve your request so ill see you in the HoustonVGN…


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Recap of 2/17/11 SSF4AE weekly at PZ
Recap of 2/24/11 SSF4AE weekly at PZ

Planet Zero just got King of Fighters XIII and BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2

Planet Zero’s live stream:

Video channel:

So guys, how about that STREET FIGHTER©?

I sure do love me some STREET FIGHTER©.


Rampage: Gold Coast is the hotel I stayed at. It was 17$ a night and I got a 2 bedroom also which was 2 good. Are you setting up everything for evo right now like flight and hotel?

I’m looking into it. I may do it all within the week if everything works out.

Nice! The stock I invested in is suppose to do 2$ by tomorrow. If it does, wrap time nap time. Let me know when you booking your hotel and flight cause I dont mind flying with you. We could be playing emulators with mvc1 on it =]

Hey brian, hold off on my copy of AH3 for a week. Some shit came up and I need new tires.

Hello my name is alex ^_^. I dont like to drive to far places but I play at Monsters whenever I can (although I have to leave by 10pm cause of stupid work). I play Dudley in street fighter. Add me on XBOX for some Dudley matches.

But my true love right now is BlazBlue, and I have been secretly training to be the best Makoto Nanaya PLayer in the WORLD! She has the play style of Slayer and Sol if they did the fusion dance. I am realy looking forward to playing CS2, and I Hope they have Blaze in some form at EVO this year. add me on xbox for blaz matches too!

As for MVC3 I am undecided if I will play seriously.

My adivce on getting better:

Play more against people that are better then you! If you beat someone more then 5 times in a row, you need to play someone else. (Unless of course you are the best and are helping out someone else that wants to get better. IN that case thank you for helping.)

Fools don’t know bout the game of death

Hi, I use balrog! They nerfed him in AE…so I’m currently mad! Now my main focus will be mahvel 3! I love houston!!!

Wtf… I haven’t seen you in like a month! Damn no more hakumen?! ;(. I really wanted you to get good with him!

what happened between genius and abk? I sincerely hope that issue was resolved

It has been. A while ago actually.

Then stop bringing it back up! Then that boy abk goes on a rampage. And we are back to where we started

Alex: I would like to see you play mvc3. I know you was pretty good at guilty gear so I would like to see what u can do in marhvel 3. Im tired of watching vids of other people having fun. Im ready to jump that games bones dammmit!

Nah alex stick to blaz. Even though its dead