The SF2 Hyper Fighting Thread

Street Fighter 2 Hyper Masters Tournament no.1

*Western Atlantic Bracket (USA, Canada, South Americas, West Indies etc…)
16 man Double Elimination Tournament.
*East Atlantic Bracket (Europe, Africa etc)
8 man Double Elimination Tournament.

BRACKETS Basic Seeding with Area Grouping + Random Draw
The champion of each will play for overall ‘Western Hemisphere Online Champion’:


US Bracket - last 4 - True Old School vs Decoy:

Games will be best of 5.
Matches can be played using:
nFBA (Scroll down this first post for info on how to play using nFBA)
XBox360 SF2HF

You can also play your matches using HSF2 with HF characters only, Speed 1. This will enable bug free play on GGPO.
The Beginners guide to: 2DF | GGPO | Kaillera | MAME | ZSNES | Port Forwarding
Where possible it would be nice to play the matches on Supercade / since GGPO SF2HF is very ‘buggy’ and ‘desyncy’, and whatismore with 2DF the replays are saved so ill capture and put the best ones up on youtube!

  • Supercade stores your replays in your ‘My documents’ folder. Send them to me!!

ENTRANTS (click on the name of you competitor for his profile page):
SRK name (click for User Profile) - Location- 2DF / GGPO handle

WEST ATLANTIC (USA, Canada, South Americas, West Indies etc):

Battosai (USA -San Jose CA)
biscuitchef (USA - ???) biscuitchef
Decoy (USA -New Jersey) Real Decoy
FiForce (USA -NY) FiForce
JED07 (USA - Brantford ON) JED07
mr.hadoken (USA Detroit) The Punisher - 2DF / mrhadoken01
Old Mastah (USA - ??) Old Mastah
Poda (USA - ??) Poda
Pup (USA -Texas) Pup
Silks (USA - ??) Silks
TarkanX (USA - Minnesota) TarkanX
True_Old_School (USA - L.A) True_Old_School
ultracombo (USA - Oakland ) ultracombo
vegetabroly (USA -Texas) Vegeta
Wolf_1 (USA - South Cali) FrankDuxDimMak

EAST ATLANTIC (Europe, North Africa, Near East etc):

Adoket (Finland) Paskis
asociale (ITA) asociale
Crayfish (UK) Crayfish
fiol (ITA) fiol
Serpico (UK) Serpico
scoryu (Turkey) scoryu
The Dude (Germany) The Dude
Wolmar (FR) Wolmar

If you have IRC, here is a great place to meet for matches: irc://

Here we’ve trying to consolidate every resource available for those who want to learn and promote Hyper Fighting.

SRK member felineki has reated a hack for SF2Tj that allows you to view the hitboxes. This is a very handy tool that was previously only possible via dipswitch config. Download here:

Hosting courtesy of NZism/Alphaism, thanks to fluxcore for saving.

Chun Li

Come play SF2 HF online with us.
simply visit: Supercade
and follow the instructions. This is nFBA netplay but with an automated frontend, game lobby-chat room, region display, friends lists, replay archives and much more besides. Get over there right away!!

Or there is still the older method:
download the ‘nFBA’ netplay emulator here:
kaillera real estate apartment for at
While your there, also download the Okai recorder (this allows you to record matches).
*To use the Oaki recorder you also need to have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package instaled:
Download details: Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86)
When you connect to an online game check the ‘record matches’ box:
before U check the ‘ready’ box. When U finish the set, the tiny compressed ‘.krec’ replay files appear in the ‘records’ folder.

Then connect to the ‘#srkkaillera’ channel on mIRC to meet and arange matches:
SRK Kaillera channel (for P2P primarily): #srkkaillera @ EFnet
Im on there along with other HF players like ‘LeRaldo’. Leave a message with your online handles in the thread & send me the .krec replay files from your best matches. I’ll post them on the Hyper Fighting youtube channel:
YouTube - Crayfis’s Channel

#srkkaillera SF2 HF PLAYER HANDLES *(…) denotes SRK handle ‘if different’:
Brian Feldstein
GODtier (Oski H)
Kenz (TheRealO.GKen)
madpossum (mad possum)
metro (metrock1)
MGear ( snake)
MOJOjojo / SuperGODtier (Decoy)
neR (CaliAgent)

‘Hyper Fighting Dizzy System, Charr guides & strategies’
MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
Goldmine of SF2-HF expert info, strategies, tactics, combos selected from news groups and forums. Download this before you do anything else…

‘Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting - Instructional’ Youtube playlist:
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
Contains many video’s like Decoy’s fantastic, Hyper Fighting Blanka tutorial &
StuBor9s’ incredibleZangief combo vids.

R | C - Mastercheng’s fantastic hitbox project:

‘Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting - Great Matches’
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
Too much great stuff to mention. Continualy updated.

NKI’s SF2 resources translated from the T.Akiba supersite:

The Sunnyvale Golfland article
& the Tomo Ohira interview
both from the GamePro HF Guidebook

The Tomo Ohira thread:
No vids of US SF’s ‘Golden Era’ & best_ever player!?

There has been alot of debate about the running speed of HF under emulation. For those who don’t know, HF runs faster than the origonal arcade board under emulation (within Mame & Winkawaks) this is because the speed of the game in HF was linked to the CPU speed of the board (or something like that). I have repeatedly timed the full round ‘time out’ matches of the tourney vids I’m posting, and the correct emulation using the fantastic old Callus Emulator. I’ve concluded that a round (going by when the clock starts & finishes) is around:
In both Mame and WinKawaks under normal settings a round will last approx
clearly a significant speed inrease, and ‘very’ noticable when played side by side. Thankfully there is an emulator (besides the fantastic but defunct ‘Callus’) that runs the game at the correct speed, ‘nFBA’. For more info see ONLINE PLAY section at the top of the page for more info:

Street Fighter II - Hyper Fighting Edition XBox 360 SRK Player Roster:
Street Fighter II - Hyper Fighting Edition XBox 360 SRK Player Roster
SFII Turbo: HF - Good Times Thread:
SFII Turbo: HF - Good Times Thread
Xbox SF2 HF forums: | P-S (Xbox LIVE Arcade) - Street Fighter® II? Hyper Fighting


HF is awesome. Too bad I have nothing good to contribute.

On a useless note, I heard that there is a version of HF that the Konami code works on. Is this true? For those that don’t know, you can enter the code in the arcade versions of WW and CE in attract mode while two CPU opponents are fighting each other. It gives you statistics about how many credits were put in the machine and how many times each character was selected.

Bravo for this thread.

  1. This thread is top-tier
  2. I have very little to contribute.

This is gonna be a lot more difficult to contribute to than the ST thread since no one in Okinawa HAS HF, and even less still play SF2 in general.

To JinraiPVC,, Bill Wood & Callmeanewb, thanks alot guys, fantastic stuff. Really looking forward to the future of the thread after such a posotive start. CANT WAIT to see Tomo tape especialy :bgrin:

Soz, this is something important I had prepared to include in the origonal post. The has been alot of debate about the running speed of HF under emulation. For those who don’t know, HF runs faster than the origonal arcade board under emulation, this is because the speed of the game in HF was linked to the CPU speed of the board (or something like that).
I have repeatedly timed the full round ‘time out’ matches of the tourney vids I’m posting, and the correct emulation using the fantastic old Callus Emulator.
I’ve concluded that a round (going by when the clock starts & finishes) is around:


In both Mame and WinKawaks under normal settings a round will last approx


clearly a significant speed inrease, and ‘very’ noticable when played side by side.

The Solution:
1.) I’ve only tested these three (Callus, Mame & WinKawaks) emulators, of which only Callus emulates the speed correctly. There may be other Emulators that also work (would appreciate some ‘verified’ input on this) so you could use one of them to play the game.
2.) Winkawaks (and maybe other Emus ??) allows you to configure the CPU frequency manualy
(Menu> Misc> Configure 68000 frequency)
so you can adjust this setting so the game runs at the correct speed (you can use the arrow keys for fine tuning). Setting the frequency to ‘7mhz’ (which is a nice round number to remember) yeilded fairly accurate results, tho a more accurate setting may be in the late 6 range (6.75 or so). When I tested this setting in Killera Netplay, it seemed to use the adjusted CPU frequency if both of you had the same setting, tho I can’t be sure because of the added time of ‘Lag Pauses’ (more testing needed).

*I would vey much appreciate some more ‘varified’ input and secondary testing on these results and other possible solutions for accurate online play. Its very important to the future of the game, that these issues are cleared up as early as possible.


Ok, here is part 2 (of 7) of the
GuangZhou HF3 Pg1Grp D & E

Have reposted hre Apoc’s breakdown of Rog vs Sim in HF (frm the Tomo thread):

I’ll do my best off the top. It’s been over a decade, lol. Really quick, me and Schaefer played 5 times in tourney and I lost ‘em all. However, Sagat doesn’t beat Rog. It’s a great match. In fact, my first tourney facing Watson I used Rog vs. Watts Ryu AND Sagat and single handedly eliminated him in winners’ and losers’ bracket. I lost one game of 7 then. Fine, they didn’t have Rog experience but I didn’t have “top player” experience as I didn’t play with those guys and had my local 'cades so, that just proves who brought serious Rog to the scene, lol.

K, Rog and Sim is in total favor of Sim if only because Sim can get away with a mistake or two but Rog can’t. Otherwise, it’s a great match. Part of Rog’s main strat is to not get knocked down or to get hit with a drill(Blocked or not) that also allows Sim to land. This means that you need disgression when attacking and appropriate range(Sounds like ol skool, huh? heheh).

When attacking, you want to make sure that Sim can’t move much. Meaning, don’t st. fierce if he can move. You can eat a low move and get tossed around. Either attack after he’s afraid to flinch or after he’s whiffed. That way you hit the start up of Sim’s moves or follow them in for free. I particular counter any whiffed legs over my head. This allows me more freedom to jump from farther when Sim realizes the risk in throwing out random standing kicks. Much like A3, Rog’s dash will go through the kicks at the right range and nail him for free(I took this part of Rog vs. Sim straight from HF). A good Sim will be VERY careful about throwing out st.kicks.

Staying just outside max slide range is perfect for TAPS through Sim’s punches while also being able to react instantly to any whiffed slides.

A smart Sim will only throw fireballs at a range where Rog can’t tap safely. It’s important to know this range and either jump over fireballs early or simply block while working toward better positioning. At this range the only thing to watch for is the jab fireball. An early jump will land on it so just block or jump straight up but only while Sim is in recoil.

Drills MUST be taken care of. If Sim gets to the air at the right range without you nailing him you must walk into it and either take the hit or block close enough to counter before he lands. If you block or get hit by it at this range, it’s over. Tossed to death. However, less than perfect drills are Rog’s best friend here. Instead of taking the hit high and throwing, Rog should take the hit high(blocked or not) and combo to dizzy and then the round is over with Rog winning. Still, once Rog is down, there’s no risk for Sim and, again, it’s over. As with many characters, st. jab counters clean from the proper range and st. strong is great too. Utilize all of your AA’s against Sim ON THE WAY UP. Dash is good to take a high hit to combo too.

When knocking down sim, Rog should get free damage. Deep TAP to jab dash and keep your range.

Rog’s big advantage is his ability to dizzy so fast. Sim is a big character and therefore takes some huge Rog combos like the one I listed in my last post. That combo is the ender because Sim has to guess to avoid further damage. After the 2nd dash upper, Rog can walk up and overhead with jumping fierce, throw or trip. The throw sets up more damage or even a glitch juggle(like that Japanese vid), usually in the corner(heheh Sim can do it to Rog too).

Thanks for the great info Crayfish, this is the exact kinda stuff I was looking for in my Dhalsim thread that is dying on the vine in the Strat section. :slight_smile: I’ve just now started up with Sim after playing this game for over a decade, and I think I’ll be sticking with him for awhile.

I’m not sure what else I can contribute here, but I still have the old SF2T guides with tier/match listings and such. If anyone is interested in those, I can put 'em up when I get home tonight.

Keep an eye on the Gang Zhou tourney m8, there are quite a few Dhalsim players on there, and I’m hoping (O Sim master) Shirts might pass through at some point. Sure people would love to see the old guide’s, for nostalga as much as anything. That reminds me:

The Sunnyvale Golfland article
& the Tomo Ohira interview
both from the GamePro HF Guidebook *Reposted from the ‘Tomo’ thread.

If any collectors are on here, check this out:
Its a different instructional video to the Gamest one I’ve already posted up. I’d love to see it. If anyone gets/has this, let us know, there have been several kind offers already to rip/ host anything like this for the thread.


That is some sweet stuff Wood, I want to see this too, so hopefully that member encodes it soon and post it on here for all of us to download, watch and learn, HF was imo the #1 best SF game, I loved it. Plus it would be nice to see some tips from Tomo, since he was the beast of his time…sigh, what I would give to see the man come back and beast in oldschool again.

Btw, Crayfish, great shit I tell you, I’m just sorry that I can’t contribute but I fully support this idea though.

As promised, here are the character rankings from the SF2 Turbo Strategy Guide, which are supposedly meant to reflect success in expert-level player vs. player competition (at the time of the guide’s writing anyway):

**1: Guile
2: (tie) Ryu, Sagat
4: (tie) Zangief, Ken, Chun Li
7: E.Honda
8: Blanka
9: Vega
10: Balrog
11: Dhalsim
12: M.Bison

Guile: Key advantages vs. Zangief, Ken and Chun Li.
Ryu: Key advantages vs. Sagat, Ken and Chun Li.
Sagat: Key advantages vs. Zangief, Ken and Chun Li. Only disadvantage vs. Ryu.
Zangief: Key disadvantages vs. Guile and Sagat.**

How do you think this list has changed in the dozen+ years after the game’s release? Who is the most misrepresented character on the list? And who is exactly where they should be?

Wow, that list definately is a bit wierd. I mean. IMO, I think Blanka is easily top 5 or even top 3. When you have a ball attack that hits on the way up or down, that leads to some messed up situations for most characters. I think Ryu would be number 1 on that list. Hurricane kick that knocks down and goes over Guile’s Sonic Booms gives him a distinct advantage.


yeah. i definitely owned some peeps with blanka in this game. he should be in top 5.

That list is off and also, IMHO tiers were fairly balanced in HF compared to games of today

Some weird things about the list.

Guile does not have an advantage against Chun. It’s actually the other way around. I don’t think Ryu has an advantage against Sagat either. I think it’s the other way around as well.

IMO Ryu was no.1 in Hyper simply because he had fewer bad matches than Guile. Ryu had some problems with Sagat(?), Zangief and Vega. Guile had problems with Ryu, Blanka, Chun, Dhalsim and Vega.

Blanka high tier for once? WTF I know I beast with him round here, but that’s cause most of the players are just OG, haven’t touched it in years and don’t play on a regular basis.

I miss his x-up j. short that he has in later games though.

Go Kevin go. :tup:


Ok here is part 3(of 7) of the
GuangZhou HF3 Pg1Grp F,G & H

Thanks alot Bill, I hadn’t noticed just how odd these findings were until you posted them up again. This is an excellent starting point to get the discussion going. To see exactly how they broke the matches down, I’ve scaned the page in here:
*can anyone explain to me how to have a thumbnail of the image that links to Imageshack, soz I’m stupid. Also like to know how to create a ‘link’ out of a ‘word’ instead of having to print the entire URL. Thnx.

Now we already have Tomo’s own ranking from the same publication:
And thnx to Middlekick for translation we also have the latest T.Akiba rankings:

GamePro HF Guide:…Tomo Ohira:…T.Akiba

1: Guile …1. Guile …1. E.Honda
2: (tie) Ryu, Sagat …2. Ryu …2. Boxer
4: (tie) Zangief, Ken, Chun Li …3. Sagat …3. Ryu/Ken
7: E.Honda …4. Blanka …5. Blanka
8: Blanka …5. Ken …6. Guile
9: Vega …6.Dhalsim …7. Sagat
10: Balrog …7. Chun Li …8. Zangief
11: Dhalsim …8. Zangief …9. Claw
12: M.Bison …9. Balrog …10. Chun Li
…10. E.Honda …11. Dhalsim
…11. Vega …12. M.Bison
…12. M.Bison

*T.Akiba is THE Japanese SF2 Supersite, and afaik, in Japan is the most highly regarded source of information on the game. We can regard this as the the most upto date concensus on rankings in Japan.
E.Honda is no.1?!?!? Amazing Eh?, I’ve heard alot abt HF Honda, I know he has is the anystrength knockdown kicks & porkchop, but even so!! Also Boxer waay up there, amazing, proves Apoc right if its accurate. I think SRK member Dasrik is the man for HF Honda here on SRK, would be interested in what he has to say.

*It would be fantastic if someone could translate the 10point ranking chart so we can see how these matchups breakdown

Jeff Schaefer must have had another different ranking as well, as he’s quoted as saying he has Blanka in the top 3 on the Tomo thread. And told his story of beating the Wolf Brothers 32-0 with Blanka against all comers:
I guess Jeff would have top 3:

  1. Sagat
  2. Guile
  3. Blanka
    with Ryu being pushed out, as those are his winning characters.
    How do you guys have it?


I can’t help but keep thinking that those rankings by Tomo and GamePro are very old and yes while they do have actual experience backing those rankings, they don’t account for the discoveries in these last 10+ years.

Anyways, you can stick the t-akiba page into Google translator and it becomes pretty clear what the breakdowns are.

In order from up to down (and left to right):
Chun Li

Quick Excel job:

Looking at the breakdown for Honda shows he has a couple of lopsided matchups (9-1 vs Dhalsim, wtf?!) Pretty much the site says his only bad matchups are again Ryu/Ken (but not to Guile?)

Great old-school threads (this and the ST one by NKI.)

If you’re referring to the chart on the page that says “Hyper”, I may be able to do that. I can read most hiragana/katakana and a tiny bit of kanji, enough to get me through that chart anyway. I’ll see if I can recreate that chart as an English language .jpg or something.

EDIT: Here you go, I think I got everything right: