The Shijou Saikyou no Teishi(World's Strongest Disciple): Kenichi Thread

anyone heard anything about this?

A cel-shaded 3D fighter from capcom? Oh my! :lp::lp::r::lk::hp:


What If? issue #43: What If Capcom made Naruto?

Looks like rival schools or something…

i bet these character’s are going to have dragon punchs and shit.

And I thought Capcom was done making fighters for good. It does remind me of the Naruto GNT games but I’m hoping this is original.

Actually, one the pictures shows the main guy doing a dragon punch esque move…

If it has six buttons it will be the best fighter of 2007.

Huzzah! Looks alright. I wonder what the game engine will be like. It reminds of me Rival Schools. Ah, the sweet memories that I share with that game.

Even though many might call me stupid, I actually hope it plays like Street Fighter.

reminds me of rival schools.

god, those character designs sure are turning me off though, they look hella simple.

Capcom’s making it? Lovely. But who’s programming it, specifically? Are they people with prior experience, or is it just a new crew lashed together by Capcom? Just because it’s one of the good old companies doesn’t mean this is necessarily going to be the next Street Fighter (or whatever).

it’s based on a manga serialized on shonen sunday (and also a tv anime) apparently, so it’s not a TRUE capcom fighting game.

it COULD be good, but i wouldn’t place any expectations on it.

The girl reminds me of Karin.

that girl has quite an ass

Why not? Capcom made JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, based on a manga, and it was outstanding.

QFT. Although, the source material is amazing in itself.

Anyone seen/read this Kenichi thing?

Yeah…I just plain don’t have any high expectations in an anime-based fighter…

Cmon. I think you’re ALL getting your hopes a bit high.

I doubt it’ll be anything special, although I’d love for them to prove me wrong.
It does look an awful lot like the GNT games though.