The Sega Naomi Thread

So, I just got my hands on this “kit” for a ridiculous $32 bucks… yeah, that’s right naomi board, capcom i/o converter and game (Rival Schools 2) and I know these kits are expensive as hell so it was a no-brain buy!!!

Everything is working flawless, the seller and I tested it in one of his american arcades cabs and we played a few games on it, he beats me twice.

Now the problem is that since I don’t have the entire arcade where we ran the test and I want to be sure about what else do I need in order to make it work like it should.

The vga, audio cable, jamma and kick harness are easy to find… but I heard that I need a psu (voltage???), service panel (is this true???) and a audio amp, but as I said, I want to be 100% sure, so the question is, what else do I need? And if is not to much to ask, can someone provide links to where can I buy the parts I need?

The seller has it running with MvsC2 game and everything seems pretty normal at first… I saw when he opens the cab so I can see the board is actually working, but now I’m in the middle of a lot of questions… I’m planning to get MvsC2 and Ikaruga games… when I have the money to buy them (I know they are more expensive than a PS4!!! But at least I have RS2 to test it when I finish the cab I’m building.

Here is the infamous kit that I got, try to not hate me:

Any information will be very appreciated!!!

  • You won’t need an audio amp; your Capcom I/O can handle it through the RCA jacks.
  • I’m not sure what “service panel” you’re talking about
  • You will definitely need a PSU. I’m not sure on the actual voltage requirements on it, though. If I’m not mistaken, the Naomi itself running on a cartridge isn’t too much of a power-hog. From what I read, the Capcom I/O should be able to route enough power to run a Naomi system on cartridge through the 8-pin molex cable with the power that it can receive through the JAMMA edge.

Keep in mind that, while MvC2 is a cart like your Justice Gakuen, Ikaruga is a GD-ROM and will need the GD-ROM drive, a SCSI cable, the appropriate power connectors, as well a Netdimm board that will need to have an appropriate firmware version uploaded. Also keep in mind that a setup that includes the GD-ROM drive will require more power from the power supply, obviously, and the Capcom I/O cannot distribute the right amount of power.

But lucky you; I recently got interested in Naomi stuff and have a practically identical setup coming to me tomorrow (with WWF Royal Rumble instead of Justice Gakuen), and I paid $150 shipped for it, and I thought THAT was a steal. :smiley:

But read up on this:

It should explain (almost) everything you need.
Also, please post back whenever you get new info or get things working, the info could benefit others (ie, me. :D)

Ok, thanks for your help Gundam!

I will look for the psu over ebay… let’s see if I’m still lucky enough to find one and since Ikaruga is for another format… well, I think I can live without it… specially since is way too expensive!

And I think I have never found anything for a better price than this kit… is a little dirty and yellowish, but nothing a little bleach with oxyclean can’t handle!

Oxyclean is fine, but I would not use bleach on sun damaged yellowed plastics, at best case scenario turn your plastic green at worst case scenario the bleach can rot the plastic.

Read up on Retr0brigh

Fearless, I am in the middle of getting my Naomi setup from Japan up and running. The problem with this system is the strict 3.3V requirement and the necessity to adjust that rail easily. I ended up buying a cheap cab that had a Naomi system inside of it so that I could use the proper Power Supply, parts, etc.

When you hook it up finally, remember to set the DIPs to use 31khz for the video and FG is right you can use the RCA jacks direct to your TV/Stereo since they have built in AMPS. only need a separate AMP in a cabinet that only has speakers in it.

Also, it looks like you are going to need some power wires if thats all you have. The NAOMI has a few plugs on it for power that use those AMP connections. Although, with that CAPCOM I/O I think that can power the Naomi. I have to double check. If you are going to use the I/O to power the NAOMI be ready to NOT use the GDROM kit, it draws too much power for that I/O.

Ok, thanks again for your help. The GD ROM option is not anymore in my plans, so I will stick with a basic NAOMI set up.

Jasen, I see that you have the JAMMA harness in your store, it’s funny that you were the first and only option to find them and then you post here, as soon as I finish some with some orders I will buy them.

I will post back when I get everything running.

Thanks guys!

Also get yourself a NET DIMM. Forget the GD-Rom as they are a headache…Learn about Netbooting, you can also play Atomiswave games on Naomi.

It was too early in the morning when I leave my reply… I’ve just realize I scrambled some words.

Didn’t know about Netbooting and Atomiswave… it seems like my lucky is still going… I saw one Guilty Gear board/game with the guy who sells me the kit… but I don’t know for what system it is, better check before he sells it to someone else.

Thanks again, I will see what else I can do with that NAOMI kit.

Good find on the naomi. My favorite motherboard so far. Definitely get a net dimm like rcaido said. I boot from a compact flash set up when I can’t find the cart. Going to try the atomiswave boot soon when I have time.

I just watched a 40-minute youtube video about setting up a CF card for Naomi. Very informative, but absolutely horrendous camera work. Felt like the Blair Witch Project in front of the guy’s computer and cab.

I’ll probably give that a shot after I actually get my hands on my Naomi system (postman came by today, but no one was home, so I gotta pick it up at the post office tomorrow) and a NetDIMM sometime.

Question: so when you want to change games via the CF card, you just shut down the system, swap out the CF card, reboot the system and it automatically re-uploads the new game and runs it?

40minute video? All you have to do is connect the SCSI cable to the card reader instead of the GD-Rom & your good to go. Switching out games is that simple a child can do it. Just replace whatever game you have with another flash card game like you would a Nintendo DS. Just note though, you cant just simply get a compact flash card & drag n drop files. There is actually some coding you have to do for it to work for each game. That’s why i just elect to just netboot instead.

Yeah, the guy starts with burning the BIOS eeprom, finding the security key to the CF card, editing the code and copying/flashing the CF card, etc. He does all of that on video, which is why the video was 40 minutes.

I’m leaning more towards the CF method mainly because it’s a bit more “self-contained”, rather than necessitating a physical hookup to another device and such.

Yeah. Just hook up scsi cable to the card reader and find a power source and you’re good to go. I got my card reader made by someone on for really cheap. Also Look for someone called fox1. He does the group buys for cool arcade hardware. His last one was for the capcom I/O for 85 shipped which is a great price. I got my net dimm from him for 100 shipped.

Yeah i agree Net booting from a computer is a lot easier since you don’t have to code the games and you can just choose which game you want to boot without switching cards.

Thats why I love the naomi. So many options for you to play with. And now you can play some atomiswave games on it which is amazing.

We need more arcade people on srk…

I got my bios and security key from the guy I ordered the cf reader from.

+1 for NetBooting. I’ve done it myself and it’s ridiculously simple - just select the game you want to load from a computer and double click.

Yeah, I’ve been following Fox1’s group buys on Just gotta find one that works for me, I missed out on his CPS2 group buy back in Oct/Nov 2013, because I hadn’t gotten into arcade gear at the time. There are many good opportunities for good sales and group buys on that forum… just that, well, the general Neo-Geo crowd has a certain… “reputation”, shall we say. :slight_smile:

On an aside, I might try to see if I can find a Canadian seller with a NetDIMM. Might be easier that way; I already have a seller potentially hooking me up with a full CPS3 setup, so I’ll see if he has a NetDIMM for me too. Though I should probably wait until after I pick up my Naomi system tonight at the post office.

Haha. The Neo geo crowd definitely has a reputation. It’s actually pretty funny to read.

@FreedomGundam‌ what game is coming with the cps3? I’m still looking into finding a 3s setup but can’t find one for a decent price. Hopefully the guy you’re buying from can get you the super bios cart that lets you play all the cps3 games.


It really is. I gotta admit, though: there’s a really in-depth knowledge overall about arcade-related things in that fandom, probably due to the Neo-Geo platform in itself being an arcade. They’re just an… “interesting” group.

Should be a 3rd Strike setup, complete with cart and disc, but as he’s still missing a SCSI CD-ROM at the moment, he can’t confirm with me that it’s fully working yet. I don’t think he can hook me up with the Super Bios cart, so I’ll probably have to send that off to get it taken care of myself; not a big deal, though.

Back on-topic of the Naomi:
So since it’s already been clarified that just swapping CF cards will change games; if I had firmware 4.02 on a NetDIMM, can I disconnect the CF card reader, plug in a GD-ROM via a SCSI cable, and still run a game off of that without any additional hassle?

Yeah there shouldn’t be hassle of switching out your CF card read to GD-ROM. Now if you Netboot you would have to change jumpers on the Netdimm to be able to use your GD-ROM.

As for the Neo-geo forum, i’ve been banned there so many times. Their tech forum is very knowledgeable though when it comes to arcades & the arcade forums too. Just dont piss off a regular there cuz if you attack one the whole forum will attack you.

If you dont want to deal with them in buying stuff, you guys can buy arcade related stuff in the following websites.: (Chinese) (japanese)

Its best buy in bulk though as the shipping is quite expensive. Good arcade buying/trading forum

Alright. Thanks for the info.
I think I’m going to progress through this in stages (@Fearless would probably be doing the same, I think):

  1. get Naomi system working via cartridge
  2. buy NetDIMM and any other chips and eeproms needed
  3. get netbooting working
  4. get CF card adapter and get it booting via that

I actually have no problems dealing with the Neo-Geo crowd; I’m definitely more of a lurker over there and they’ve been pretty helpful overall when I needed to buy something. It’s really their regular threads are very elitist, and they get really defensive when anyone (especially n00bs) question their views/methods.

Anyways, enough about them.
I might give those websites a shot, thanks for the links. :slight_smile:

Wow… all this information is overwhelming! I will definitely check everything about the netbooting.

Thanks a lot to all of you guys, I never though a “simple and old arcade system” as one of my friends calls the NAOMI (he’s a douchebag who already has XONE and PS4 and he never stops bragging about it!) could have all this potential and for someone who used to play a lot of fighting games during the golden age of arcades, all this is beyond great!

I will come back when I have everything running, meanwhile, I need to check every single bit of information you’ve share in this thread.

Thanks again!